Friday, February 19, 2016

it's about time Americans fight back

it's utterly disgusting what Obozo the clown is doing to America. and now finally that human waste Nikki Haley, who supports the Kenyan muslim pig's refugee resettlement program, gets sued.

god bless this man! I hope he succeeds. our "leaders" care more about foreigners who hate us, criminals who cross our borders illegally, and thugs who attack and kill cops, than law abiding American citizens and legal immigrants. and then people like Paz cry about how this country is getting worse and he wants to move out soon. just wait, buddy. just wait until the liberals take over. if they do with this upcoming election, soon America will hit a point of no return. once they bring in enough muslims and other immigrants who hate this country with all their soul, there will be no turning back. you may want to visit England, France, Belgium, or Germany and see America 10 years from now if this freak show goes on at this rate. so if the libs win this year, you won't have to leave after all...

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