Sunday, November 29, 2015

Obama threatening States that refuse to take refugees

How long more will America take the abuse of this piece of shit muslim, that does everything in his power to destroy it?

seeing his face makes me physically ill, let alone hearing his disgusting voice

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Allah is Satan, pt. 2

Just found this. Coincidentally, right after linking the 2 websites in my last post. It's like the universe is speaking through me.

One Satanic cult reaches out to another one...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Allah is Satan

and Muhammad is his messenger.

Islamic Human Slaughterhouses For Christians

When you study Satanism, at some point you come across groups who do human sacrifices to Satan. This is exactly what some muslims do. There is a video of them in the link giving Christians as offerings to their great Satan, Allah.

Then you'll meet some Satanists who'll say something like "that's not real Satanism. read The Satanic Bible". And I say, who cares. yo all still worship the same deity, Satan, Allah in this case.

Muslims love to condemn and talk down on pagans, when they are the biggest pagan worshippers on the planet. Halal meat-sacrificing cattle in a brutal and inhumane way as a sacrifice to their god, worshipping a rock that was stolen from the Meccan Pagans, and in extreme cases doing actual human sacrifices as offerings. And remember, every time muslims commit murder, do suicide to kill infidels, etc.., when they scream "allahu akhbar", they are giving an offering to their deity. Muslims are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.


I almost forgot about this site I found not too long ago. This man compares the god in the Bible to the god in the quran. These 2 gods have exact same characteristics, except "Allah" is "the great deceiver". And what does Satan do best? Lie, cheat, and manipulate THE TRUTH, mixing lies with truth and truth with lies

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam - BOOK REVIEW

Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat by Peter Hammond, sheds a lot of light on what has been going on, and still goes on today, in the world under the Islamic conquest, and what “politically correct” lies we’ve been fed in our schools, tv, and Hollywood. Why aren’t books like these taught in our schools to our children in this country, and in other European countries? We are only taught about how evil the white man is, and how bad the Christianity has been in the world. But none of it has any truth whatsoever. There were and always will be evil people in every corner of the globe. Only focusing on one evil within one group over and over and over, teaching this propaganda to our children, will only make them feel ashamed, guilty, and responsible for what few men did hundreds of years ago that looked like them. And teaching this form of propaganda to the masses will only make non-whites hate us. But it’s exactly what has been done by our institutions of learning, and I am a product of that. I was filled with white guilt, shame, and disgust for my own kind. Never again! I am proud of having a WHITE EUROPEAN ancestry. My people have ruled and still rule this world. And you know what they say. Haters gonna hate. “They hate us, cus they ain’t us”.

The history of Islam is disgusting, appalling, and shocking. I will summarize this book in a few paragraphs, but will leave the details out. Reading Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam made me want to quote 80% of what I was reading. But It’s impossible to quote the entire book, so I will just summarize some of its parts, and let you read the rest if you chose to do so.

After Muhammad’s death, the four caliphs that succeeded him went slaughtering, raping, and subjugating the Christian nations all across Africa, and the Middle East. Remember, Christianity was prevalent in those parts of the world in the 7th century, unlike what we’re told with how “the white man brought the Bible to Africa”. Christianity has been in that part of the world for 6 centuries before Islam was even invented. 2/3 of the Christian world all across Africa and the Middle East (ME) has been conquered, people beheaded, and women taken as sex slaves

"The Islamic Jihad of the seventh to the tenth centuries wiped out more than half of the church worldwide. Prior to this, Christianity was the predominant religion of North Africa and the Middle East." (Ch. 2, p. 41)
Another lie we are forced fed, is how the white man went to Africa, caught the black slaves, and brought them to America. When in reality, slavery in America only lasted a few hundred years, while slavery under Islam has been happening for the last 1,400 years, and still is ongoing
"After the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century the practice of slavery declined throughout Europe. But the spread of Islam in the 7th Century led to a great revival of the institution of slavery, especially in Africa. Great merchant camel caravans travelled beyond the Sahara to the vast Savannah, which the Arabs called the Sudan (or "the land of the Black People"). These caravans brought back long lines of Black slaves for Arab households and palaces on the Mediterranean. Male household servants were routinely castrated. Most babies born to Black slaves in the harems were drowned or killed at birth - to maintain Arab numerical superiority." (Ch. 2, p. 42)
So while the slaves in America retained parts of their culture, and had a lineage of diaspora, parts of African tribes simply died out as a result of these dangerous procedures. The conditions under the Islamic jihad were so brutal, that 80% of Africans did not survive getting to the slave trade market. I find it very fascinating that we spend nearly all of our time learning about the sub-Saharan slave trade of North America, when out of 11 million slaves transported across the Atlantic Ocean, only 5% went to the USA. We are studying the slavery of that 5% almost 100% of the time. While reading this book, It made me wonder why that is. But this quote said it best
"The vastly great involvement of Portugal, Spain and France seems to be largely ignored. Even more so the far greater and longer running Islamic slave trade into the Middle East has been so ignored as to make it one of history's best-kept secrets." (Ch. 13, p. 165)
Another interesting fact. When the muslims took over Europe, they enslaved 1.2 million of Europeans. And there were also black slave owners right here in America. Why are we never taught any of this? The number of deaths of African people by the hands of the muslims were around 110 million. And I am not even touching on the worst holocaust ever orchestrated by the muslims in India, which was responsible for around 70 million deaths, the destruction of many Hindu temples, and major problems for the Hindus and other Indians that still plague parts of India until this very day. Crimes against India committed by the hands of muslims is possibly the most bloodiest battles in history. It has much greater devastation than the holocaust, the slaughter of native population of South America by the Portuguese and the Spanish, and more gruesome than the slaughter of the Armenians by the Turks. (Ch. 7, p. 111)

