Saturday, January 31, 2009

"the book light??? motha fucka i dont read!!"


Friday, January 30, 2009

Lisa Lampanelli's Flavor Flav roast

what's crazy is that she gets away with almost everything. she is racist and makes fun of everybody yet everyone always laughs and she gets away with all the jokes. she can do the Kramer episode and people will probably still laugh and give her props.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dream about grandma and pink eye

i got pink eye and thank GOD i spotted it yesterday so went to school today got medicine and getting better now. get one of these every few years this is like 4th time i think.

and i had a dream about my grandma on my father's side that bitch is messed up she was trying to control me or something. i don't remember exactly but she was responsible for breaking up my parents marriage. she's that fucked up. maybe she passed away. i don't know.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Ching

so i bought an I Ching book and went to Chinatown last night to buy I Ching coins. i heard about it years ago and guess it took me a while to catch up after hearing about it over and over. but here it is my first question.

as i was getting ready to prepare for school i was like... man i really dont wanna go. i dont wanna go see strangers and sit around them. ill be all nervous and too scared to say hi to those around me. so then i ask "the oracle" a question like... what advice can you give me on this whole going to school and dealing with people? i flip the coins as it's directed in the book and it pointed to the Hexigram 51, with lines 7, 8, 6, 9, 6, 8. now the advice that i was given was something to the likes of... when you are in a moment of stress or unpleasant events, meditate. life brings people "shocks" to teach them a lesson and you need to stop resisting these shocks and instead open up and don't indulge into feeding your ego... or something like that.

and it's pretty much on point. i always resist almost everything life brings me. im a nervous person. the nervousness have always been part of me probably since birth. i think i inherited that nervousness from my father. and the more things happened to me the more nervous i got until the PTSD came and made my nervousness into paranoia. i am so paranoid that today in class when i had to come up and grab a silibus from the teacher's desk i was so nervous being in the spotlight, that i grabbed the only paper i saw that resembles it and as i got back to my seat it turned out it was a copy of a blank questioner paper i turned in.

my ego says "don't talk to anybody and youll feel calm" but sometimes i wanna talk to people and do it at the wrong time cuz i'm a little socially retarded and not good at reading social situations like when it's time to ask a person something or when it's time to be quiet. so i'm quiet most of the time. so i mean a lot of the things "the oracle" told me were on point. im just a lil bit confused cuz i don't have enough knowledge or life experience or whatever.

and when i was taking black studies classes we had a teacher who was real deep into the black American struggle and the African awareness of the world and the Universe. and in a Yoruba tradition they have a very similar process of talking to spirits just like Chinese use I Ching. they ask a question and flip coins, the answer would be depending on the coins being heads or tails and how many, etc..

i got a lot of questions and no answers. i guess "the oracle", the Universe, God, whatever you wanna call it will talk back to me through this book. I Ching is gonna be my best friend for a while...

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 15, 2010 - The next total lunar eclipse

There is one on Monday, January 26th but only viewed but the other side of the world. damn!!!

ok here is what else i found.

i guess the next one is on Jan 15th 2010 but won't be visible in the U.S. until 2017. I'd have to be in Africa, China, etc.. to see the 2010 one.

2012 - Galactic Alignment

here is a clip from the History Channel that talks about the galactic alignment. our earth and our sun will be perfectly aligned with the black hole in our galaxy on 2012, December 21st.. mark your calendar...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Old School shit

damn im trying to buy this cd but all the places i look have it for like $30-50

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

was in Oaktown for the "serving day" and planted trees on Martin Luther King Jr. drive. it was hot as fuck! also Afenha (or sometning) Shakur was there giving a speech. damn i forgot her name im so bad at this. will edit if i remember.

had absolutely no sleep and almost didn't go but glad i did. didn't meet anyone since i just stuck with the people i knew and that's that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

so i just seen this Majic Jack tv commercial

it's where they advertise "Magic Jack" that's a device for 39.99 that connects your phone into the world wide web through a special USB device that converts phone jacket to connect to your pc's internet and call people long distance with free charge or some shit. then i find out..

wholy fuck i'm gonna puke. i usually don't read long blogs but i read every sentence. damn i wonder how many people get convinced to buy one of those spying devices. damn it's like they have a legal TOS agreement to be able to spy on you, know what websites you use and then you can't sue them for it.

