Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Righteous Kill, Eyes Wide Shut, Brooklyn's Finest, Social Network, Outsourced - REVIEWS

Righteous Kill - Loved this movie. It has one of the best stories I have seen in a while. I won't say anything else because if I even mention a slight bit, you can guess the plot. I loved every second of this film, and 50 cent is in it. G--G-G-G-G--G-GG--GG UNIIIIT! haha. no, but seriously, 5 stars out of 5 bitches.

Eyes Wide Shut - one keyword to keep in mind while watching this movie: Illuminati. and the fact that Stanley Kubrick died within like a week (?) of handing over the final script. had he not released this film, he probably would still be alive. 5/5 for obvious reasons.

Brooklyn's Finest - I really enjoyed this movie, but it is dark. Just know that if you watch it, you will be depressed throughout the entire film. 3 cops, and all of their stories has darkness in it. I enjoyed the movie cuz it is in NY and in the hood. I used to watch movies like this all day, every day. solid 4/5. if I say anything else I may give away the plot.

Social Network - interesting movie, but it wasn't all that enjoyable to me. mainly about people suing each other and some other drama. 3.5/5 stars.

 3s and lower

Outsourced - this movie is fucking dumb. the TV series is FUNNY AS HELL, but this movie, which the tv series was based on is stupid. it is silly and gets sillier as the movie goes on. the first 15 mins or so are interesting when he arrives in India showing how Indians live. thats about it. after that it suxed balls. don't watch this movie unless you like silly shit. 2/5 turds.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

my mom's b/f is Insane, and I still can't sleep

pretty much, my therapist told me to start writing down my thoughts before going to bed and that it helps me sleep. it works but.. i still need doc prescribed sleeping pills. i even started taking 1/2 of one, then 1/4th.. but i still to this day cannot NOT take one and sleep normally. didnt take a pill and still up its 7 fucking 20am now. so every other day trying to not take a pill, but every fucking time i cannot sleep as much as if i took a pill. so here are my thoughts right now.

my mom's boyfriend is INSANE! we were at a family therapy and this fucking just lost it... he is 99% happy with me but i fucked up on 1%.. then he starts venting, venting, venting.. therapist was like :O the fucker was saying that i manipulate the situation "he cannot work because he cannot sleep, he cant lift, because his heart hurts" rofl. so im a lier now? fucking IDIOT, jesus christ he is such an ASSHOLE and is completely insane. like ehkort toll was saying in his book "chaos in the mind", he has it. he reminds me of man in power who start wars over nothing or kill thousands of man like Stalin did because of some weird "idea" in the mind that is just a fiction or a simple thought. therapist jaw dropped to the ground though cuz this retard was talking talking and venting like a mofo for the entire hour. i barely had a chance to talk and he was wondering why i dont wanna hang out with him. a fucking time bomb waiting to explode... AT ME and he wonder why i dont wanna hang out with him.

basically, he wants me out of the house with a full time job ASAP but yet i am still dependant on sleeping pills. i forget to wash the dishes once, tension builds, i didnt sweep dirt i spilled after BUSTING MY ASS working on the backyard moving his dirt for like almost a week, tension builds, i do something the way i would do it and not how HE does it, he is ready to blow up. i have come to the conclusion that this guy is completely insane. im just afraid if he leaves my mom. thats my biggest fear. cuz if i drive him this crazy and he leaves my mom, i would feel really really REALLY bad. why our disagreement or difference of opinions gotta break up the relationship in which my mom is happy? the only way HE will be happy if i become like him though, and that is not gonna happen. i just really want to get better and start sleeping without sleeping pills so i can be outta here. but from the looks of things i will have to be  outta here still being fucked up just so that it won't damage their relationship. now ill try to go get some zzzs.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul - Book Review

Just finished reading this THICK book. 1 word.... WOW! It is about multiple realities/dimensions that you are living in, been living in, or wll eventually be living in . The book is so deep, that I am still puzzled by many of the concepts and realities of reincarnations, and other realms/dimensions of existences. I highly recommend to read "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton before you touch this book though. Because many of the basics are touched on in that book. This book is like an ADVANCED version of it on the realities outside of this 3 dimensional one we experience in 4d..

Also, this is a good book for anyone going through lots of craziness in their life needing some answers. It is thick, 427 pages, and took me 3 weeks to read, but it was worth every page. You can get it for cheap at amazon with free shipping, get it at the library (what I did), or in the worst case buy it in a store. For the lazy readers you can find the audio book on youtube.

All the info in this book was channeled, and I have read somewhere that Jane Roberts was one of the pioneers of the New Age movement.

some of the subjects covered in the book: Aliens, Atlantis, Egypt, Africa, Rome, Jesus Christ, consciousness, God, Devil, other dimensions, multi-dimensions of yourself, OBEs, dreams, time, ESP, psychics, mediums, past lives, symbols, evil vs. good, reality, etc.

There are portions of alien history. It's about the times where this planet was visited by other beings who have created us, and left. There was a lot of experimentation done on a DNA level before they departed, and I have also heard this from various of other sources. Michael Tsarion is one of the people who have been saying similar things, by the way.

4.5 / 5 stars bitches!

