Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Best Prank Video

these guys are geniuses


do they realize how dumb they are? I highly doubt it.

cluster headaches 1-11

1) 12/13 woke up at 3am last night with left sinus all clogged up. headache lasted for around 30 mins. i swear. i dont wanna exist when it hits. then woke up again 2 hours later with another headache. just blogging for my records.

2) 12/14 woke up at 2:15am with a bad headache. got worse. my left side was empty, but then it got clogged, and painful like a headache from hell! lasted for 40 mins. i could've needed oxygen. in-law with windows closed for more than 24 hrs. candles were burning 2 hours before bed. opened window and went outside after 30 mins of severe pain. seemed to help. i wanted to die. worst headache of the year

3) 12/16 was at a club. drank 2 bears and the headache hit me. this was at around 1:20ish am. went outside for fresh air. it wasn't that strong-about 4-5. lasted maybe 30 mins. i wanted to hang out with on tranny i was talking with, but headache fucked it up.

4) 12/20 at around 3:10 am started feeling something. got up, drank water, ate crackers. headache was coming on, but went away after about 15 mins. tried to sleep-couldnt. at around 4:10am same feeling came back, stronger and stronger until a full blown headach to 7-8. it was bad. lasted about 40 mins. stopped at 4:54am my left sinus side was all fucked up, drained from my nose.

5) 12/20 fell asleep at 5am. had an OBE. woke up at 5:30am and started to feel another headache. then it really hit me. lasted another 40 mins until 6:14am. had a severe peak-very painful but not as painful at the former.

6) 12/22 woke up at 4:45am with headache. again, sinus dripping on left side. drank water with crackers-nothing. but turned on the heater, and the headache disappeared almost completely within 5 minutes. stopped at 5:05. by 5:10am I did not feel a thing. it is really cold. maybe weather has something to do with this? I drank 2 cups of tea today, plus maybe another full cup at home throughout the day after work. plus, serial with soy milk. so you'd think I had enough liquid. but maybe not. still. once a headache hits, usually it lasts a good 30-50 mins. first time went away so quick. will try heater again next time after eating and drinking next time.

7) 12/22 I think I slept until 6:36. alarm rang. headache starting. then it got much worse and lasted for around 50 minutes. it started going away at 7:29 when I should've been going to work.

8) 12/23 here we go again. woke up at 2:45am with a headache, and and 3:37am and only within the last 10 mins it has been coming down. yeah, i just hope i wont wake up again. this is getting really exhausting. I'll turn on the heater to keep the room warm. let's see if it's this extreme cold weather. could be. I even drank 3 cups of tea today. i'll try 4 at work today. see if that helps. but i think it could be the cold. we'll see.

9) 12/24 was at a bar with my friend, and drank some unknown bear brand. it was a huge glass cup. then when we hopped to a different bar, she bought me Corona. I drank about 20% and got hit with a huge headache at around 12:55am. Then went to another bar and I was fucked up the entire time. headache lasted a good 3 hours. but even then it was at 20% when I fell asleep at around 4am. the next morning, still 12/24, I had headache all day.

10) 12/30 stopped a headache by rubbing my neck to let the blood in/out of my brain. then as i drove to get some falafel wrap, headache came back. lasted 50 mins from 3:20 to 4:10pm

11) 12/31 didnt eat anything except crackers for breakfast and water. friend was bringing pupposas but ate there herself. took too long so headache kicked in. had it for an hour at about 15%. then it hit me hard. dont know how long it lasted. was too fucked up and didnt care afterwards. was too exhausted and drained. my friend arrived half-way in and witnessed my torture. i freaked her out lol, crawling on all fours acting like possesed. it fucking hurt. wtf was i supposed to do.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nerve wrecking OBE

last night I was stuck again. it went from me falling back asleep 4 hours after my nap, and then hearing this annoying sound, to hearing people chatter, to seeing this social gathering very clearly. I tried to project there to see what was going on, but... stuck in my body. keep hearing this loud sound and some sort of buzzing sound. I think it was my shield that I visualized before bed spinning around me. it was really nerve wrecking.

I tried rolling out, nothing. getting up, couldn't. then I see this tunnel in my right vision. not going through it but just witnessing it spinning. then see purple clouds. I felt like I could be in this stage forever. but my fear and nerves got enough of this, so I woke self up. couldn't sleep for 10 mins, cuz I had to calm down first. so I jotted this down in my journal. man I am so frustrated being stuck in my OBEs. it's like, I don't know what to do. I guess I need to practice, but I'm tired of all the Astral Noise when I'm stuck. sometimes it get overwhelming.

Richard Spencer is a LEGEND!

This is my favorite Richard Spencer speech, before all this controversy that surrounds him today. Alt-Aright is unstoppable!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I haven't Felt this Good about Politics since...

ever! hahahahahha man... feel so good seeing all the liberal tears. libs crying, libs whining, libs attacking conservatives and rioting. really shows who the aggressors are. lmfao watching these losers hahahhahahahahhah TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WE WON!!!!!!!!!

such a historic moment to be alive to witness this moment. the entire corrupt establishment is fumbling before our eyes. first it was with Brexit, even though there are still parasites that are working hard to derail it, and now with Trump.

Trump has helped the Alt-Right so much, and with awakening many whites on their displacement by you-know-who. Anyway, I feel like I am in a Twilight Zone. for the first time in my life, the candidate I voted for won! But this isn't over. The brain dead zombie socialist communist liberals will not stop their mission on degeneracy and the destruction of the west by their ((masters)). We'll see what happens.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

I lost my virginity

Technically, I already did with a tranny when I blogged about it. But since some people say that the only way you can truly lose your virginity is with an opposite sex. Today was that day. October 30, 2016. I was jerking off all day practicing my "tantra", and was so horny I busted within a few strokes.

Not gonna go into details, but let's just say that... there was a "price" to pay for the pussy. There is always price you pay for the pussy, cuz pussy is in high demand. Men start wars over this shit, and some men go out and blow themselves up and take 100 people with them. Because in the end, they believe in their mind that will get pussy. Crazy. Well, on a good note, I am not one of those psychopaths or lost souls willing to hurt and murder people. Thank god. It could've technically be me. Anyone lost and needing purpose in life could get brainwashed enough to do the craziest shit... for pussy.

Anyway, I'm smoking weed tonight for the last time in a while. Damn I talk a lot when I smoke. It's good therapy. I don't talk enough. I need to smoke some and go out every week. Soon... I'm working on a plan to turn my life around, get money, pussy, and grow as much as possible before I go.

But I'm thinking of moving. My landlord and his fam really walk a lot and that shit cuts deep and get on my nerves. We'll see. I'll talk to him tomorrow when I pay my rent. Maybe they can tone it down, or if not I'm outta here. fuck that shit. I don't need stress. When I don't nap, I hear them stumping for HOURS. I already talked to him, it got better but still it's really bad some nights. One of my goals is to go out after work and find a good vibe coffee shop. Study on my A+ and a Mac certificate. And come home at around 10pm. maybe do that 3x a week. Plus, finish another Seth book I am ready. I been reading it for like 6 months. So yeah, going out of my basement could really help me and no more naps so much. I take naps cuz I try to have Out-of-Body Experiences, when I completely forget and abondon my In-Body Experiences.

Anyway, I am out for now. Gonna go eat, shower, and get ready for work tomorrow. I really need sleep.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

I am sick

didn't go to work today. barely slept. runny nose. my tranny friend made me sick cuz i ate her mango, and she got sick last week. just blogging this for my records. i think i will be able to work tomorrow. we'll see.