Yet, why is this never taught to us? Why is it all swept under the rug? You turn on the teLIEvision, and what do you hear? How evil and barbaric the Crusades were. But what are we not being told? The entire purpose for why the Crusades were put together in the first place, was to take the holy land back from the muslims, who occupied it by force with their Islamic Jihad for over 400 years! If the Crusades were never invented, there may have never been what we know today as the USA or Europe. Again, I ask, why are we never told this in our schools and colleges?

Another shocking thing I've discovered. Why are we never taught all the good the Christianity has brought to the world? The only thing the Left knows how to do is vilify the Christians, making the muslims look righteous and noble, when the complete opposite is the truth. Me being a pagan, I used to be a Christian hater. But never again. I would much rather live in a Christian country like the USA, the most powerful Christian nation on earth, than go back to living in a muslim country that is plagued with violence, and chaos. Americans love criticizing this country, but none of them has ever lived next to muslims who hate you and want to kill you too.

Some parts of the book were so vile and appalling, I had to put it down to keep my sanity. The ignorance that comes from the muslims, is too much for me to handle sometimes.

Interestingly, the author mentions the end of Europe, and what is happening in this day and age

"Studying the history of Islam and Europe I am convinced that should muslims attain a majority in any country in Europe - they would similarly oppress, persectute, eliminate and ultimately exterminate all Christian minorities within their control. Muslims are openly talking about turning Europe into Eurabia." (p. 259)
This is a Christian book, and may not be for everyone. But I, as a secular, enjoyed it very much. To my surprise of realization, the best thing that could be done with the muslims of the world, is to convert them to Christianity.

In the end, if you want to know the truth, you have to look outside of what you are taught in the public school and the college system. Because if you look outside of the box, where the liberals indoctrinate you in, they will lose all the power they had over you. The best education, is self-education. Everything else is a form of propaganda, which creates a hive mind. And this is exactly how the muslims work, as one mind organism, that will stop at nothing from taking over the world.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trump shut that bullshit down!

lol Trump 2016!!!!!!

fuck Gozillary!
fuck Obonzo!
fuck Islam!

our leaders don't even have common sense anymore. they invite the same people who eventually do jihad against us. fucking morons...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris, France. 60 dead, and many wounded...

Religion of peace at work

you think this can't happen to America? think again. Obama, the Kenyan muslim is bringing in 200,000 "refugees" next year. gee, I am so excited...

one girl at work likes me...

here we go again... these are the stages women who like me go through...

Stage 1: who is that?
Stage 2: why isn't he talking to me?
Stage 3: is he gonna take to me? *grows impatient*
Stage 4: omg.. wth is his problem?
Stage 5: fuck him! *gets really mad*

not all end up in stage 5, but I've seen a few and they get heated!! lol. what can I say... I am a fucking mess. usually, women who like mysterious guys like me. because I am a big question mark.

I really wanna get better with women and people, I really do. unfortunately, the corporate world is not a good place to practice. I have been fired from a job for trying to talk to a woman. I have seen guys get fired for trying to talk to women on the job. if you are nervous in a corporate world environment talking with a woman, all she has to do is go tell her supervisor that you made her uncomfortable. and that would be your job. is it worth it? fuck no! but anyway...

this girl looks either latin or middle eastern. she is fine as helllll!!! probably the finest girl I've seen in the whole company. I've seen her a few times working the front window, and saw her walk home today as well. I really wanna get back into pick-up one day, but I stopped approaching almost completely due to money, no friends, and me not having independence. I am way too ashamed with my living situation, my age, and having nothing to show for. what else can I say. life goes on...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Donald Trump sonning the Media

lol@these lefty morons. don't they realize Trump can't be stopped?

he should take Ben Carson as VP.

Trump will take care of the Mexicans. Carson will take care of the muslims. Win/win situation.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Obama, the Kenyan muslim

if after watching this, you still think that Obama is a Christian, you're out of your got damn mind...

seeing this traitor's face makes me ill. anti-American, socialist piece of shit...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

James David Manning is funny as fuck!

James Manning on a prowl hunting down Al Sharpton

LMFAO@the big rat sign