Tuesday, December 13, 2016

cluster headaches 1-11

1) 12/13 woke up at 3am last night with left sinus all clogged up. headache lasted for around 30 mins. i swear. i dont wanna exist when it hits. then woke up again 2 hours later with another headache. just blogging for my records.

2) 12/14 woke up at 2:15am with a bad headache. got worse. my left side was empty, but then it got clogged, and painful like a headache from hell! lasted for 40 mins. i could've needed oxygen. in-law with windows closed for more than 24 hrs. candles were burning 2 hours before bed. opened window and went outside after 30 mins of severe pain. seemed to help. i wanted to die. worst headache of the year

3) 12/16 was at a club. drank 2 bears and the headache hit me. this was at around 1:20ish am. went outside for fresh air. it wasn't that strong-about 4-5. lasted maybe 30 mins. i wanted to hang out with on tranny i was talking with, but headache fucked it up.

4) 12/20 at around 3:10 am started feeling something. got up, drank water, ate crackers. headache was coming on, but went away after about 15 mins. tried to sleep-couldnt. at around 4:10am same feeling came back, stronger and stronger until a full blown headach to 7-8. it was bad. lasted about 40 mins. stopped at 4:54am my left sinus side was all fucked up, drained from my nose.

5) 12/20 fell asleep at 5am. had an OBE. woke up at 5:30am and started to feel another headache. then it really hit me. lasted another 40 mins until 6:14am. had a severe peak-very painful but not as painful at the former.

6) 12/22 woke up at 4:45am with headache. again, sinus dripping on left side. drank water with crackers-nothing. but turned on the heater, and the headache disappeared almost completely within 5 minutes. stopped at 5:05. by 5:10am I did not feel a thing. it is really cold. maybe weather has something to do with this? I drank 2 cups of tea today, plus maybe another full cup at home throughout the day after work. plus, serial with soy milk. so you'd think I had enough liquid. but maybe not. still. once a headache hits, usually it lasts a good 30-50 mins. first time went away so quick. will try heater again next time after eating and drinking next time.

7) 12/22 I think I slept until 6:36. alarm rang. headache starting. then it got much worse and lasted for around 50 minutes. it started going away at 7:29 when I should've been going to work.

8) 12/23 here we go again. woke up at 2:45am with a headache, and and 3:37am and only within the last 10 mins it has been coming down. yeah, i just hope i wont wake up again. this is getting really exhausting. I'll turn on the heater to keep the room warm. let's see if it's this extreme cold weather. could be. I even drank 3 cups of tea today. i'll try 4 at work today. see if that helps. but i think it could be the cold. we'll see.

9) 12/24 was at a bar with my friend, and drank some unknown bear brand. it was a huge glass cup. then when we hopped to a different bar, she bought me Corona. I drank about 20% and got hit with a huge headache at around 12:55am. Then went to another bar and I was fucked up the entire time. headache lasted a good 3 hours. but even then it was at 20% when I fell asleep at around 4am. the next morning, still 12/24, I had headache all day.

10) 12/30 stopped a headache by rubbing my neck to let the blood in/out of my brain. then as i drove to get some falafel wrap, headache came back. lasted 50 mins from 3:20 to 4:10pm

11) 12/31 didnt eat anything except crackers for breakfast and water. friend was bringing pupposas but ate there herself. took too long so headache kicked in. had it for an hour at about 15%. then it hit me hard. dont know how long it lasted. was too fucked up and didnt care afterwards. was too exhausted and drained. my friend arrived half-way in and witnessed my torture. i freaked her out lol, crawling on all fours acting like possesed. it fucking hurt. wtf was i supposed to do.

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