Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I feel great today! Making offers is the key to being a man...

at 28, i finally understand. I been around guys who charge men how to talk to women, im talking about if you suck at talking to women, there are guys out there that will take you out in the field, to clubs, coffee shops, book stores, etc.. and push you to go approach women. then after your approaches youll get quick feedback. what im getting to is, its all about making offers! ok, so i go up to a chick and i start getting into this conversation with her, and it leads somewhere God knows where, as long as im talking to her without making her an offer i am wasting my fuking time, and hers!

the last 2 days i been on fire. i wasnt being social, maybe a little bit, or act like im some pimp daddy who gets all the women, all i was doing was make offers, and i got a total of 1 number, one girl wants me to get at her next week, the other girl said she gotta b/f but introducer herself to me right after wards, and the last girl i just punched my # in her cell and told her to call me.

now it makes sense to me when i hear an advice like "ask some girls out", its not about being smooth, or knowing what to say at the right time, its about making offers, one after another, and then of course being yourself. im still figuring out what being myself trully means but im slowly getting there. rejection is my best friend, and afterwards these girls wont be guessing what i want from them cuz from what i understand there are far too many men who just talk and too afraid to express what they want verbally, i used to be one of them.

so fuck paying money for advice on women, thats nice and all i did it once and ill never do it again, but everything ive learned throughout my life i need to apply it in making these small offers. offer after offer, not just to go eat lunch but to do whatever, im in a club and enjoy a girls company, lets go sit over there on a couch, im vibing with her on a date lets go to your car and make out. they can either say yes or no, or maybe but even that means one or the other. without offers men are nothing in my opinion, powerless creatures who cant get what theyre after. damn, no wonder i been feeling so depressed and so lonely.

weed has helped me out a lot though, blazing opens up my mind and makes me realize lots of things. i want to get to a point in my life where my mind is open without THC in my system.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am tired as shit of being so damn gullable

Motherfukers always take advantage of me.  Im talking about even when i put in work and help some people, they see my weakness and jump on it to use me.  I volunteer at this non profit youth center, everybody black there but my white ass.  So a while ago i decided to bring in some video games so everybody can enjoy it.  A few days ago i get a phone call from this dude asking me to bring some more games in, at first i was like alright ill make it for them, but then it got me thinking and the more i thought about it the madder i got.  The only reason that fuckers calling me is to use me, just like everybody else.  He wants games, or he wants this, or he wants that.  Its not to hang out and chill, or to do whatever, its to take advantage of me in some sort of way, and i been thinking about it and its sort of my own fault.  Its that self respect that i dont have for myself makes people not respect me neither, and it pisses me off!

Fuck that i aint making him shit! you want games go buy em.

Thank GOD i got a friend who been giving me feedback, cuz without him id probably woudnt even see this. Otherwise id probably be like 'yeah man, i love helping the kids here, you want me to do this for you too? sure! here you go..."

punk ass motha fuckers, i hate everybody right now and been real depressed lately.

Im supposed to work on my paper and i got 2 midterms on monday, and here i am creating this blog cuz i got so much shit on my mind. thats the story of my life, so dont care about anything, and wasting my life away not doing what im supposed to do cuz i got nothing going for me.

Props to Trojanman, hes the reason why i made this blog.  Its a great way to vent out and release anger, its sort of like therapy without a stupid ass shrink who talks more then he listens.