Friday, September 30, 2016

I am fucked up

so today is my birthday, and I am at the lowest mental state I have been in a long time. listening to this song to keep my spirits up. it's helping a little, but not much

I can barely type, because tendons in my hands are fucked up. I am too insecure to speak words into my computer because I don't want no one hearing what I have to share here at work or even at home-all paranoid that my roommate or my landlord/his fam hears me upstairs. I have such low self-esteem. it's truly disgusting. there is a new girl at work that sits in my cube, and she is real pretty. she is portuguese, spanish, and mexican. I am too fucking nervous to talk to her, and tbh i dont want to. i done it once and dont wanna do it again. i am sick of women and especially the whole game of men needing to be the conversation starters, leaders, and closers-bringing these bitches out of their shell. fuck that bullshit! i have a hard time bringing myself out of MY shell. what makes these hoes so different?

I am paranoid that they see everything I type here at work, but I keep blogging here regardless. I am not sure if this will be my last blog for a while, but I really am exhausted from life. I feel so overwhelmed, i cannot even put it into words. was just watching people dance at raves on youtube. and i feel so fucking shameful, and self-pittied. i can barely dance in front of myself sometimes, feeling all self-concious thinking some spirits are watching me. it's hard to dance in front of people. i am a paranoid fuck. i was thinking on why i am an outcast, and so weird. and one thing comes to mind-my Jewish ancestry. even with me being tuned into this Alt-Right movement, white nationalism, and the understanding the struggle of whites being genocided by psycho Jews, I can sort of see why Jews want them destroyed. many of these parasitic Jews feel like me. they are outcasts living in a foreign land without a country. they dont fit in with the natives, and they want to hurt them to make them feel their pain. exactly why these sociopaths go on shooting sprees. but then again, this is just my theory. who knows the real answer.

even my Russian European side doesn't really come through much. my Russian grandfather was a gangster, and a leader of some gang in Russia. he had 17 knife wounds on his body from fighting people with knives. and I am like the complete opposite of that. never even met the guy. he passed I think 10 days after I was born. I never met any of my grandfathers. never had any male role models of close relatives. so no wonder i never developed a strong confidence and the understanding of what it's like to be a man. even with all the martial arts I am doing, it doesn't really help me to gain any confidence. I think I need to get back into Pick-up and take action. but i barely wanna leave my room, which is my comfort zone. every time i think to self "i wanna go out tonight by myself". i just end up googling different spots, and abandoning the mission. my PTSD is out of control. i was even thinking of doing some ecstasy because I heard it helps people like me, but dont even know any people who i can get it from.

I hung out with one tranny last Friday, and i really like her. but the tranny community is weird. if you wanna be with a tranny, chances are you gotta pay. not gonna go into the whole story of what happened, but I have a feeling she likes me. or maybe it's just my naivety speaking. and even with her I am scared. she is a party girl-likes to go out drinking, different clubs, feels like she has a strong character. and i can't stop thinking of people messing with me the second my foot hits the ground after i park my car, with fear running through my veins like electric waves traveling throughout my body. I am a mess, but I think this trans community was meant for me. so many weirdos in it, oh man... they make me look sort of normal haha. so out of all the creeps and old men these trannies meet, i am the guy they actually want to get to know. i cant even imagine how turned off most women would be once they find out about me, my skeletons, including my attraction for transsexuals. but i dont need to imagine it. most women are very cold to me. they probably pickup on my vibe of chaos and fear.

most days I just stay home or hang out with my ts friend thinking to myself 'what do i do with my life?' because in the end, I just don't know. I find myself giving up, starting back up, but giving up more often. I just dont know what to do. but in the end, happy birthday to me!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Obama will go down...

AS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY! now this kenyan muslim piece of turd wants to give away our internet. when Bill Clinton, whose foundation is behind so many corruptions and scandals, calls out Obama on this fuckery, you know that is saying something. UNBELIEVABLE!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tim Kaine (Hilary's VP pick) is calling for White Genocide

these are the puppets that are controlled by globalists, and they want to rule us comes November. scary. these anti-white racists don't realize what happens to white nations who import 3rd world immigration into their countries. they need to live in Sweden in muslim no-go zones to get a taste. or Belgium, or France. but we all know these democRATs only support anti-white policies, as long as it doesn't effect them personally. all while putting all their kids in all-white, crime-free, private schools, and live in all-white neighborhoods. Tim Kaine, you are a piece of leftist shit! FUCK YOU, AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got an e-mail of this German girl

last time I had a date was over a year ago when I was still doing Pick-up in a mall. my social life is a joke!! but anyway, believe it or not, this was at work and just happened like 10 minutes ago.

She is from Germany and is going back by the end of the year. she is about a 6, 7 max. blonde hair, blue eyes. even though I am very picky, we had a really good conversation, and I just said I wanna continue it over coffee. she said yes. I was expecting a no, since I get that 99% of the time. but my guess is that Europeans are very different than Americans, especially Californians, who are indirect and fake as hell. I asked for her #, but she gave me her e-mail instead. no one was around, so I felt no social pressure. still got really nervous when I thought about asking her.

I'll blog about what happened. stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mark Dice is funny

he forgot to mention Angela Merkel. because I KNOW she works for Satan himself.

Monday, September 12, 2016

History repeating itself

highly recommend everyone to read this, if you want to understand the world and what has been going on behind the scenes. The truth is rising to the surface, and those that lie and cheat the system are losing power. The AltRight is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Anti-semitism doesn't appear out of nowhere. It's a mere reaction to the Jews' schemes of destroying Western Civilization, and vilifying Christianity and white Europeans.



Sunday, September 11, 2016

I wonder if you can do pickup in..

Second Life. I wanna get back into pickup. but scared and dunno if im ready. but then again, i dont no if ill ever b ready...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Robert Spencer is a hypocrite

so I just got banned from posting on jihadwatch, because I spoke honestly about Jews on multiple occasions. and on that Jew-funded website, no amount of truth about a certain group of people is allowed. Any honest fact uttered about Jews will get you ridiculed, and placed into an "anti-semite" box. This is very ironic, since I am part-Ashkenazi Jew myself.

so how is Robert Spencer a hypocrite? Very simple. After Donald Trump criticized Spencer and Pamela Gueller for drawing Muhammad at their Texas event, Spencer kept making a post after post about how "Trump doesn't understand 'freedom of speech', and its importance". He must have made about 10 posts crying about it. Every time Trump said something controversial, Spencer would blog with how "Trump may be right, but.. but.. buuut... he criticized ME. and what about muh freedom-of-speech!? and  blah blah blah". I was rolling my eyes with every one of those posts, because I could just feel Robert's bruised ego crying for attention. And then when he banned me for expressing my freedom of speech, it was all clear.

I was going to blog about what I'm about to say, so I may as well make it part of this post. Robert Spencer reminds me of a muslim version of David Duke.  No matter what the Jewish media says about him, I like Dr. Duke. He is very aware of all of the evil Jews do to the western world, but he is completely ignorant and uninformed about muslims. Robert Spencer is the complete opposite version of that: he knows all the evil muslims spread, but is utterly clueless about Jews. and I guess when he hears this truth, he thinks of it as "hate speech". I can bet anything that a bunch of Jewish cry babies kept e-mailing him about my "hate speech" to get me banned, and Spencer put the hammer down.

From now on, I'll avoid Mr. Spencer's website altogether. I spent over an hour per day reading jihadwatch, and sometimes commenting. I'll stick to barenakedislam. Even the lady that runs that website, who is a Jew, recognizes all the psychopathic Jews that are ruining our world, and even called them out in one post before. To quote Robert Spencer himself "you can't defeat the enemy you don't understand". But from the looks of it, Mr. Spencer doesn't even see the enemy, let alone name it by its name. Islam may be one of them, but unfortunately, it's not the only one.

I was actually thinking of purchasing and reading some of Spencer's books. but now, why bother? a man who boastfully claims how he "understands" freedom of speech, and then silences people he disagrees with. What a fucking hypocrite you are, Robert Spencer. I am no longer your student, as you proved yourself to be a hypocritical coward.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

are Tatu girls really lesbians?

probably just another gay ass rumor. good selling technique, though...

Malchiki (what she is really saying) means "young guys" in Russian...

