Saturday, February 27, 2010

Burn Notice is the Greatest Show on TV right now

I used to watch The Wire, and in fact, watched every season of it. Yeah, I know I'm a hypocrite how I was saying it's too negative and all that shit right after season 4 but it was was the only show I liked! Burn Notice though, is like the Wire on crack. The Wire is about the entire picture of what is going on in the city. From the ghetto streets with hustlers selling drugs, to journalists covering the stories, to crackheads going though their things, to cops and the police department watching the drug dealers undercover and busting them up, and finally to politicians trying to send out law enforcements by giving them enough money for resources to catch the killers, the pushers, etc.. so that they can look good and get elected by putting money into schools, etc..

Burn Notice... is on that James Bond, CIA, Secret Service, Covert Ops shit. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! My major was Criminal Justice in college and the main reason why I was so interested was because of the shows like this. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING OUT THESE LIVES LIKE GUYS ON THIS SHOW! They are called spies, CIA agents, and many other types of "elite" members of the government, or some private type agencies. The only way to know what I'm talking about is watch this show.

A) It's smart, B) It's FUNNY, and C) it has A LOT of action in it. Conning con artists, dealing with cocaine dealers, spying on the secret service people, government surveillance, home made bombs, spying devices, pick locking, hand to hand combat, driving the drug dealers out of the neighborhood, saving your friends who are about to get killed in an unknown location, and on and on and on. This show has all of this and then some! Watch it, learn it, love it!

Burn Notice is by far my favorite show that's out right now, and I don't even watch television because I think it's mostly bullshit that does nothing but hypnotize you and turns you into a zombie. I don't even know if this show is still out because I only seen it about 6 months ago and decided to check out some episodes just recently.

Bad thing about this show is that there is this love crap with some ugly, and skinny foreign chick that some guys would drool over. Not my type but she is also extremely annoying! So with that said. Burn Notice>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything out on tv right now. I was gonna watch The Entertainer show on VH1 because that guy is funny as fuck but that can wait for now.

4.5/5 Stars

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sacred Geometry in Ascension "The Triangle"

This is something I found a while back. I tried visualizing the triangle in my meditations a few times and it kept spinning in my mind instead of staying still. I don't know why that was. but to be honest, I haven't even mastered my breathing meditation so I was like nah... let me just get better at the basics and THEN I'll be doing all this triangle, Merkaba, time traveling, astral projection, etc.. stuff

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't even Meditate in PEACE up in this motha fucker


i meditate at 10pm... someone walking outside back and forth. i meditate at 11pm, someone using the fucking micrawave. i meditate at 4 o'clock in the fucking morning... someone outside walking back and forth shutting doors and going to bathroom. OMG!!!!!!!! IM SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!!!!!

i cant get peace and quiet in this shit hold cuz the baby cries some night at 2am.. and when the parents, who are pot heads btw, dont give it food right away or maybe calm it down or whatever, it keeps crying for like 30 more mins. i mean WTF!?!?!?! one thing i learned is that if you live with a baby, its gonna cry and wake yo ass up so be ready for hell. thats why i dont want kids. most people have no fucking idea what its like to have a baby. and i dont even have a baby i have to go through this hell. imagine if it was mine and i had to take care of it and feed it and shit when it wakes my ass up. change its diapers.. arghhh... no thanks. i just wasnt meant to procreate in this lifetime and i'd like to keep it that way.

There is this girl at my dentist...

and she is like the finest girl I've seen in a long time. I mean she looks like somebody just put her together. Not 1 thing on her body makes me feel 'ewww', and I am so picky.

And the weird thing is that she was nice to me... I think. I asked if they had reading magz she brought me out 3 copies and then showed me where all the magz were. I didnt even see at first but then.. why would she bring me 3-5 extra copies? I was like thanks.. Read like 5 of them cuz the wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes. After the appointment she asked if I can make it during a week I said no I work full time and it would have to be after 6pm. She was like 'oh'. Then scheduled me next Saturday and said nice to meet you. I didn't even give her my name or asked for hers... Is she really digging me or is my mind just talking or thinking way too into it? Ahhh I dont know. I get nervous as fuck after this sort of episodes. It's like if I don't know what's happening or act on my instict, and I never trust my instict and many times intuition been completely wrong for me in the past. So having this experience I never go with what my gut feeling is telling me. Then I wait and the longer I do the more nervous I get. Like now I'll be thinking about this shit all week till Saturday comes and then I wouldn't know what to do or say. I was thinking of asking to talk to her outside or something. Like at my courthouse internship 2 girls were telling me how men would approach them and how fucking stupid some are. They said that the appropriate thing to do would ask a girl to talk to you outside of your work setting. That way you don't put her on the spot with everyone watching and you asking her out. That would rude or something. So I don't know.. that's the only thing I have in mind but then so many things come to mind as well. Like.. if this takes off I'll have to meet her friends and family. Then I'll be known as this lonely, no friends, playing WoW, meditate guy. Like a weirdo or some shit. People would be like... you don't like sports??? wtf!?!?! you didnt watch the superbowl and you dont even give a fuck about it??? HUH!?!?! damn man what planet are you from!? shit.. I'm so scared of people cuz they are all so different then me. And women usually act very cold and 'I'm taken, don't talk to me. I'm gonna be silent and not say much and rude if I'm a bitch' vibe. I mean not all the time but... still the ones I like anyway.

