Thursday, March 17, 2016

my roommate is a weirdo

the thing about me is, I am good at reading people. once I get a read on you, there is no way out of it for you. you are forever exposed in my eyes, and I know who you are. I tried telling this to people in the past about so and so, but they didn't listen. in the end, people I warned them about fucked them. for some reason, first impressions never fail me. even in the past when I didn't listen to my own intuition, as I was very trusting of others, the people my inner gut warned me about fucked me. Now I am more grounded and know myself much better, I always go with what I feel from people.

so this girl I met a few weeks back was kinda off. she didn't say anything other then "I am not your roommate, but just visiting". I was like, okay.. not very friendly but whatever. but her b/f that I finally met about a week ago... gave me the most creepiest vibe. at first, he was avoiding eye contact but I introduced myself, and I was the one doing the talking. I just wanted to get logistics as we are sharing the same kitchen. I didn't think much of it but his vibe was very strange. I thought maybe he was nervous. Then I was in the kitchen the 2nd time. He didn't even say hi when I greeted him. then yesterday I was there on my laptop about to watch a video I downloaded, and he comes out of his room. right away avoids eye contact, then walk around and past me on his way out, not uttering a word! this guy gives me the creeps!!! he is from Louisiana or another southern state I forgot.

I was actually thinking of getting a gun for quiet sometime, to protect myself from people like him and other nut bags. imagine this fucker going through my front door with a machete because he has repressed rage. the thing I notice is, no matter how weird, strange, creepy, and awkward a dude like this is... he always and I mean 9/10 has a girlfriend. I guess only certain people like me with a specific ancestry are dealing with such a hardship with attracting a mate.

the older I get, the more conservative I become.  I see the world for what it is, and not for what liberals brainwash us with. I normally never wanted any sort of weapons, but how am I supposed to deal with crazy people who want to kill me, torture me, and rape me too? I feel so fragile and like a victim every time I go out at night to a club, as rare as that is. I mean, I could use my martial arts on a few guys. but what if they have guns, knives, or know martial arts themselves? I think guns are very important, and the rights to own them is crucial to our survival in this world. anyone trying to take our 2nd amendment away should be locked up, or maybe dumped in the worst ghetto, and let them fend for themselves without any weapons. see how long they last.

I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging more about this dude in the near future. fucking weirdo... I will be avoiding him from the plague from now on until he utters a sound like a weasel looking out of his hole. tired of being nice to people or acting civil with those that don't give a shit. the best medicine is to stop. the less I give a shit, the better things flow.

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