Proverbs 22:6

This is the first Bible verse that actually made me say "wow!" this is so legit. every parent should follow this advice. I am the product of a child that was raised to be confused, uninformed with the world, and lack of self-esteem. parents need to do their job, and if they can't... they shouldn't have children. but that is why whites are fucked up these days. many of us don't want to have children. plus, having kids is expensive. and White Genocide just speeds up every generation. even Hitler try to stop it, and gave bonuses to Germans who had children. nowadays all the white German self hating cunts and cucks call this practice "racist". it's now "racist" to not want your own people to survive. this proposal was rejected because

I can't even watch this. it enrages me just thinking about it. women DON'T BELONG IN POLITICS!! THESE MORONS WILL DESTROY US AND OUR WESTERN WORLD SOON! GET THEM OUT OF POWER NOW BEFORE WE ALL PERISH! ITS NOW CONSIDERED "RACIST" TO NOT WANT GERMAN PEOPLE TO EXIST WITHIN 2 GENERATIONS!!! unbelievable. heh... at least I'm not uninformed anymore. I know more of what is going on than most of the world, and especially whites. but people are waking up. anyway, I digress...

Train up a child in the way he should go;
         even when he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6

Monday, August 29, 2016

what Diversity does to a healthy White European society

look at all those rats who fled their 3rd world sewers... unless something is done, and quick, this is the future of the western world right here. coming to a town near you..

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#AltRight, the Future of Western Civilization

So here I am, staring the truth right in the face. All of my life I have been searching for answers, trying to understand this crazy world. And this is where the end road lies. I have been praying, and my prayers have been answered. I cannot believe it took me this short period of time to find what I was looking for. Many lost souls take many lifetimes to come to terms with reality of this 3 dimensional world. And the truth is, our forefathers who built this nation, knew this truth all along. But in today's day and age, if you want to find the truth, and nothing but the truth, #AltRight will be your last stop. The truth is ugly, the truth is controversial, the truth is painful. But there it is, whether you deny it or ignore it. It will forever be waiting for you, until you are ready to face it.

The Western Civilization depends on this movement, or America will be turned into just another 3rd world shithole, with low IQ 3rd worlders corrupting and destroying it until it collapses on itself. Once white Europeans lose complete and total control of this great nation, the USA is FUCKED! One just needs to look at the history and the state of South Africa today. The rapes, the crime, the corruption, and the White Genocide that goes on there today. That is the future of whites here in America, and the rest of the world if our borders remain open, liberals remain in power, and whites keep being vilified in the media, Hollywood, our education system, and in the rest of our society, hijacked by the parasites that are out to destroy it.

I was just reading THIS article, and thought to myself. "Why can't liberals, or ANY politician, be this honest with us?" The answer is, because they're cowards! They don't want the truth, they want political correctness. They don't want real answers, they want acceptance from the masses. They are mere tools that are used by their puppeteers to destroy our society. And they are doing a great job.

Even if Trump loses, this isn't over. More and more people are waking up every single day, and not just whites. It is only a matter of time before the civil war, revolution, or both, starts. And when it does, every coward behind this insanity, hiding in his all white, crime free, safe neighborhood, will be put to justice by the people he is supposed to protect.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Music, August, 2016


Gigi D'agustino - Gigi D'agostino-I'll Fly With You (L'amour Toujours)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Women don't belong in Politics

they shouldn't even be allowed to vote, if you ask me. they belong in the kitchen, and birthing children, what nature created them to do, raising them to be healthy and productive adults. not running nations into the ground. but this feminism cancer is just another tool being used to destroy the western world

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Milo=funniest Homo on the Planet

glad to see gays are waking up, instead of being led by a bunch of liberal MORONS who don't even know which way is up or down.

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Feminism is Cancer

I think this is the same guy who is behind the "Can't Stump the Trump" series. smoke sum weed before you watch this. it's funny as fuck!! lmao@Milo OWNING that black racist piece of human trash. this is the exact type of human waste that takes over African countries like SA, corrupt them beyond repair, and then blame the white man afterwards. and feminists... argh... they're in the same boat as these low IQ ignorant racist blacks

Sunday, July 10, 2016

IQ and Race

Jared Taylor is one of the first people who red pilled me, and helped me to get in touch with my European heritage. God bless this man. the whole world made sense to me after watching this video

I really hope American Renaissance stays around for a long time. Whites need to wake up on what is going on in the world, and how we are being ethnically replaced in EVERY white country. This is done by design, to lower IQ of the masses. people with less intelligence=easier to control in the one world government they are planning on creating. the Jews have completely brainwashed us all into beLIEving in this multi-culturalism FRAUD. Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. Remember that. More whites in Eastern Europe are awake than whites in the entire America. and that's the sad part.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

why hasn't Obama been impeached yet?

him and his administration have blood on their hands. disgusting Kenyan muslim pig

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This guy is funny

fuck Al Jazeera, aka AJ+. a bunch of low IQ retards spreading a bunch of propaganda. no wonder they closed down in the US. that's cuz no one watches their bullshit. take your garbage back to the 3rd world hell holes, where it belongs

Friday, June 24, 2016

so the Brits took back their Country...

by leaving the Satanic EU with Brexit. so when comes this November, it's our turn...

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol@the cuck in the beginning getting Stumped

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mr. President, You Disgust Me!

Couldn't have said better myself


And after you read this very important article, make sure to watch this Trump speech, probably the most important speech you'll hear this summer. THIS is the face of a TRUE LEADER. not a pathetic, America-hating socialist scum, muslim sympathizer, apologizer and a cuckold that is destroying this country with every 3rd worlder cockroach he brings in.



Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I HATE THIS CUCKSERVATIVE PIECE OF SHIT! if you are wondering, which one of the dumb pieces of shits is behind bringing in muzzrat cockroaches into America, you will be shown Ryan's disgusting face. What is this piece of human trash doing in the Republican party? Somebody answer me please. Obama butt licker, and shoe kisser. this man is a DISGRACE and should resign. HATE THIS MOTHA FUCKA!!! HATE HIM!!!!!


Brian Tracy

I like this guy. I remember when I was watching lots of Bob Proctor speeches. he was very well informed and had the right ideas. but I felt like he kept me in a loop of positive thinking, and coming back to view his material. this 1 video of Brian Tracy right here did more for me, than watching all those Bob Proctor lectures

I will start doing some of these things right away, others I would have to sit down and prepare to plan them. I am getting back into working on myself and really find ways to get more successful in life, and not just with women. I finally finished my Photoshop DVD, but I am so lazy that it took me nearly a year! A YEAR!! If I really sat down and planned it all out studying it every day, it could've taken me a few months tops!

Anyway, here is another good video I want to share. No more spending all my free time watching and reading news about the world blowing up. I'll keep that to a minimum, and will skip most of the stories. I invest so much time in this shit, that I simply don't have energy for self-improvement in my life anymore.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Next year...

is when we're taking this country back from the leftists, progressives, globalists, Hillary and Bernie supporters, and all their thugs and illegal cockroaches, spreading violence and hate everywhere they infest, in the name of "tolerance".

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

this guy just described me and my life perfectly

he is 22, and I am 36. crazy... fuck my life!

if it wasn't for my Transsexual friend, whom I've met while facing my fears, I would literally have NO FRIENDS. At least I don't live at home anymore. guess I'm getting ahead somehow, someway.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Meditation and Music helps

I really need to get back into pick-up. I haven't done any approaches in so long, I feel like I lost all my power. I need to keep approaching women. It gives me energy, and makes me feel alive. It's really weird. Approaching women to get with makes me feel confident and amazing as a man.