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abraham Hicks is a FRAUD!

Everything is said through this "channel" or "medium" or whatever you wanna call "it" is recycled knowledge taken from the Law of Attraction and many other places, like Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts. I cannot STAND Hicks! I found out about "Abraham" when I started listening to hayhouseradio.com, and the first time I heard it I was like "wowwww, this is cool" because I am very into channeling, but then EVERY SHOW IT WAS THE SAME THING. it was almost as if someone forgot to change the tape recorder. SAME THING REWINDED AND REPLAYED EVERY SHOW. so I was like okay.. one more chance... once more.. than one more.. until I had the last straw when he started DODGING the question that was asked by some guy in the audience... "I wanna know your experience with other beings on other planets"... so.... "Abraham" replies with this............... "that is not going to help you! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah *same thing over and over* joy is blah blah blah and love is blah blah blah" it was right then and there I knew he was a FRAUD! you can't even answer a simple question, so you gotta regurgitate something that is completely irrelevant? STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fake ass channelers just milking all these poor souls for their money who believe in the same thing that's been repeated from the books about law of attraction or whatever else those 2 have read.

I also went to youtube, and listened to some uploaded lectures there. he would first start on the topic of let's say lucid dreaming, and then not even 10 seconds later start rambling about some other BULLSHIT that has nothing to do with lucid dreaming... i'm like... what THE. ... fUCK?!?! are you high? seriously??
Abraham also said that eating meat that is processed in the most fucked up way (torturing animals and then slaughtering them after feeding them with chemicals) is 'okay'. not verbatim but you get the point. so if they torture animals and have these fear frequencies run through the meat of what you consume is "okay", then I guess I've heard everything. pathetic.

believe what you want, but I call it BULLSHIT!

I personally think that maybe when Esther first started channeling "Abraham" it MAY have been real. but then once she stopped receiving the channel, she kept pretending otherwise to milk the sheep off their $$$. and then the rest is history.

Here is 100% undeniable proof that Abraham Hicks is a fake:

Hick's Crops Circle Contradiction


Devil, Kick Ass, Strangers w/ Candy: Season 3 REVIEWS

Devil - very cool horror thriller. it wasn't that scary, but the story is bad ass. I give it 4.5 stars.

Kick Ass - this movie is fucking KICK ASS! probably one of the most realistic super hero movies I ever seen... to date. KICK FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!! 5 FUCKING STARS!!! It has so much emotion, action, and realism. LOVE IT!!! Hit Girl>any super hero in history

Strangers with Candy: Season 3 - The finale. the last season of this brilliant, and amazing show. I was sad to watch the last episodes but all the good things must come to an end. It was a solid season, but none of them come close to the first one. A slid 4 out of 5. Strangers with Candy, I will forever miss you. *puts the Movie in netflix DVD queue* Review is coming soon. *sobs*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hanna was bad ass

it may not have been as action packed as I expected it but nevertheless.. bad ass. this movie made me think of reincarnations a lot. how we choose to incarnate into a specific body, which will lead us on adventures we would never be able to experience outside of it... say in a different body. in one body no one may give a flying fuck about you... in another one everywhere you go in the world, someone is trying to kill you. 4 stars bitches.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sherlock Holmes, King of NY, Legend of the Guardians REVIEWS

Sherlock Holmes - Bad ass action movie. Constant action. Funny as heaven. But 1) he used martial arts. wtf type of martial arts were there back in Sherlock Holmes days? even if it wasn't based on the real book. and 2) there will be a sequel 4.5 stars.

King of NY - fucking classic NY hood flick. the same "bad guy" cares more about the South Bronx community and black people than any COP in the city. he was a bad guy though... that's the catch 22. fucking CLASSIC! 5 stars bitches.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - solid Disney movie. just sort of short and was missing twists and story. 4 stars. I really enjoyed it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

1 week sabbatical, take 2

So due to certain reasons I had to use my PC and check e-mail for like a weekend every day and broke my sabbatical. TOMORROW is going to be my first day, lols.

be back in a week.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Strangers w/ Candy: Season 2, Takers, 2001: A Space Odyssey REVIEWS

Strangers w/ Candy: Season 2 - solid season. very funny, just not as good as the first one. 4/5 stars.

Takers - surprisingly good movie. I thought it was going to suck, but it had lots of twists and turns. Only was able to gues 1 scene, and overall a very nicely done action movie. 4/5 stars.

2001: A Space Odyssey - probably one of the most influential movies of our time. it amazed me how Kubrick created a movie in which a spaceship creates its own gravity, and NASA nor Russians have yet funds or technology to duplicate such brilliant idea over 40 years since the film's release. Anyway, this movie is about evolution of man. Many may not understand this movie at all, and find it puzzling, as I did the first time I seen it back in high school science class. But from what I've read, there is a rectangular prism that appears throughout the movie. Every time this object appears, man's consciousness expands, and an evolutionary process takes place. It is a long movie, and may be a little too slow for some. But like I said, probably one of the most influential ones of our time. NASA copied some space suit ideas in their fake moon landing mission(s) after watching this film. 5 out of 5 stars, even though I was going to give it 4.