When a fine woman I'm into acts nice to me my mind goes..... WHAT IN THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!? am I in a twilight zone? And I don't know what to do from there cuz every other bitch is rude as fuck. It makes me resent women and not want to be with any of them. I would rather fuck a tranny off a Jerry Springer then deal with all that garbage negative attitude from hoes. They are so mean it's like wow... what have I done to you bitch? Have I even spoken to you long enough so that you would even have time to form an opinion of me? Why are you so fucking rude and disrespectful? I mean even if I have no confidence and it shows. everybody got their own bullshit to deal with, why are you judging me you slut?!?

Anyway. I'm gonna go meditate cuz it's getting late as fuck and I was running around town doing laundry, buying a blanket sheet for me cuz the last piece of shit polyester from Ross was black and shed so much fucking cloth that made me go through 1 and a half rollers getting that dark polyester off of it wasting hours. It was fucking pathetic. This one is palyester too but it's good quality. Not some cheap Ross piece of shit cuz it's from K-Mart. and the girl there told me she got a green one and it doesn't shed any material. Also said I can return it in 90 days even if I wash it, sleep with it, or make it dirty. FUCK YES!!! FUCK CHEAP ASS ROSS CRAP! I only buy silverwear and other stuff like that from there that I know I like and will put it to good use. I'll never buy blankets from there again. They are horrible, cheap, and smell funny. Probably a bunch of chemicals in it too. I was at the Ross in South Central and they even had a warning sign that said there are chemicals in some cloth or material. So yeah.. fuck them! I only buy clothes from there and then wash it right away. I never wear it before washing it.

Till next time. I'm out...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

As much as I LOVE WoW...

this is some nerd shit right here.

[sarcasm]yeah.. ill print out an Alliance symbol, and take a picture with rl friends of family doing the same. then i'll look like a retarded nerd and end up on the Blizzard website.[/sarcasm]

it's already at 90%. once they get 100% they are closing this thing down. lol. Blizzard got a lot of fans I tell ya.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just found out my co-worker used to play WoW

this dude keeps playing WoW music while he works I was like wtf? Then I find out he used to play WoW back in '05 when it came out. Those were the old school days when there was no honor, no battlegrounds, no arena. People would do massive world pvp raids.

He said they would have 5 to 6 groups on ventrillo and raid towns all across the world. That's 200+ 60s!!! I haven't played back then and missed out on a lot but I did play the Beta testing phase for a bit. Luckily it was my winter break so staying up and having no life was an excuse. I'm always late on things in life in EVERYTHING I do but blah, whatever.

These are the type of HUGE battles there used to be back then... all the red you see are the people on the opposite team

Look at this Cornball freestyling

man... this is pathetic. this guy disabled comments for every single video he posted. if you got the balls to act like a cornball wanna be and put it on youtube, at least get some balls to take some criticism. wack bitch

Saturday, February 13, 2010

$270 spent on Dentist

3 *new* white fillings, $90 each. Not bad, but I just hope the dentist did them thoroughly. I have a headache and feel like shit. I dont know whether or not its my body getting used to the new element in my mouth or it's because 3 of my teeth been irritated and I can't chew on them for shit. I really hope the really bad doesn't need a root cannal cuz if I won't be able to chew or later get severe pain there goes another $500 I think. Hope less then that but root canals suck! THEY SUCK!!! All this pain to go through and money.

FUCK MY INSURANCE COMPANY! They don't cover even fillings until I'm with them for 3 months, and that's $40 per week. WTF!?!?! Fuck that bullshit. I'm seeing a doc next week for the physical and then canceling this bullshit ass plan.

Back to gearing my Mage up baby. I'm preparing for war. Once I'm all geared up in the baddest gear, it will be the funnest times I ever had in WoW. EVER!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I been so paranoid lately that I will one day stop seeing, and I dont know why. every morning i wake up, i am so appreciative that i can open up my eyes, and see things around me. Can you imagine what it would be like to not see? And I mean if you were born that way, that's different. But for someone who was being able to see and then all of the sudden you can't? That gotta be some tough times to go through. The acceptance, the paranoia, etc..

I mean hearing is bad not to have, but seeing is 10x worse in my opinion. Without being able to see you are like a helpless baby who needs others to do things for it. I met 2 blind people working on my job at my University where I was driving disabled students around campus. One of them had a genetic thing she inherited and lost her sight, and the other was a tall and big guy who was in some accident where a bullet hit him or something like that. It's crazy though because each one of them had more life then me-somebody who can actually see. The lady would dress up and go out whenever, and the man had a girlfriend. I was like "Wow! this guy is blind and he gets more play then me. Shit is pathetic". But I guess some people are just good at things and others gotta work for them because they never had that skills that they were born with. A blind man can talk better than a man who can see.