But anyway, meditation helps to clear the mind. I have been doing it daily for about 2 weeks, and can actually remember my dreams every time I wake up, at least some of them. Even after I stopped smoking weed, I couldn't remember 90% of my dreams anymore. It's like I didn't care. I stopped reading my Seth book, and forgot all about that 2nd life. I also read that people who meditate every day, have Lucid Dreams on the regular basis. I remember back when I was trying to Astral Project, but didn't realize it's a constant work. Working on yourself as a person. Meditation is like food, spiritual food. Just like music

Monday, May 23, 2016

living around Muslims

this right here brought me back to my childhood

I remember going to school every day through the crowd of these savages, thinking to myself "will I ever get out"? We had to repair our windows every so often because these 3rd world cock roaches throw rocks every chance they get. Luckily, the universe answered my prayers and we ended up in America. but other whites weren't so lucky. I once had a rock thrown at me in my school, which was mixed btw and not all muslim like a school which I lived right next to, right at my temple! It was a big rock, but I somehow survived.

Muslims throw rocks at animals too; they don't discriminate. Once I saw a cat almost got hit with a huge rock. Muslims are a bunch of low IQ primitives who steal, rape, and kill. And that is the fate of every muslim who goes deeper and deeper into the religion of Satan. I pray for Europe and my European people who have to put up living around these savages. I know from experience it's a living hell, especially when the authorities not only bring these parasites in, but refuse to enforce the law when it comes to dealing with these demons.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I need more House in my life

so I finally got internet here, my landlord let me use his. he is the best land lord I've ever had. the coolest guy ever and he likes me too. I don't cause trouble and always reserve water, electricity, and am clean, and he helps me out with stuff. anyway. I finally smoked this weekend on my own. I only smoke with a friend when we go out, and we been hitting up the House clubs. We get tipsy, high, and then dance and enjoy the music. not all of it is good, but when it is good, it is good!

I'm taking a break from viewing all the chaos, and the fall of the western world. I'm gonna check the Trump and Islam news at work, and at home watch LOA and self help, affirmation, and Photoshop tutorial videos on youtube. Time to get my life back on track. I need a plan. One plan is to get better at Photography and PS. Then I'm gonna get back into Premier and make a few movies. Then I will get back into pickup, but I'm thinking of doing a plastic surgery first. We'll see. I need to get my life in order, or things for me will never change.

I'm gonna start to meditate too. 20 minutes a day. I think that's not bad. At night before going to bed. I need to make goals and accomplish them. Man life is hard. But the best thing you could do is work work work hard at it. Otherwise, things will never change.

my respect for Trump grows

holy fuck! Trump is the most common sense candidate that's running right now! My respect just grew tremendously for him just now. When he talked about Mizzou bullshit scandal with these BLM thugs, he said that if he was in charge he would expel them so fast, it wouldn't even be funny. when he talked about muslims from other countries being banned, I thought DUUUH! you don't bring these rats IN but keep them OUT! common sense!!!! how are we supposed to know who is a jihadi cockroach or who is a regular muslim!?!? FBI SAID THEY ARE UNABLE TO VET THEM BUT OBAMA THE KENYAN MUSLIM RAT IS STILL BRINGING THEM IN!!!

now, Trump spoke about the $20 Bill situation with Andrew Jacking being replaced with Harriet Tubman in the video I am watching 'Best & Funniest Donald Trump at Town Halls'. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! let me tell you something, I have taken LOTS of black studies classes in my college years, I've been around these afrocentrics, I know how they think. and these black people and liberals will destroy and ARE destroying our American history. they already renamed a park down south because of a slave owner. they will rename, replace, and destroy statues, something these BLM thugs been wanting to do. now they are replacing Andrew Jackson who have contributed an enormous amount of energy into building this country!?!? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU OBAMA AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU LIBERA L COCK ROACHES!!! YOU ARE COMMITTING WHITE GENOCIDE IN AMERICA, YOU ARE DESTROYING THE FOUNDATION OF THIS COUNTRY BY BRINGING IN THE PEOPLE WHO HATE US, AND NOW YOU ARE DESTROYING OUR HISTORY BY REPLACING ONE OF THE FOREFATHERS OFF THE $20 BILL!!!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY, AND A DISGRACE TO HONOR AND INTEGRITY.

If struggling all your life puts you on the $20 bill, then put me on the $100. because struggle is all I know. watch this video if you really want to understand why Andrew Jackson staying on the $20 is essential to the character of America. Slavery was bad, but Harriet Tubman did NOTHING to build the ground work for this country and make it into what it is today. Yes, she helped by doing minimal stuff, and her movement. But that is like comparing a microcosm, and a macrocosm. someone who effects the MACROCOSM cannot be compared to someone who is just doing the things on such a small level, it is invisible to people who are trying to destroy or save a country, someone who is trying to change the entire SOUL OF AMERICA! Think about that before supporting this destruction of the American history, which something liberals love to do. They've fucked the entire Europe up. It is beyond recognition. London now has a muslim mayor. We may as well say London has fallen. but anyway, I digress..

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump is God status in India

one of the smartest people on the planet, this group...

The biggest holocaust happened in India, in case you didn't know. Muslim cockroaches slaughtered 70 million Indians, and destroyed many of their temples. India is still suffering today as a result of these muzzrats that infested the country. Why doesn't Hollywood make a movie about that? Oh, I forgot, they keep reminding us about the "6 million". So tired of their bullshit..

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

This man is the last hope for America, or possibly the entire western world, to be saved.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Goyim Know

this wouldn't be so funny, if it wasn't so true.

let's see...

  • open up the American borders from non-European 3rd world countries in 1965... check!
  • shove white guilt down all of our throats, turning us into a bunch of self-hating, guilty whiteys... check!
  • openly talk about and encourage the destruction of whites (white genocide) in every white country of the world... check!
  • turn the above 2 into whites who work endlessly for the benefit of non-whites, and the destruction of their own culture(s)... check!
  • enslave every nation through the banking system, and leave the host government in a perpetual debt... check!
  • push multi-culturalism propaganda down our throats, making us feel guilty for all of the world's problems, wanting to invite every human trash into our own backyards... check!
  • make gay normal and straight weird by pushing their homosexual agenda through Hollywood and media... check!
  • put a black man on tv, making him into some hero "good guy". replacing the white hero with some unknown, awkward goofball (latest Star Wars is a good example), no matter how talentless he is, making a white guy into an "evil" villain... check!
  • hide all the violence and murder blacks commit in the country against whites every single day through media, which furthers the white genocide agenda... check!

what else are the Jews behind? holy fuck... Mel Gibson was right. and you know he had to retract his statements. because if he didn't, he would have never worked in the Jewish Hollywood ever again... the truth is scary. I don't think an average person could handle it, especially if he is Jewish.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jan III Sobieski's spirit lives on..

For some reason, I was always very blunt and would tell people what I think. I am still learning how to be more assertive, but the thing about me is that I would always say what I think. Nothing prevents me from speaking the truth. It gets to a point where in situations where it's better to lie, I would say it how it is. I hurt a lot of peoples' feelings this way in the past. It was only until I started learning about my Polish history, and how Poles are even today, I understood why I am the way I am. Poles will never stop speaking the truth, and we give 2 shits about how many muslims or liberals we offend. It's in our blood.

first of all, FUCK VICE!!!!!!!!!! but I am so proud of my Polish ancestry watching this. Poles are one of the only people in Europe, who are in touch with their roots, their identity, and their heritage. They know their history, and know the history of the savages who are all coming to destroy the entire continent and then conquer it through hijrah.



Poland shall once again save the entire Europe from the savages. We did it before. And we will do it again if we have to.

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Muslim Imam wants to kill Gays

this is what liberals brought here. but when a Christian bakery refuses to sell a cake to a homo, OHHHHHH NOOO!!! CHRISTIANS ARE SOOOOO EVIL AND BAD BAD BAD!!!! THE OUTRAGE!!!!!! disgusting pieces of human trash. not even the muslims. muzzrats will be muzzrats, no matter what. but these heart bleeding liberal progressives. they are destroying every nation they infest with their kumbaya Utopian bullshit by opening the borders, and letting these cockroaches in that spread their ideology like a bunch of deceased parasites

Monday, April 4, 2016

I just saw a Goddess, pt. 2

As I was talking about this earlier, I just saw her again. As I was walking by, she was coming into the building from a balcony. As we got close, we both realized each others' presence. The good news is, she is a loner like me. The bad news is, she doesn't seem to be interested in me at all. At least that's how I read her. She looked away right away and kept on walking.

