Thursday, September 22, 2016

I got an e-mail of this German girl

last time I had a date was over a year ago when I was still doing Pick-up in a mall. my social life is a joke!! but anyway, believe it or not, this was at work and just happened like 10 minutes ago.

She is from Germany and is going back by the end of the year. she is about a 6, 7 max. blonde hair, blue eyes. even though I am very picky, we had a really good conversation, and I just said I wanna continue it over coffee. she said yes. I was expecting a no, since I get that 99% of the time. but my guess is that Europeans are very different than Americans, especially Californians, who are indirect and fake as hell. I asked for her #, but she gave me her e-mail instead. no one was around, so I felt no social pressure. still got really nervous when I thought about asking her.

I'll blog about what happened. stay tuned.

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