I really need to stop being paranoid about things that haven't happened and probably will never happen, and start living my life. But every day it's the same shit-wake up, go to work, come back home, use my computer, play some WoW or surf internet, etc.. go to sleep and do it all over again until the weekend comes. Then on the weekend just stay home doing nothing but playing WoW and being alone and shit. My life is really a pathetic ass existence and I'm afraid to change it because I really am scared of people. I think everybody is gonna use me or fuck me in the end so I don't trust anybody and just start being paranoid about things that are most likely aren't true. Oh well.. I gotta go to bed soon. I should go.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

some people in this hood are pieces of shits

so basically its 2am and the faggots next door keep playing music. reagetton, some other bullshit, pitbull, rap, etc... its disgusting. i mean i can call cops on them but im paranoid that theyll come knocking at my door even though ill ask them not to come see me and make an anonymous phone call and shit. i dont know if i can trust the police and shit. fuck!!! i really wanna move some day outta here. some people in this neighborhood dont show anyone respect. fucking disgusting. i got my car license plate stolen from the back. then i got a flat today and shit tody with a nail in it. so much shit been happening and my health i dont even know. i gotta see another doc fuck that before i cancel my insurance. do a physical and shit. my paranoid ass just found out i got cavities from not flossing enough... FUCK 99 CENT STORE FLOSS!!! i couldnt floss all my teeth cuz it wouldnt get through so i got lazy and shit only floss certain ones. fuck life is so complicate sometimes. if you not on top of things it just fucks you in the ass.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

LoL@this WoW movie

lol@the 3 gnomes signing in the background. gnomes are hilarious.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Grown Adults acting like KIDS...

make me sick.

so at my work there is this one Asian "woman" who acts like a fucking child. This idiot looks to be around 40 and she acts like a 12 year old being all silly and shit and socially awkward. My main question is... WHY DO I ALWAYS END UP WORKING WITH RETARDS LIKE THIS??????????? a few weeks ago me and my female co-workers were left to work there after 5pm and this grown up child all giggling and goofing around and shit AFTER HER SHIFT WAS OVER. then her and her dumb ass friend found another girl's journal, read it, and started to make fun of it. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? IT'S SOMEONE ELSE'S PRIVATE JOURNAL YOU DUMB TWAT!!! and wtf you still doing at work 20 minutes after your shift? GTFO!!!!!!!

man I need to get some earplugs and ressurect my Nano iPod that is like 50 years old I havent seen 1 like mine in forever. im never supporting apple if it breaks. fuck that greedy bitch who fucked bill gates over when bill brought him back to life. sack of shit. whatever though, it was a birthday present so ima just use it up till it dies. these grown ups who cant act their own age make me sick. I mean I understand I am sort of like that but... I DONT ACT LIKE A FUCKING DUMB ASS!!! I'm mature.. a little too mature and have been even when I was young as fuck. I just haven't matured in a way where I still feel like a boy instead of a man. And today I find out this dumb idiot has a daughter. lol, poor kid. I see killing her whole family because of a dumb ass mother of a whore she got as a parent who probably acts more of a kid then her own child.

Also, I was thinking about it like.. "why do some people act like this?" and I think it is a few things. 1) safety- you need to have a complete safety where no one is out to get you, beef with you, or hurt you in a violent way. you have to have a good life where violence is never part of it. 2) it could be the culture. Asian culture in particular. I've came across A LOT of Asian people like this. Why they do this shit??? 3) maybe she was born this way and refuses to grow up or grow as a person. my parents are like this. at some point... some people just stop growing.

fuck these idiots I wish they would all disappear cuz they make me uncomfortable as fuck!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


so after my saturday doctor's appointment i scheduled a physical. i took time off work today and go drag my ass to fucking Bell. BELL!!!!! thats 20 mins of driving excluding traffic. i get there, wait 1 fucking hour, imagine that shit i got 15 mins early and the doctor comes to see me 1 hour late, and they think i came for a follow up. FUCK YOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SACK OF SHIT. i lost 45 fucking dollars from not working, gas money, and my fucking time just so you can tell me this was for a follow up??????????? i hate the doctors so much. this american medical system is FUCKED UP! i waited 3 fucking hours to see a doctor on saturday. and when i had no insurance i waited the whole day! 8 fucking hours sitting there to see a doctor.

its pissing me off because i wanted a full physical before i cancel my insurance. im not doing this again until next year. FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT DOCTORS LEARN TO FUCKING SPEAK ENGLISH! dumb fucks. i also need to be more clear next time because i may not have been as direct. anyway, im gonna go do the whole dentist check up and cancel my fucking insurance. $40+ per week. if i keep this it will be 2+gs per year. ridiculous.