Sunday, January 31, 2016

You Can't Stump the Trump (Volume 4)

Just watched this for the 5th time. Still funny. This is the best one out of all them. I don't think this guy will ever top this. But I hope I'm wrong...

Trump the LEGEND himself retwitted this video

Angela Merkel is the seed of Satan

I had one of the most horrific nightmares of my life. This happened a few days ago, and I should've blogged about it right away. But I can't stop thinking about this dream, so I will talk about it now.

I am in this room with Merkel. As she is sitting down in a chair, I am trying to explain to her what she is doing to Germany. I am screaming at the top of my lungs that she is destroying her country, and killing her own people. It was one of those dreams in which you scream as loud as you can, but feels like you are in a vacuum. Only about 10% of what I was yelling as loud as I could was heard by this woman. She was mostly shut off and wasn't paying attention, while half way looking at me. At this point, Merkel starts screaming like a demon. I thought I could exorcise her. So I put both of my hands on her head and it was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in a dream. All the evil screaming and yelling inside of her woke me up, with me panting really heavily. It took me a while to go back to sleep.

I am now convinced that Angela Merkel works for the Devil himself. This woman is pure evil, just like her puppet masters who are pulling the strings.

This is how the Netherlands fucks its own Citizens


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nightmare about Trump

So with the latest news about Trump owning Fox and Meghan Kelly at the same time by not attending the debate, I had this bad dream last night.

I am at some sort of a rally with lots of people. it was more of a place where it seems to be 2 parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Each party has a dedicated table close to each other, without the candidates. The table of the democrats is full of supporters, but Trump's table is empty with only 1 supporter there, and a few people around it. At this point I am shocked. Then I hear someone tell me that "he has all the support online and on his reality tv, but in the real life, no one likes him". Something like that. I don't remember the details. So I am standing there all shocked thinking to myself "I was wrong about all this." I woke up thinking this over and over again "I was wrong". Because I've always thought to myself how stupid I looked back when I would support idiots like Glen Beck or when I was watching propaganda channels like the Young Turds. Luckily, I was never very outspoken and outgoing. So, I never publicly announced my opinion when it came to politics and the world events. But I always think to myself how STUPID people look who don't know history, don't have self identity, and who support something that goes totally against their own culture and their own people. you know, the idiots that sit in a classroom defending Obama or Clinton, or anyone who is basically destroying their country, indirectly support terrorism, and/or just ruining our world with their policies. In this dream, I kept thinking to myself that I am one of those idiots who was wrong about Trump.

I just hope this was just a nightmare and not some prophetic dream. Because if Trump loses, America is DOOMED!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

looking for a place now

I've had it with my mom. I had a fight on Sunday when she started shoving food down my throat. "take this"... "take this"... right in front of her friend, when I am right there and can just reach out and grab food myself. she keeps treating me like a fucking child when I am 36 years old! so I just start yelling at her telling her to stop embarrassing me and shoving food down my throat. then she starts arguing with me "everybody does this", and ask her friend "yeah, I do this too. my son complains too. blah blah blah". I just ate my food, and gtfo of there not saying a word to neither of them. My mom NEVER APOLOGIZES. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter how wrong she is. because in her mind, I am always wrong.

Then yesterday after taking a nap, I see a note on the kitchen counter with my mom TALKING TO ME LIKE IT'S ALL MY FAULT AND LIKE SHE IS THE ONE THAT WAS RIGHT!!!!!!! telling me I need therapy and I should be "patient" with her, and blah blah blah. that was the last straw. I can't take this shit anymore. So instead of apologizing for treating me like a child, she tells me 1) I am wrong for yelling at her, and 2) i need therapy. HOLD UP!!!!! I NEED THERAPY TO TEACH ME HOW TO BE A FULL RETARD AND AWKWARD IN SOCIAL SITUATIONS SO I CAN DEAL WITH YOU!?!?! so in other words, she wants me to go to therapy for her, and not me. I already was 10x more socially awkward before, and now she wants me to go back to what I used to be and put up with her bullshit while she's acting weird and dysfunctional. DYSFUNCTIONAL!!!!!!! but she thinks it's normal, and that "all people do this".

so yeah, I am now looking for a place. too bad i'll have to live with roommates, as I can't afford to have my own place. but roommates are better than this, because I feel like I am stuck. i haven't lived away from home ever since I moved out to LA, had a life crisis, and moved back. I just hope I can find something because it isn't that easy to find roommates nowadays here, and also a lot of people are control freaks. No pets, no smoking, no drugs, NO OVER NIGHT GUESTS, etc.. they want you to be their slave. it's insanity. But I've been looking since yesterday, and taking it even more seriously today. The days of me slacking are over. I will be building my life from now on AWAY from home. One day I am hoping to travel, see America, and then eventually the world, if it doesn't blow up soon.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Liberal Journalists Attacked in Calais

these libs just got culturally enriched. they should be forced to live with this human trash to get a taste of what they've been supporting. but it's regular people like me that are seeing their homes and countries destroyed by these third worlders. why is life this way? a group of retards support policies that hurt others, but not them directly. these leftists should be put on trial, and jailed or executed  for treason...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

the Black Guy ruined the new Star Wars movie

I already know that Hollywood is the devil, spreading lies and propaganda. but can't these diluted fucks get a good actor to play one of the lead roles? the awkwardness and the silliness of this black dude was cringeworthy. I can't say it was THAT bad, but considering this is one of the biggest blockbusters of last and this year, it was pretty bad. I wonder how much he got paid to be an awkward goofball... I'm gonna stop here cuz I don't wanna ruin this for anyone reading that hasn't watched this. but this is why I don't care for movies anymore. I'm tired of all the Hollywood's crap, on top of all their lies they spew.