But there is another girl that I think really likes me. I actually managed to talk to her a week before last, and got her name! Felt so good afterwards. She even asked me mine when didn't hear it and asked me about what part of the company I work at. Will blog more about her if anything ever comes out of this. Stay tuned.

Trump vs Obama

Trump is like an intelligent business man who knows and understand how the entire world works, including politics, military, protecting a nation, immigration, and most importantly BUSINESS. and Obama is like a little kid who somehow was born into a rich family and became a ruler. Everything this little kid touches, turns to shit. while everything Trump touches, turns to gold. This is how you destroy a nation, allow some no-named, no-experienced IDIOT run it... straight into the ground.

Agree with everything. Keep spreading that TRUTH, guys! There isn't enough of that to go around nowadays, with all these leftist scum infiltrating our governments, in every corner of our free and civilized Christian world

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!

Hitler was right

He was the only one with balls big enough to take out this trash.

Civil war is coming to Germany soon. And Germans are not even allowed to arm themselves. It's unbelievable what Angela Merkel has done to Germany and its people. This will only get worse as more of these rats from Turkey pour into this what once was a great European Christian nation. so glad I don't live there

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I like Ben Carson, but...

Dr. Carson is very well educated in Islam and understands the threat muslims pose to America, as well as the incompatibility with Islamic Law-Sharia and our Constitution

But I am concerned with Donald Trump offering Mr. Ben key position(s) in education. Why? Because Ben Carson's brain is fried on the biggest propaganda of our time when it comes to education-afrocentrism. It's pretty amazing to me how well informed he is on Islam, and utterly clueless when it comes to history. Just look at this shit...

ASuperEgyptian sonned Mr. Ben so bad, it isn't even funny. I actually used to beLIEve in this BULLSHIT back in my college days, thinking that "Africans" built the pyramids (LOL), and that Egypt was an "African" civilization, not knowing that all these afrocentric morons are talking about the Nubians who later on conquered Egypt, and adopted all their Gods, something that was very common back in those days. Black people nowadays steal and try to claim every ancient culture as their own. That's nothing new... but I am just concerned if Ben Carson gets to be in charge of education in some parts of the US, if Trump wins (God willing), and then he starts teaching this HORSESHIT to our children. Very scary thought...

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I just saw a Goddess

WHOOOO!!! DAMN!!! I just saw the hottest girl I have probably ever seen. you know, before I came to this country, I had a dream to grow up, marry a blonde, and have 2-3 children with her. then the inevitable happened, I started to watch the liberal media, hating my white skin, and wanting to go with black girls. I digress.. but DAMMNN!!!

this girl was about my height, really thick, blonde hair, blue eyes, white olive skin. maybe I will have her next lifetime. can't really say anything in this corporate world without getting in trouble. and especially me, someone with not so much social experience of the opposite sex. make her uncomfortable, and hear from your boss with "nice working with you". Happened to me before. I've seen this happen to co-workers before. that's just the rules in this place. she sat a table away, and then left after like 30 seconds. HANDS DOWN THE HOTTEST GIRL I HAVE SEEN IN THIS WHOLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A EUROPEAN GODDESS!!!!!!!!!

going to lunch now. maybe I can see her again, so I can stare when she's not looking, so I don't look like a creep... lol

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ann Coulter

funny as hell when she starts talking about Little Marco

Ann Coulter was actually the result of Trump's strong stance on building the wall after he read her book, Adios, America. Man... I wish reading books was easy for me. I got so many on my to-read list, and not enough time nor discipline to read them all. Soon...

also, found this website.. lmao


Monday, March 21, 2016

The Assassination of Donald Trump

fucking liberals. they will destroy our western civilization soon

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

and now, for a Throwback

shit quality, but this was my favorite skit on the show. Still think it's a classic..

Jair Bolsonaro

so one Brazilian guy just told me that Jair Bolsonaro is Brazilian version of Trump. would be interesting to see what happens in Brazil's next election, as I don't follow Brazil's politics. I just keep my fingers crossed for Trump, because these leftist communist pieces of trash will stop at nothing stopping the election of what could be one of the greatest presidents of all time. The amount of people that will be going to jail once Trump gets into the White House, will make your head spin.

Friday, March 18, 2016

I can see why the World hates Jews

The more I learn about Jews, the more shocking it is to me, and the more numb I become inside. Nothing surprises me anymore at this point. But what else can I say other than, I asked for it. I am a truth seeker. And if you think and ponder long enough on what is going on in the world, or just about anything with zestful passion for knowledge and for TRUTH, the universe will answer every time.

Before I go into this post, I would like to say that I am not coming from any hate or "anti-semetisim" towards Jews. I am, however, utterly disgusted by these particular people, and them openly talking about some of their agendas. This is nothing less than pure, and unadulterated evil. And the only people who could not see it is these Jews themselves.

Exhibit A: Barbara Spectre admitting to Jews' involvement in white genocide

This video is not new. It is all over youtube. I saw it first when I saw the famous "End Times Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration" video, which was taken down by youtube within days after its posting. It generated over 100,000 views, only to be taken down for whatever reason.

Exhibit B: Tim Wise, a Jew, saying the following on his facebook page:

White people: this is the moment of truth. Will we choose multiracial democracy or white nationalism? Know this: if you support Donald Trump or would even consider voting for him for president, you have chosen the latter. You are my enemy. I will not seek to co-exist with you. I will not make nice. I will not pretend we believe in the same things but merely have different opinions about how to get there. You are the enemy, plain and simple. And you must be stopped. You must lose and not just by a little. By a lot. A crushing defeat that leaves no doubt in your mind that the country you prefer is gone and is never coming back...De-friend me now. You do not believe in decency or justice or democracy. And you are beyond reason...

Tim Wise is a disgusting, self-hating, guilty whitey that sucks up to the black community to gain their support, and respect. I lost a friend after he linked me one of Wises' lectures. I shared my experiences with racism coming from black men, and he linked me Tim Wises' lecture, followed by him telling me what white people experience. He is black. How would he feel if I told him what black people experience instead? It amazes me how some blacks think that they know what it's like to be black AND white. GTFOHERE YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT! I haven't hung out with him ever since, and unfriended him after that. The more I have non-white friends, the more I realize that multi-culturalism doesn't work. You either have to be on their level, or they have to be on yours. It's hard to find a middle ground. This is why there is segregated communities in most places in America. And wherever there is no segregation, there is conflict between races due to misunderstandings. Multi-culturalism is a big fat FAIL, and Tim Wise needs to STFU with his ignorance. Tim Wise is why whites denounce Jews regardless of him being a European, because Jews like him hate white Christians and always side with their enemies.

Exhibit C: George Soros. This Jew is the biggest piece of shit I have EVER came across. He not only supports but FUNDS the white genocide of muslims coming into Europe, he supports the racist terrorist Black LIEs Matter movement, and he supported the Chicago Trump protests of brain dead Bernie Sanders supporters who wrecked havoc and violence, until Trump had to shut down the event. I read that he was behind that whole thing, but don't quote me on that. He organized it through his website moveon.org.

