Thursday, February 11, 2016

Islam's War on Christianity

1600 year old monastery Mart Sarah being blown up by ISIS
What is happening to Christians all across the world today isn't anything new. Muslims have been at war with Christianity since the 7th century. They converted the Christian parts of North Africa and Middle East into a giant sewer that is still plagued with Islamic Jihad until this very day. And who do people blame for all of Africa's problems? White Christian Europeans, of course. Who else? What is really sickening to me, is how our spineless "leaders" react to the atrocities against Christians of today. They simply turn their heads the other way, and pretend like nothing is happening. That piece of human waste Obama, and his entire administration refuses to believe and completely ignores all the evil muslims wage on Christians all across the muslim world. But what else do you expect from a puppet, controlled by one of Satan's biggest minions, George Soros? Hillary Clinton, how is this human trash is still not in jail? Merkel, Philly mayor, John Kerry (another human waste that should be living in the sewers), Cameron, Justin Trudeau (with this piece of shit, we'll need to build another wall with Canada soon if Trump wins), and most of the priests and bishops across the world. All ignore islam's atrocious acts towards Christians. How could these cowards call themselves leaders? Especially those Catholic priests? I would never attend any of their sermons if I was a Catholic. They turn their backs on their people, defend the barbarity of Islam, and actually create alliances with terrorist linked muslim groups! It's disturbing to say the least.

And on top of that, we got gays, feminists, and atheists attack Christianity saying that it is 'just like all religions', and then side with Islam and muslims who will behead them the first chance they get. Seems like Trump is one of the only people who is aware that there is an open season on Christians, and war on Christianity. And then these libs wonder why so many people support him. Take a good look at a real leader you slimy fucks. A leader who is more concerned about protecting the lives of real people, and not your pathetic feelings, or the feelings of muslims.

If you're interested in knowing with what is going on to Christians all across the world, read this. If not, go to sleep back into your multi-cultural Utopian dream, where all religions are evil and the same, and the only way for humanity, Europe, and America to survive is to get rid of Christianity, while bringing Islam to our shores. I give western civilization another 20 years. If liberals keep being in power, they will destroy our free world with their MC/PC bullshit before anyone could say "what happened?"

Long live Christianity!
Long live Europe!
Long live Western Civilization!

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