the female Brit, though, reminds me of me. running away from her fears, refusing to go down the path that calls her. I am still going through that right now. this calling won't stop, until I face my demons.

and I don't know if it's just me, but the 3d element doesn't add much to movies anymore. it's a cool feature, but the last 'wow' factor I experienced in 3d, was the Michael Jackson movie in Disneyland when I was like 15. maybe it's because I was young, or maybe they just don't know how to make good 3d movies anymore. I was feeling really bad when I missed Avatar in 3d when it came out in theaters. but looking back, I probably haven't missed much. ehh.. whatever. fuck Hollywood! Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets a 4/5, and I'm being generous here. This is after I overlook all the silliness and the goofiness the black dude brings. I enjoyed the movie, though. But it isn't anything ground breaking, or earth shattering.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

17 year old girl exposes situation in Germany

she posted this video on her facebook, and it was taken down. fuck Mark Zackerberg, and fuck facebook! what world is this when a 17 year old girl who is afraid for her life can't even speak out on what is happening in her own country?

Merckel is importing all this human trash from 3rd world hell holes, these Africans and muslims go on their anti-European protests, raping girls, tell the natives they will all die soon, and when I speak out against this happening and speak up for MY EUROPEAN PEOPLE, I AM A RACIST!?!?! fuck every last liberal running our western governments. if in the next presidential election democraps win, America will start to look like Western Europe in no time. the muslim in the white house has already been importing rapefugees from his muslim shitholes. if these liberal pieces of trash will win, these same parasites roaming Europe freely.. will be coming to America in drones to collect free hand outs and then do jihad against us all, turning this country into another 3rd world muslim hell hole. I can't even believe I escaped from one islamic shit hole, only to come to the land of the free, and watch it turn into another islamic shit hole.

fuck Islam! a glorious war is coming. and once it's here, muslims will truly get a taste of their own medicine.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

cold from Marijuana

so, I was sick with fever, and soar throat from weed AGAIN. Could not even go to work on Wednesday. was going through my blog and turns out this happened about a year ago. it's almost as if I haven't learned my lesson yet, or I simply forgot about it. so I had to re-learn it.

I was smoking weed a lot lately. some weeks almost every day. one good thing about it is, i developed a high tolerance for it. but my body still seems to reject it if I do it on regular basis. my throat starts to hurt, and then i eventually get a cold. or maybe only during cold seasons since everyone is sick now. it's really weird but that's how my body works. as a result I am quitting weed for the most part. I do wanna smoke it every Sunday, though. because Sundays are the worst. I get insomnia on Sundays like no other day because the next day is work. couldn't sleep last night for some reason until 4:30 in the morning! had an OBE when finally falling asleep. it's weird but OBEs seem to happen more naturally around that time.

I am actually thinking of getting a real vaporizer after reading a suggestion in that thread i linked above. the problem is, why would i need it if I wouldn't smoke that much? I already bought one for my friend, but after talking with my co-worker, turns out that it's not really a vaporizer. it's a pen with a coil. i thought that's how all vaporizers are, but that's the first one i spent money on. and it wasn't even for me.

Here are pros and cons about marijuana, and how it effects me.


Unable to focus
Unable to study
Unable to read
Unable to get anything productive done


Stress relief
Focus better (some traits actually go backwards in certain trips)
Become more social - When I smoke, I tend to keep on talking without going back in my head. This helps me with people. but problem is, I've had horrible panic attacks doing it in public. So I try my best to socialize sober (whenever I grow enough balls to go out to socialize. in other words, almost never)

The main reason why I even smoke weed, is because it is the only thing that helps my insomnia. But when I do it so much, even weed stops working. So, I need to smoke it in moderation. I do wanna try magic mushrooms next, as it helps with cluster headaches and I've been into psychedelics for some time. As of now, though, my main focus is on MONEY.

Friday, January 15, 2016

1. Cluster Headache

so as I document my long life battle of cluster headaches, I got my 1st one of the year.

had a hard time sleeping. finally fell asleep at around 2am; woke up at around 4:19am.

I've been drinking not enough water lately, maybe 3-4 cups per day. as I didn't have any headaches, i figured I could get away with it.

went to the kitchen and drank a cup of water. opened my window and started to breath in fresh air with deep breaths in and out.

headache lasted for about 10 mins until 4:29. this was either lack of water, lack of oxygen, or both. it was about a 4/10.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Americans are Clueless

most Americans are clueless when it comes to Islam. This is exactly what this Coptic Priest talks about. all of us who lived around real muslims, know exactly what they're like. but all these Americans living in the west, especially the liberals, are the most clueless retards I ever came across.

Towards the end, the Priest is talking about Meccan Islam, when Muhammad was a nobody. He was preaching his "religion" peacefully. And all these jihadis going around killing infidels, are practicing Medina Islam, which is when Muhammad fled after being kicked out of Mecca. Once he got a big following, and had enough people, he started preaching jihad, telling his followers this is how you get to paradise. Every muslim is like a ticking time bomb. They are sitting there waiting... waiting to get big in numbers. And once and if muslims get large enough in this country, Americans will truly feel and understand what Islam is all about. but until then, go back to sleep. listen to Obama, listen to the Philly mayor, listen to the mayor of Cologne, Cameron, or whoever is telling you that "this has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam."...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Judge Jeanine schools Philly Mayor

and congress...

love this woman! keep speaking that TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

John Kerry getting OWNED by Putin

just lol at this beta cuck. we need strong conservative leaders who are tough, smart, and alpha. not these liberal pussies like John Kerry and Obumer. fucking pathetic!!