There is a lot more, but that's it for now. I am going to read a very controversial book soon. And I'll be reviewing it afterwards here. It's a book I have been wanting to read since last year since the invasion of Europe started. No, it is not Protocols of Zion, even though that is on my to-read list. But I already found one quote from a supposed "Rabbi" that was made-up to fuel anti-Jewish propaganda, so I am not sure how legit that book is. But yes, it's about Jews and all the history they will NEVER teach you in any Synagogue, or Jewish book store. Let's just say that it's an "anti-semite" book, at least according to Jews who don't want you to know anything evil done by their people. But I am not about hating anyone here. I only want the TRUTH! Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

my roommate is a weirdo

the thing about me is, I am good at reading people. once I get a read on you, there is no way out of it for you. you are forever exposed in my eyes, and I know who you are. I tried telling this to people in the past about so and so, but they didn't listen. in the end, people I warned them about fucked them. for some reason, first impressions never fail me. even in the past when I didn't listen to my own intuition, as I was very trusting of others, the people my inner gut warned me about fucked me. Now I am more grounded and know myself much better, I always go with what I feel from people.

so this girl I met a few weeks back was kinda off. she didn't say anything other then "I am not your roommate, but just visiting". I was like, okay.. not very friendly but whatever. but her b/f that I finally met about a week ago... gave me the most creepiest vibe. at first, he was avoiding eye contact but I introduced myself, and I was the one doing the talking. I just wanted to get logistics as we are sharing the same kitchen. I didn't think much of it but his vibe was very strange. I thought maybe he was nervous. Then I was in the kitchen the 2nd time. He didn't even say hi when I greeted him. then yesterday I was there on my laptop about to watch a video I downloaded, and he comes out of his room. right away avoids eye contact, then walk around and past me on his way out, not uttering a word! this guy gives me the creeps!!! he is from Louisiana or another southern state I forgot.

I was actually thinking of getting a gun for quiet sometime, to protect myself from people like him and other nut bags. imagine this fucker going through my front door with a machete because he has repressed rage. the thing I notice is, no matter how weird, strange, creepy, and awkward a dude like this is... he always and I mean 9/10 has a girlfriend. I guess only certain people like me with a specific ancestry are dealing with such a hardship with attracting a mate.

the older I get, the more conservative I become.  I see the world for what it is, and not for what liberals brainwash us with. I normally never wanted any sort of weapons, but how am I supposed to deal with crazy people who want to kill me, torture me, and rape me too? I feel so fragile and like a victim every time I go out at night to a club, as rare as that is. I mean, I could use my martial arts on a few guys. but what if they have guns, knives, or know martial arts themselves? I think guns are very important, and the rights to own them is crucial to our survival in this world. anyone trying to take our 2nd amendment away should be locked up, or maybe dumped in the worst ghetto, and let them fend for themselves without any weapons. see how long they last.

I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging more about this dude in the near future. fucking weirdo... I will be avoiding him from the plague from now on until he utters a sound like a weasel looking out of his hole. tired of being nice to people or acting civil with those that don't give a shit. the best medicine is to stop. the less I give a shit, the better things flow.

War on Christianity

when will Americans wake up, and stop listening to what that muslim in the white house say every time he opens up his disgusting mouth? now that piece of human trash wants to take out Assad, who is protecting Christians. Thank god for Russia and their involvement in backing Syria

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Listening to this muslim cockroach

makes my blood boil. what he is actually proposing and wants to achieve, will turn Europe into Africa and the ME. it will literally be transformed into an utter and infinite shithole, plagued with wars, violence, Sharia, and the never ending conflict between muslims themselves, as well as muslims and non-muslims. there shall one day rise a brave soul, that will deport every last one of these muzzrats back to their 3rd world hell holes of origin, where they belong. exactly like the Queen of Spain did. if this doesn't happen, Europe will be lost forever to these hateful parasites

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is a Movement

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!

OBEs could be scary

I haven't had an OBE in a good minute, because I haven't tried. And also because I am focusing my attention in THIS world, getting all the things I need to survive and be happy. But last night, I was able to induce one.

Lately, I have been able to take naps regularly, and yesterday was no exception. Then a few hours later when it was time to go to bed, I meditated for about 5 minutes, followed by a numbing of my limbs exercise, and some protection visualizations. Then out of nowhere, I hear something falling to the floor on my right. I was about to get up and check, but then realized it's the vibration stage. So I am laying there stuck, can't move and can't see. Everything is black. I could sort of move my astral arms out, but barely. So I ask my guides to please help me with this. And before I know it, I start seeing my room with someone shining blue light towards the direction of my vision. Then I take a look at the ceiling where my window drapes are, and there is a monkey looking right at me! It scared the crap out of me. This is like if you are sitting there in your room doing something on your computer, you turn your head, and see a monkey! a freaking monkey!!! I mean, it's one thing to see a giant spider, but alive animal?? This isn't the scariest OBE I had, but I really need to get used to them, especially when they are very vivid. I used to think that once I learn how to OBE, I would be flying around everywhere, go to Mars, go to other planets, meet aliens, travel inter-dimensionally. But it's not so easy. Fear always gets in the way. And in order to progress, you must face it head on.

This is why I admire Robert Monroe, and how far he went in his Astral Projections. The man is a LEGEND! I will soon read his 3rd book, if time permits.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bernie Sanders' fantasies vs. Reality

this guy may be just as disconnected from reality as Obama, and the rest of the liberals all around the world. but this video humored me at seeing how "peaceful" Bernie protestors are with their signs, and how they brought all the violence and chaos to a Trump rally. but in the end, do what liberals always do: blame the victim and protect the aggressors.

The New Crusade

is coming... people have had enough of muzzrats and their bullshit. the first Crusade commenced after over 400 years of Islamic Jihad occupying holy land by force. Now these muzzies cry about their "Palestine", while murdering random innocent people. but you point them towards history and how much they turned ME and North Africa into a giant sewer, they have nothing to say. Muslims bring violence and chaos everywhere they go in the world. Bill always speaks the TRUTH!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Inca Berries are the shit!

I love these things!! just discovered them since I am now on my own and gotta do my own shopping. LOVE IT! I feel good, more independent, more grounded every single day! Here is a pic. I polished it with my photoshop skills.

They are sour, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am gonna do some more business here at the library, and then photoshop my friend's photos we took last week. Then I gotta do some shopping, cut my hair, and clean my bathroom. Man.. life has a meaning all of the sudden. It's like back when I was living on my own in LA, minus all the chaos and the life crisis I was going through. Gotta go...

This is what Liberals do to a Country

and these guys used to be the Vikings. pathetic…

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slovenes chanting Trump in a protest

keep fighting my European brothers and sisters. resist this invasion before your countries are taken over by the forces of evil, and you lose the homes of your ancestors forever.


Dream about my job

2/27/2016, 7:53pm

not having internet at home sucks. but this is what I typed up a few days back..

Had a dream last night that I was talking to someone, and he told me that I have one and a half months left at my current job. Not sure if this dream was prophetic, but I will start looking for a job every week. I have been meaning to start looking for another job for sometime, especially at the company I am in, considering I am not even a direct employee but a contractor. Let’s see if I could find something within the company itself. But it’s really hard. I’ll look anyway, at least once a week. Let’s see what happens. I just need some time to organize and get settled in this new place I moved into.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Talladega Nights=FUNNY AS HELL!

came across Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby on netflix a few weeks back. make sure make sure you smoke some before watching this. with every single moment in this movie something is happening, and then it gets worse and worse or better and higher and lower. this movie is insane!! it's that funny, and out of control. And this is coming from someone who hates Will Farrell and thinks he is corny and over the top. however, he is very different in this role. not sure if this film is any good while you're sober, though. but I rate this 5/5 when you're not. CLASSIC!!!

3 Cops Expose the Situation in Germany

This is how muslims act everywhere they go in the world. It doesn't matter if they are legal immigrants, or asylum seekers from 3rd world Islamic hell holes. I have experienced this myself. The more muslims grow in numbers, the more aggressive they become. They are nothing less than human trash that's being dumped into every white country to destroy the white race in the name of "diversity". If these powers of evil succeed, the world will turn into a giant ghetto. And then I want to see who will every non-white hate once we are gone, and wars & chaos ensue.

This is just the beginning, and you better believe we won't go out without a fight. The resistance is getting stronger and stronger every day.

Monday, February 22, 2016

late Sunday night...

