Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I want to talk about something really quick. It is about not standing up and facing the music. I'll use myself as an example.

All my life since I was a little kid I was always running away. I was running away from who I am. I was scared, but I would run away and deny it. I somewhat stood up for myself in a half assed way not understanding fear. But at the same time hating it and wishing it wasn't there. At some point when my family moved to America, I was 12, almost 13, I thought that this was my chance to completely escape. To run far away from all my problems and my past, and my fears. I envisioned a new life here in a new, unfamiliar, foreign land. I thought I would have an amazing future, an amazing fresh new start, and everything would be alright. Little did I know that when I came to this new land, all of my past that I was trying so hard to escape from manifested in different forms through different people. It all followed me here. And I found myself dealing with SAME EXACT THINGS! But this time, it was much worse. Not only did I not stand up for myself half assed, I had completely given up on facing my fears because of my 'run away' mentality. And things got even worse. My fear was so intense for 2 years straight, that at some point I have developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I won't go into details on how and why and when. But I will say this. This movie, Red Corner, is about that.

It's about breaking that patter that many of us, if not damn near all of us, are stuck in. The pattern of blocking out our own problems, our own flaws, and running away from them instead of standing up and FACING THE MUSIC! And when you finally stand up and face the music to break through your flaws, fears, and imperfections, it's as if your spirit transforms not only in this world, but in many other dimensions or planes of existences. And when you make that decision to finally break the pattern, the loop that you're stuck in, even if it means your own death, nothing will ever be the same again.

This is what Red Corner is about. For all the people who understand exactly what I am talking about, this movie is for you. 5/5 stars.

Monday, December 30, 2013


This has got to be the BEST movie I have seen in 2013, period. It has an amazing story, an amazing cast, an amazing action, and an amazing ending. It is very emotional, and has all sorts of elements a movie should have. Magic, sorcery, life, death, rebirth, transformation, oppression, discrimination (I personally relate to Keanu Reves character), love, and much more.

If you haven't seen this film, go out and see it RIGHT NOW! It doesn't matter if it's still in theaters or already out on DVD by the time you read this. I am so glad I went to see it in theaters tonight, 11/29/13, 2 days before the new years. I couldn't watch it in 3d because I missed the showtime by 30 minutes, but I am really thinking about going back now. I was meditating watching this film because I was completely lost in it. This movie makes me want to look up the REAL 47 Ronin in Japan.

5/5 stars. A MUST SEE for any real movie fans who love a great story, depth, and adventure of what every great movie should be.

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Music, December 2013

So, I have been searching for new music since I don't listen to tv or radio anymore. Anytime I find something I like I will post it here on my blog. and if I find more stuff in December, I'll edit it in this post.

Josh Butler - Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix, Pleasurekraft Edit)

Music Genre: Deep House

Thursday, December 12, 2013

so I'm listening to Nick Phoenix - Speed of Sound album...

and some of these songs are fucking awesome while high. I started 420ing again just a few months ago. this is fucking amazing. I feel like I'm living in the future space age on this first song

Two Steps From Hell - Planetize

Two Steps From Hell - Raxez 19

not bad stuff from Two Steps From Hell. I always shun away from them because their name is fucking stupid, but they make some amazing tracks. gotta give respect where respect is due.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Date with a BBW, part II

okay, so I had a date with that same BBW I blogged about previously. and it was a good, and it was bad. I am going to talk about good first because that's how it appeared to be at first.

I picked her up at subway and we got some tea and blended drink. we drove to a park, parked the car, and just chit chatted. I told her I wanna make out with her but she mentioned she may have a cold so I can't. then I suggested we move to the backseat so we can get closer. We did, and I started touching her all over, her thighs, arms, etc.. we talked a little bit and she is open to fooling around with me. Long story short I end up feeling between her legs, and the next thing I snuck my hand from her back and got inside her pussy. She started moaning and was worried people would see us. There was 2 cars parked, one eventually left and the other was still there but they didn't notice us since it was a family with kids doing their own thing. I finger fucked her really good, and she appeared to have a small pussy.

Now here is the bad part... her ass... smelled... like SHIT! After I was done, I smelled my fingers and OMFG!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I was disgusted. I finger fucked the shit out of her, literally. And I never even tried to go for her asshole! She smelled like she took a dump before she came, and didn't even shower. Then as she started sweating, she was smelling with sweat. It was really appalling. Now, she can't host since she lives with her mom. And this is ironic because I am in the same boat, but she is way older than me. I told her we can get a hotel and fuck and she was open to it. But the more I kept thinking about it, the more turned off I got.

It was so bad, that when driving from the park to bring her to the subway station, it smelled like shit in the car. I opened up windows and was trying to avoid being close to her. Then when she left, it turned out that both of my hands smelled like SHIT. I was disgusted driving home sitting waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in my seat so I won't smell my hands on the steering wheel. I was afraid touching the steering wheel so that I wouldn't contaminate it with shit. I drove back home, parked, and almost the entire backseat smelled like SHIT!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGG. I had to take some cleaning detergent and clean the back seat really good. I took off my jeans, and they too smelled like shit because I told her to sit on top of me with her ass and then dry humped her from the back. Those jeans were washed a few weeks back and I wore them for the first time today! Then I washed my hands 4x and I still smelled the nasty ass odor I picked up from her. Then I realized that my lower arms smell bad too since she touched me there after I touched her hands with mine when they were smelling really bad. I just took a shower and I am still appalled at how this night turned out. I was thinking of telling her this and say something like, "I can meet up with you again, but only if you shower really good and clean your ass". But would that be super rude? I mean DAMN! I feel it was super rude of her to come see me with her stank ass. Jesus Christ it was nasty. I made her cum 5 times but I was stinking like shit afterwards. Not sure if it was even worth it.

Let me say this. The Tranny I blogged about was 10x cleaner! When I was laying on bed with her, I touched her asshole with my right middle finger, and when I smelled it, it was as clean as if my hands were just washed with soap! My finger was cleaner than it is now after washing my hands 4x, and showering! Man... I really don't know if I want to see this stank bitch again. I understand if you a big girl, it's hard to wash back there but DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLEAN YOUR STANK ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GO OUT ON A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!