Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i got a feeling David Alan Grier's show is gonna flop

every time i really like a comedian and want his new show to do well it just sucks until it's canceled. but ironically every time i dont like a show it just ends up becoming a hit (fuck Chappelle!) so i watch chocolate news tonight and it was ok, some of it was funny other parts were not.. stuff like this is cool

but then stuff like this is just retarded

seems like he's trying way too hard to be funny. this shit reminds me of my crime procedure teacher, and that dude is horrible. always trying to crack a joke and trying his hardest to get the laughs out of people. in living color was flawless because he didn't try to be funny he WAS funny. dang i really hope he stops doing this "im trying to be funny now and be real loud too so you can find me funnier!" and just be him. otherwise this show is gonna be another flop of a great comedian.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


...again. story of my fucking life.

i dont even try talking to women, but i got into a group of 2 with this chick from Check republic. we talked about class stuff-cultures. i shared her my experiences and she shared hers. i was like i like your eyes (she had cool make up that i never seen any girl wear) and then i was like "this is perfect, and nobody even is paying any attention to us cuz they all talking amongst themselves" so i was like hey how about you and me hang out sometimes... and she made that 'eee' expression with her mouth (like omg i hate to reject someone but im about to do it now) and was like 'i dont know... im really busy.' i was like im really busy too blah blah. and i was like how about we exchange #'s and she agreed but then focus just went back to class subject.

so i was like fuck that im not even gonna try to follow up w/ her after class. ill just let her go and leave her 100% alone. so yeah, i think she wasn't interested. i need to become more in tuned with peoples' body language so i can read people while talking to them cuz my intuition sucks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

why are women so mean?

i mean why are so many of these bitches look down on people right to their face and get away with it? like just about 10 minutes ago im leaving my class all stressed out not knowing how i did on my test. so i get on the 3rd floor and as i turn i see this one skinny ass trick who looks like she's anorexic, and she automatically rolls her eyes. i was like wtfff? bitch do i even know you? i mean i haven't even "looked" at your bitch ass to a point where you could find it annoying, i just just happened to see you as i would see anybody turning right into the hallway. why are you so fucking mean you stank ass piece of shit ass bitch? shit!!!

see this is why i think rapes, beatings, and other violence towards women is necessary. it's not something i would condone but for every bitch like this there is a man who would beat the shit out of her and/or rape her. ying and yang in its purest form. and some of that violence changes these bitches for the better actually. it puts them in their place and brings them down to earth. just cuz you got pussy between your legs dont mean you gotta treat other human beings who have dicks like shit. dumb ass fucking slut you should be giving a beating for disrespecting strangers that you don't even know.

i guess that's why i never got in the habit of talking to women cuz since negative outweighs the positive or at least it's most rememberable. i get nothing but strange women i haven't even talked to treat me like shit non-verbally. i mean damn, no wonder there are men raping some of these hoes cuz they probably feel this way too. not only do these hoes not understand the struggle of men, but they diss us right to our face and want us to "go away." i will never beat nor rape a woman but like i said, it's ying and yang. the more women do this sort of thing, the more this anger builds up. and i may be one of the guys with morals who knows it's fucked up to do all that sort of violence towards females but guess what a lot of men aren't like me. this shit really makes me angry to the point of feeling like knocking a bitch out. i mean damn bitch wtf is wrong with you? why you treating me like i'm the scum of this earth when i haven't even tried talking or even staring at your skinny anorexic looking ass. just cuz you pretty you think you can treat me this bad and still have men kiss your ass. and i was just thinking too, is this a karma trigger? do women have bad karma come back to them by putting out so much negative energy towards strangers? i hope so cuz i'm sick of being treated like shit by women i haven't even spoken to.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the Election...

is right around the corner.

im gonna go to city hall tomorrow and vote. btw, the piece of shit democrat i volunteered for had his people calling me till the last minute, even when i specifically said last time "stop calling me!" pathetic desperate loser, he been calling my cell and my home #. and last time was yesterday when my mom picked up and they tried to convince her.. again... when she said "i already voted and it wasn't for him" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahahaahhhaahhahaaaahhhaha now what bitch!???! i saw his ass at a bart station around 8am when i was going to my internship and he was there solo with his sign in his hand. i almost felt sorry for that loser haha

i haven't been following anything in hip hop lately and i already guarantee that 99% of the people in the public eye support obama and the rest of the sheep follow blindly. i'm not fooled though. i don't buy into this hype of "hope" and "change." fuck outta here... dude can't even tell me what his stand is on an issue cuz he doesn't wanna lose votes and is imo not a good leader..