I was LMFAO at this interview last night smoking some good shit

i’m about 98% done with my move, and man.. i don’t even have internet here. I need to talk to my landlord and ask him to use his for a while. I don’t really play games anymore or even watch netflix. basically it’s youtube, google, news, and checking out books. speaking of books, ever since the founder of Amazon tweeted that comment about Trump, I boycotted that side. and instead of using Kindle, I am reading a book on Nook app. it’s pretty good. i was so fucking mad seeing Kindle’s location number instead of pages. i was looking for an alternative ebook reader ferociously. couldn’t find it. but Nook has pages!!! and they have lots of ebooks. i think as much as Amazon. I’m already gonna read another history book right after this one. Truth, how I will always search for you, no matter where I go, in this body and out. maybe that’s why I got into Astra Projection. I wanna know how everything works. I NEED to know or I feel weak and scattered. When I know, I feel grounded and confident, knowing who I am and where I am going. I guess if you really wanna know the truth and live your life well, you gotta understand the world, and then understand yourself. without neither of these, you are nothing. you are lost. a stranger in a foreign land, still trying to learn its rules.

this is why these liberal pussies destroy each country they take over. with liberals you get the worst ghettos in America, with all the people on welfare, which gives them 0% motivation to get off their ass and learn a skill or get ahead. but these folks still vote for libs. so it’s sort of a trade off. liberals are just using blacks as slaves… for votes. and they keep voting for them. it’s disgusting. but this goes back to people not understanding the world. I guess James Manning was right when he said that “you can teach a black man how to be a doctor, you could teach a black man how to be a lawyer, you could teach a black man how to be a physisit, but you could never teach a black man how to understand the world.” but people are waking. actually a lot of black Americans today support Trump. they are tired of all this shit. I even saw a video of black folks in South Side of Chicago mad as hell talking about how Obama hasn’t done SHIT for them. he cares more about muslims he’s bringing in destroying this country, then help out the black folks. this guy is a DISGRACE to America. how did this immigrant from Kenya fool everyone? but I guess anyone who has George Soros, the son of Satan, is backing them up, could be the president. with all that money it takes to win, you just need the right rich guy to fund your campaign.

oh well. I was laughing so hard at this interview. Trump is just speaking common sense, and the world treats him like an idiot. we have all the technology, the smartest people in the world!!! and our leaders are like ‘we don’t know what to do. let’s continue what we’ve been doing and bomb ISIS’. hey dumb ass, how has that been working for you for the last year? can’t believe we have such utter idiots running our countries. I give the western civilization 20 years, MAX! if we don’t get Trump and more like him into our governments, say bye bye Constitution, say hello Sharia. but just watch England, and Sweden, and Germany as well and see what happens to these experiments that have been going on for quiet sometime. the lawsuits they have with muslims playing the victims will make you laugh out loud. it is the most disgusting freak show you will ever witness. it’s 100x worse than lawsuits in America. but it’s always muslims who are the poor poor victims. fucking hilarious. it’s gonna go nowhere else than down for them. i feel sorry for the people, though. no Europeans deserve war, or get their children be raped by a pack of animals or their young boys beat up in the streets. but that’s exactly what’s happening, thanks to the liberals and socialists who brought this into their own lands. what fucking pisses me off, these libs all live in all white areas that are safe and quite. would they ever have to live amongst these muzzrats, they would’ve screamed and yelled how horrible it was!! but they don’t, because they have never lived among these muslim animals, and never will. we need to get some tough conservatives elected, and put these pieces of human trash on trial for treason. then execute every last one of them. or simply kick them out to the countries of these “refugees”, and make them live there among the population as a European. make them “#FeelTheBurn”…

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

it's about time Americans fight back

it's utterly disgusting what Obozo the clown is doing to America. and now finally that human waste Nikki Haley, who supports the Kenyan muslim pig's refugee resettlement program, gets sued.


god bless this man! I hope he succeeds. our "leaders" care more about foreigners who hate us, criminals who cross our borders illegally, and thugs who attack and kill cops, than law abiding American citizens and legal immigrants. and then people like Paz cry about how this country is getting worse and he wants to move out soon. just wait, buddy. just wait until the liberals take over. if they do with this upcoming election, soon America will hit a point of no return. once they bring in enough muslims and other immigrants who hate this country with all their soul, there will be no turning back. you may want to visit England, France, Belgium, or Germany and see America 10 years from now if this freak show goes on at this rate. so if the libs win this year, you won't have to leave after all...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This guy is right

go take a class at city college; no one wants to listen to your shit!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Manifestations of Life

reminds me of that post I made long time ago where I welcome positivity. but I was living in the midst of the most toxic negative shithole I've ever experienced.

I'm getting back into that mindset, though. and starting to watch videos like this daily, at least try to. I mean all the news stuff and the world blowing up soon is nice, but I need a break from that.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I found a place!!

I realized that I hate blogging. I really don't like it. it takes my time and i'd rather do shit 24/7 and be a bum, than blogging. it's fucking boring as shit. i just like it because it helps me to get bad stuff out of me, and also keeps a record of my life. it's almost as if 'hey, what was that really good movie I saw the other day?' hang on, let me check my blog. but I digress.

I found a place! holy balls i haven't been this excited for the last 4 years. my excitement faded back when I had to move back in with my mom, and her boyfriend, now ex, living with her. it was a nightmare. but I believe this is fate. I created this moment by focusing on my independence that lead me to have a huge fight with my mom and then making a 100% decision that I'm moving.

the place is AMAZING! I cannot believe I found something like this so close to my job. I mean it's the same distance as I travel now, but it could've been much further. get this. I got:

my own bathroom
my own hallway
my own closet
and my own room... all in one place.

it's like I have my own place, with a shared kitchen.

and on top of that all, my room is not even connected to my "roommates". since my place is divided with another room by a hallway all around the corners of my room! I don't know how I found this. and the price is unbeatable! so yeah. at this point, I could actually go out there and talk to the ladies without a problem. I mean I still will have a looooooooong way to go to be considered 'good', but at least I will have a PLAN! a plan to bring the girl back TO MY CRIB!!!!! hahahahaha. wow. it's amazing how much money matters. if you don't have enough, you'll be a miserable fuck that's stuck with your parents for the rest of your life. you just gotta change the vibration you're on, and that's exactly what I've been doing for the last 6 months. and it's working!!! 

I already moved half of my stuff today, and my friend lend me her sleeping mattress. we'll see how it is, but she is upscale. everything she buys is expensive and man, i can't wait to test that bad boy out tomorrow. still sleeping back at home tonight.

my life is now all about money, learning, career, more learning, studying, reading, news, more learning. life is hard work. and those that don't understand this, always stay lazy and complain about it all the time to other people. sorry but to make it in this life and to get anywhere you want to be at, you gotta work... hard! there is no other way. and this is coming from one of the laziest people on the planet. at least I used to be. now I'm pushing myself to finish my projects I start on faster than before. it's hard but after I am finished with this move, I will get back into my goals and stay on top of them. that's why I stopped smoking marijuana regularly. it breaks my focus and makes me lazy, not wanting to do anything but play video games and looking at porn. weed is only good when you're hanging out with a bitch. doing it alone just makes you a pothead that plays video games all day. completely unproductive loser. something I will NEVER become. I refuse to.

