Sunday, June 12, 2011

smoking Male Marijuana plant

it aint that bad. I mean I am only about 30% high compared to female but... I smoked like 3x the amount. dont ask me where I got it from. it isnt a complete no high like people say, but its weak as fuck!!!

but who knows. maybe I just 'think' im high like Paz with his dud weed. I was laughing at mewaing at the cat and making strange noises after a few hits, then started laughing uncontrollably. But still... maybe this isn't high. i dont know man.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I gotta start LYING to my fam

straight lie my ass off. focus on life goals, never talk about "crazy conspiracy theorists" and act dumb. tomorrow at family therapy ill just say ill shift my focus from "the crazy people" and focus on my life from now on. and yes, they are right. we probably went to the moon (rofl, yeah right) and that I am here to better my life and be a normal person of society.

yep, that is the lie for tomorrow in therapy... this is how you live LIFE... and survive. never be honest with those, that will NEVER ever EVER see you for who you are.

Lie #1 coming up! hahahahaha

p.s. Growing Op was hiiiiiigh

My graduation was HELL, & am I a black SLAVE in a parallel reality?

ahhh shit. I just thought of it after making a comment on graduation.. and family. FUCK! it was horrible. I was there with my folks and they were emberrasing as HELL! I wanted to DIIIIEIEEEEEE. BUT.. it was inevitable. my mom made me wear this gay ass GREEN shirt like WTF!??!?! i swear to god that this is what I need to listen to right now

but on the real note. I had this CRAZY ass Lucid Dream right. it was about 2 months ago, and I woke up in my dream. I saw a mirror on my right side. I was in some sort of old apartment. the furniture there was light mahogany brown but kinda dated. anyway, when I saw the mirror I came closer to it, and when I looked inside to look at myself, there was an elderly black male. he was about 50, and my size and shape. now this black male... was ME. but his eyes were closed and I couldnt look inside of them. now.. I know that dreams carry meanings, but what if these 'dreams' is when I am lucid and totally AWARE of what is happening? would that mean that these messages would be more precise? I was reading Seth Speaks at the TIME!!! omg.... it was the book that I was driven to to find out what could be my parallel reality! it talked about the same structure and meaning in dreams, and Lucid Dreams. both of dream type is when we are OUT OF OUR BODIES! in other words, when we are dreaming we are travelling so to speak in other times and realities. but when we wake up, we completely forget because part of our consciousness is kinda blurry and stuck in this world. but the reason why we always see things like they are in our waking day life, is because that is the best way we know how to process information in this HUMAN FORM. that's just my own interpertation of it. anyway, I really think there is a strong chance that I am living as a black male somewhere.

Here is why I think I may be a slave. I am in this fucking house, having family gay ass meetings cuz of family therapist went rambo on my ass to show me he is in charge (piece of shit man, he is what's wrong with our society). anyway, now mom's bitch ass b/f told my mom to be military style and i have to report back to her what i did every day. I must have a schedule to do 3things every day, and more hopefully. and If I dont something she gonna do or put me out, etc.. So... after taking a few hits it got me thinking. I AM A SLAVE IN THIS BITCH! my mom's b/f is my massa... YESSA MAASSAAA YESAAA SIR. I DO EVERYTHING YOU SAY SINCE YOU KNOW HOW TO BE A CORPORATE WORLD LEADER AND I SHALL AGREE TO EVERYYYTHING YOU SAY. YES WE WENT TO THE MOON. ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK NOT ARE 'CRAZY AND SCARY' CONSPIRACY THEORISTS' I SURE AS HELL NOT ONE OF THEM!!

anyway, you get the point. they are, mainly my mom's b/f bitch ass, trying to put me to sleep and in either way even if i am 'OUT ON MY OWN IN THE "REAL WORLD"' i should still be a good boy, go back to sleep, and think like everyone else that the world is a happy place, we really DID go to the moon, and how about we go and mingle and have happy happy times. so, anyway.. yeah.. I am in HELL and am a fucking SLAVE on this fucking plantation. I just wish to knwo more about my parellel life or LIVES because I am in this hell and need to figure out a plan to get out of it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


other Worldy Dream

I had this dream last night about me changing Earth's atmosphere, clouds, sun by IMAGINING how it would be like at a different planet. I think I just got the meaning of this dream. I am the creator of my reality. From now on I will be doing some experimental mantras and see where they take me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tracy Morgan is lame as hell

this guy RUINED Death at a Funeral. but it was a funny ass movie, let me tell you. I just think Tracy Morgan is one UNFUNNY motha fucker. like dude... did you have to have gay sex to get into Hollywood? how the fuck you acting in comedy,... when you not funnY!?!?! STFU!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


so I started watching this comedy film Amos & Andrew. I took a few hits with my pen, and boom! the funniest movie I ever seen. if you watch this movie WITHOUT being high, you are wasting some good ass movie. TOO FUNNY. MUST WATCH WHILE TAKING HITS!!!

p.s. Paz props on taking 3 hits, you the reason why I decided to smoke a lil. it's good to zone out sometimes..

Thursday, June 2, 2011

District 13 is AMAZING!

I LOVE French movies. The first French movie I saw was a black and white film on HBO about ghettos in France, and young kids dealing with violence there. It was beautiful. That was when I learned that there are ghettos in France. District 13 has so much action, it's like a video game that never stops until the end. The fighting scenes are AMAZING. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It's one of those films that you get lost in, and almost forget about your life while watching it.

This is America

what will be next? can't chew gum in public?