welcome to the business of the United States of America everybody. the American Dream... buy the Magic Jack!!! YES!!!!!!!! i'm gonna go order one right now!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i think we're gonna be all fucked on 2012. well, at least most of us. months ago i kept having these nightmares. it happened more then once and it was me dreaming of the ocean waves high as hell going over our house and we get swallowed by all the water. omg it was the scarriest shit ever. straight nightmares!!! and then i read a lil bit about Mayan calendar and how they traveled through other spiritual worlds of which they kept track of their calendar system and of time, the past, present, and future. they recorded everything, and knew everything of what major world events would happen and when. then i see this youtube video and there is this scene where i saw all the water melted with just a slightly high above water level triangualr shape of ice and it says "the last iceburg" underneath. wholy shit!!! this could be so real that it's not even funny. anyway this video talks about it a lil more

more on this later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

girl at my internship

so as the chick who i avoided eventually ended up being transferred (not sure if she asked for transfer or not) there is this other girl who i think may like me. the thing about me is that i have no game whatsoever, and i'm boring. i got no siblings so i never learned the social skills or the part where you tease women and stuff. so i just bore them to death! so anyway there is this other girl who i always liked actually. and in the winter break up until now we are the mainly 2 people with the program that we're in because everybody else is on vacation or chilling on a break while we make up our hours.

at first it was kinda awkward cuz i got nothing to say to her and not very talkative. she was kinda quiet too. but now she talks to me a little more. like today she sat next to me after she was done with a client (like she always does) and was like "so you scheduled to work at the info desk today?" i was like yeah and she smiled. i was like wtf!? anyway, i dont know for sure but i think she likes me.

we were at the info desk and she was telling me stories of how some 50 year old asian dude was trying to get with her. i dont exactly know what that all means but i know shes way more talkative around me now. maybe cuz i started to talk about that philosophy shit on the future with the prophecies of Mayans and Nostradamus of the year 2012. i dont know. but one thing though. i'm gonna try to tease her and when i see a 50 year old asian dude ill be like "hey check him out.. you should go out on a date with him." that's the only thing i have in mind right now. that and also just telling her true stuff about me and how i play WoW 6 hours a day which i already told her. but she seems like the type of chick who'd never date a stranger she met in a public place. which is funny because i hung around "PUAs" who go around together trying to pick up women in public places. and 95% of them go nowhere. that's it for now.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teriyaki Boyz

this is tight

and i still haven't seen that movie. my ass is always behind in everything as always.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Last night's meditation was amazing

as i was making my last post i took 3 hits and went straight to meditation. when i was just focusing on following my breath and nothing else that music i bought for meditation really got me into some trans. i saw some planet with really colorful atmosphere. it was sort of pinkish and whitish, very cloudy and clouds would look like spread out lanes instead of big puffs of cotton. and then they played the music i was listening to. at first i thought it was planets playing music amongst or between each other but i think it was just one planet and it was its atmosphere. it was really crazy.

and then i really felt like each breath i took went deep inside my lounges and i visualized it spreading throughout my body. after the meditation i kinda feel light headed when i open up my eyes but i gotta keep doing this. i got to! i need this more then anybody.

i really wonder though, can planets play music? i know they can play sound when there is thunder and storms, but can they play music as well?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year baby..

i took 2 hits and am watching this UFO show. and this dude took 4 pics of supposedly legendary classics of "Uehfology." the pics look like shit and like 2 flying friggin pans hahahahaha and i was just thinking damn... isnt it funny that they only let us see what they want us to see. never did anyone ever saw a UFA up close where he had a chance to take a pic so clear that you see the fucking ship from front to back.

but this dude snapped another pic after the UFO flew the fuck away that left black smoke that's in a circle. shit is real believe it. they out there there are billions of fucking stars and how many galaxies exactly out there? *googles it* ... 125 fucking billion galaxies that are detected so far (and there are probably way more) and there is life literally everywhere on many planets but yet we are just so far away from each other. most of us can't hop on a space ship and visit the next star or another galaxy and shit so we just stuck on our planet we on.

and it's crazy cuz i been thinking about this shit just now. and all of use see stars! every living being that is walking around killing shit for survival either human, some alien with a head of a basketball or a monkey in her tribe going doing raids to another monkey tribe near by. we all go through the same shit as a species and we all at the end of the day lay down, look up, and see stars. many of us are smart and we figure out stars learn the zodiac and follow the message coded in them. or some shit like that. others are just blind and refuse to believe in anything out there outside of their own dick that they probably jerk to death without getting any.

but im just saying we all see stars in the universe. many of us know more then the others. but at the end we all are connected. it's crazy man it's like we're all in the universe are connected to each other. and what happens after you die? where do you go in the universe? is it like another dimension or a totally different world that is not even existent in the universe and maybe has its own universe! damn i dont know but i added an astronomy lab for the spring semester so yeah ill be getting educated on this and hopefully they study stars not just make us remember all the bullshit names and terminologies <----------is gonna hang himself if if that's the case.

you know i go back and edit my shit cuz i make so many mistakes some sentences dont even make sense especially right now.

but yeah.. i dont know. maybe that's why im so fucking spiritual. guess loneliness really makes you see some matrix shit. anyway im gonna go back to mediating and play a lil WoW after...