Trump's "Tricks" and WoW

what people like this don't realize, is that Trump is a natural. a "natural" is what in the PUA community would be called a guy who is good with women, but never knew how and why. He was just always good. But what makes Trump different, is that he actually knows what he is doing. naturals who get lots of women are just on the autopilot. that's who they are. and if you came to them and asked them 'teach me, dude. i wanna know how to pick up hots chicks like you'. he wouldn't be able to give you any sort of advice because they wouldnt know what they are really doing considering they'd been doing it all their life. Trump dissected his skill, and wrote a book about it. I wanna read Art of the Deal one day, since I AM on the path of getting rich. and I will get there. but anyway, yeah. just thought it was funny how these people think Trump just throws tactics. I mean he does. but I think his answers come from experience. He talks about being at the border. I have seen him doing a press conference at the border with Sherif, the main trader, and other officials. He talks about getting advice from lawyers. well, Trump has lawyers working for him. that's a no brainer that his advice comes from somewhere. why would Trump make himself look like a moron in front of millions of laywers watching his interviews? until I see some real dirt on Trump with how he is a liar, corrupt, 'racist' (still looking for this evidence. if you find it, let me know.) or evil, and I have yet to see any of these, Trump will always remain to be the man, the mystery, the LEGEND!

reminds me of my Flyby gnome mage when I went around ganking horde for hours and owning those that would come and try to rescue them. shit, which server was I on? I think it was MagicWoW. What a shit server it was. I sure do miss my times on Wowcrack. holy balls that was the best times I ever had in a video game. I remember that 90 men raid on Orgrimmar was so epic, I dreamed to be in something like. too bad it never happened again. I did have a nice mage on another BC server. we raided Orgrimmar with 30 people and held it for like 20 mins. it was a smaller server which is why world pvp was soooooo much more fun. but with bugs and DCs, i got tired of it. yeah, WoW just sucks donkey dick nowadays. just a bunch of mind numbing repetitive crap. dailies, bgs, dungeons, questing; rinse and repeat. once could end up doing these things 2-3 hours a day! just wasting time on dailies and dungeons and dailies MY GOD! the game turned to shit. it was from 'hey man wanna come raid and kill some horde?' >>> "hell yeah! which city do we go to first?". to 'hey bro, wanna do dailies with me?'. the game pretty much died after LK came out. i met one or two guys still trying to revive world pvp, but we all knew it was a joke by that point and is never coming back. even all those "world pvp" maps sucked. by the time that map that came out in Cataclysm i think i was already working a 9 to 5 and couldn't play video games as much. I mean i did played 4 hours per day but deep inside i knew these are my last days. it just never sunk deep enough yet "you are doing the same shit over and over again every day and the game makes you be its slave, vs making this game your bitch and play however you want". Blizzard really sold its soul out and now only make games that make you an addict, and turns you into a zombie. instead of having infinite ways to play the game, you end up playing it the exact same way this company designed you to play it. and if you don't, yo udon't get the goodies. fuck Blizzard! I haven't bought one game since i Cataclysm and never going to. I have no respect for this company. I played Heroes of the Storm, and it's a fun game to play from time to time. but if I had to pay for this game, I would never go near it. fuck Blizzard! fuck WoW! I like my Wii U infiniteX better.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Islam's War on Christianity

1600 year old monastery Mart Sarah being blown up by ISIS
What is happening to Christians all across the world today isn't anything new. Muslims have been at war with Christianity since the 7th century. They converted the Christian parts of North Africa and Middle East into a giant sewer that is still plagued with Islamic Jihad until this very day. And who do people blame for all of Africa's problems? White Christian Europeans, of course. Who else? What is really sickening to me, is how our spineless "leaders" react to the atrocities against Christians of today. They simply turn their heads the other way, and pretend like nothing is happening. That piece of human waste Obama, and his entire administration refuses to believe and completely ignores all the evil muslims wage on Christians all across the muslim world. But what else do you expect from a puppet, controlled by one of Satan's biggest minions, George Soros? Hillary Clinton, how is this human trash is still not in jail? Merkel, Philly mayor, John Kerry (another human waste that should be living in the sewers), Cameron, Justin Trudeau (with this piece of shit, we'll need to build another wall with Canada soon if Trump wins), and most of the priests and bishops across the world. All ignore islam's atrocious acts towards Christians. How could these cowards call themselves leaders? Especially those Catholic priests? I would never attend any of their sermons if I was a Catholic. They turn their backs on their people, defend the barbarity of Islam, and actually create alliances with terrorist linked muslim groups! It's disturbing to say the least.

And on top of that, we got gays, feminists, and atheists attack Christianity saying that it is 'just like all religions', and then side with Islam and muslims who will behead them the first chance they get. Seems like Trump is one of the only people who is aware that there is an open season on Christians, and war on Christianity. And then these libs wonder why so many people support him. Take a good look at a real leader you slimy fucks. A leader who is more concerned about protecting the lives of real people, and not your pathetic feelings, or the feelings of muslims.

If you're interested in knowing with what is going on to Christians all across the world, read this. If not, go to sleep back into your multi-cultural Utopian dream, where all religions are evil and the same, and the only way for humanity, Europe, and America to survive is to get rid of Christianity, while bringing Islam to our shores. I give western civilization another 20 years. If liberals keep being in power, they will destroy our free world with their MC/PC bullshit before anyone could say "what happened?"

Long live Christianity!
Long live Europe!
Long live Western Civilization!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Best video of 2016

I don't know how I found it, but this is the realest shit I've seen this year. It reminds me of Akult, and how much black people make shit up as they go. I actually went to college with a Black Studies major, and almost graduated with it. Many black people view the world through this Afrocentric lens that black people are somehow superior to the white man, and the white man somehow stole all of the black peoples history and accomplishments. I actually used to believe this nonsense. But that's when I was a guilty whitey liberal, who hated whites, as well as myself.

I actually saw the Black Israelites preaching hate downtown when I was working at Macy's. I hate to say this, but black people today are more lost than ever. I do wonder if they were always this way, or is this a recent phenomenon since there is no real leaders in the black community. Ehh, but what do I know, right? I am just a racist honkey that needs a good ass beating. sheeeeeeeeiiit!!

So before you think twice and wonder about the REAL history, kiddies, know this....

Jesus was black
Buddha was black
Moses was black
Thomas Jefferson was black
John Adams was black
Ghandi was black
Mayans were black
Egyptians were black
Aztecs were black
Jews were black
Irish were black
Italians... oh they mos def were black!!!
Shakespeare.. BLACK!!
any influential man in history=BLACK! and if you disagree? You is a racis cracka ass cracka!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marco Rubio is a disgrace

he supports the racist criminals behind the Black Lies Matter movement. he wants to bring in 3x more muslims into America, and basically destroy this country even further. who supports this moron? oh yeah... other morons.

watch him repeat his memorized speech 3x. piece of useless shit. he should voluntarily drop out. no sane American would ever stand by his bullshit that reeks from miles away.


props to Chris Christie for destroying this imbecile. he'll just be another on-the-job-training-president like that Kenyan muslim we already have now.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


So I been watching a lot of VICE videos long time ago, and have a few channels on youtube. I finally been logging back into my old channel and trying to change my life so I keep watching motivational videos. and guess who is on my subscription feed? So I come across this video...

At first, I thought hey this guy is just like me (no gay/homo), and he is a loner but doesn't give a fuck about following the flock. It was interesting, and I admired his courage. But then this piece of dog shit VICE reporter goes "you're following the most divisive candidate ever in the history of blah blah". This was my last straw with VICE. No wonder they disabled the comments on this video and most disliked this shit video. Get your fucking facts straight before you spew a bunch of lies at people you delusional nut bags.

I remember watching a VICE video a few days back with all these invading cock roaches in Calais storming France with leftist protesters. So this French guy has these human trash throwing things at him and disturbing him at his residence. The guy was really pissed off trying to fight them all with his fam holding him back, and one leftist moron calls him a Nazi. I mean WTF!?!?! when you got someone disturbing your peace, coming through your home calling you a racist, demanding free welfare and good living condition, and then they call you degrading names throwing things at you. On top of it all, you're supposed to be the bad guy?? FUCK YOU! and VICE makes these invaders look like they're being oppressed; when all they want to do is come to our European lands, leech off of our resources without doing SHIT, and basically become parasites for the rest of their lives. why do I have to work all my life and be a slave to the system, when these leeches come here from their 3rd world hell holes and get free shit without working a day in their life!? WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  FUCK VICE! this channels just turned into a bunch of liberal propaganda. I can't stand these pieces of shits now. Just unsubbed from their channel and their News channel is shit too. Fuck em!! a bunch socialist communist liberal human waste. These type of people will destroy our western civilization one day.