Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Great music

just came across this by a coincidence. Downloaded the Wooden Sen'sey demo for my Wii U and on level 3 got stuck with my remote dying on me. Wow, this song is so great. I just let the game go listening to it. funny how such good music could be lost in some unknown video game. I don't even play video games, but this is the type of music that I miss. Where do I find something like this in the electronic world? most music just sucks!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

when Liberals get a taste of their own medicine

love it! this story had me laughing for a good minute. I have ZERO sympathy for this judge crying on the phone. BITCH PLEASE!!!!! you deserve every single thing that happened to you. piece of liberal trash.

planning on reading Colin's book sometime next year. keep spreading that truth Mr. Flaherty. You have my full support

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I love Wild Bill

every video I've seen so far from him, he knows exactly what he is talking about

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ex-Muslim speaks on Islamaphobia

This is what the liberals hate, the TRUTH being spoken about Islam. The leftists are the new Nazis, siliencing anyone who criticizes this filth. this is how Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR shut us up, preventing us from deterring jihadist attacks. Perfect example is the latest San Bernardino shooting. Instead of reporting suspicious activities of Middle Easterners, the man chose not to do so out of fear being called an Islamaphobe "racist". The world we live in...


Monday, December 21, 2015

Crippled America - BOOK REVIEW

So I just finished reading Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again by Donald J. Trump. Very fast and easy read. It took me 2 weeks to read it with lots of breaks. You could probably finish this book anywhere from 3 to 7 days if you read it every day.

I have even a higher support and respect for Trump after reading this book. Many people try to defame him, but it is like that story with Ford in the court room. Where Ford was asked complicated questions that he didn't know the answers to. Mr. Ford said that he has all the right people around him, and by him simply asking his best for advice, he will get the right answers at the snap of his fingers. This is exactly what Trump said

So here's the way I work: I find the people who are the best in the world at what needs to be done, then I hire them to do it,  and then I let them do it... but I always watch over them. (Location 294)

Trump may not know everything, and I know he doesn't, but he has the right idea. He doesn't seem to know shit about Islam and it's backwardness, but he understands the dangers of immigration from Middle Eastern countries where terrorism is at an all time high, especially right now. Yet, the liberals call him a racist for speaking this truth. One thing he said really stuck with me, though.

We are the only country in the world whole immigration system places the needs of other nations ahead of our own. (Location 349)

This is the left's plan: Let's all go around helping the whole world, while our country is fucked up. Let's bring the 3rd world into America, while destroying our nation. The libs are basically doing to America what they've done to Western Europe, and many patriotic Americans see right through their bullshit. Libs don't even see that their future children will be paying for their mistakes. But that's what I like about Donald Trump. He grew. He went from a democrat to a republican. He wants to bring jobs to America, he wants to protect this country, rebuild this country, and he has a record to prove that he can and will.

I had a chat with a friend from New York a few days ago, who is a big Bernie Sanders supporter, and he said to me, "forget about Trump. he is a nobody". My reply to him was, "right.. a nobody who built an empire worth $10 billion". I wanted to ask him "what have you built in your pathetic life?" But didn't want to be so rude. People love to bring down a man when he is on top, but they never see all the falls and struggles he had to go through to get there. Great book if you want to get to know Trump a little better. 4/5 Stars.

Donald Trump is a LEGEND!

Man... I haven't laughed this hard in a good minute. Trump owns anybody he ever attacks. He speaks the truth, and if you lie or cheat, he'll call you out on your bullshit right way. Some of these parts had me LMFAO!!!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

You Can't Stump the Trump

funniest thing I've seen in a good minute. the part where these Trump haters get taken out with a shot gun with + points had me dying... haha! Trump is the TRUTH! and the TRUTH can NEVER BE STOPPED! at some point, the TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT! remember that. the more you suppress the truth, the more it blows up in everyones' faces.

Can't stump the Trump, bitch!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This is the future of America

...if liberal take over our country. with the rise of homosexuality and gay rights, feminism, atheism, liberalism, progressivism, the elites are turning their own home lands into the future 3rd world hell holes. you don't have to look far to see this already happening here with Obama. He went out of his way to make gay marriage legal, when majority of the Americans are against it, he appointed Loretta Lynch to be the attorney general, whose biggest fear is NOT the safety of the American people, oh no no no. Her biggest fear is the "backlash" that may happen against the very same people who want to turn America into the next caliphate. Obama has stopped several FBI investigations based on certain salafi mosques because he did not want them to be "racially profiled". he appointed many muslims into key positions within the government. he infiltrated our system with key members of muslim brotherhood, whose whole purpose is to take over America from within. Do you really think this will stop if Hitlery gets elected? It will get much MUCH worse. This country will be going further and further down into the footsteps of political correctness, and any criticism against Islam would label you a racist, and and islamaphobe bigot. All in the middle of muslims slowly progressing and taking over our system. and once enough of them get appointed in key positions, out the constitution, and in sharia.

Sweden is on the verge of collapse within the next 5 years. most of the parasites that are coming into the country don't work, and collect free handouts from the kafir, while the hard working Swedes are nothing less than slaves to the 9 to 5. too bad most of the media tries everything it could to hide this from the Swedes, who are the real victims here. I can't even imagine living in Sweden not being able to move out on my own for years and years, while these fucking cock roach invaders get their own place within weeks. It's disgusting what these elites are doing to their own people and their own children. They are a DISGRACE to their ancestors, and should be put on trial and jailed for treason. something we oughta do to Obama, and all of his crew


Saturday, December 12, 2015

I need some Healing

I am so exhausted of life sometimes.  So lonely, so cold, so isolated. I feel like I am stranded on an island with no one around, and my sanity is slipping away. I need some healing. All these politics, chaos, terrorism, with the whole world blowing up isn't helping my mental state at all whatsoever. I need to get away. Maybe I just need a good group of friends. But good people are hard to find. And when I do find them somehow, someway, they almost always have other friends who are fun, go out, enjoy life, etc.. And I end up being alone again. Maybe I need to change my vibration. I keep thinking about it this way, and same thing keeps on happening to me over and over.

I'm just gonna smoke some, maybe play some video games, listen to this music and then go to bed. This feels good. I need more music in my life. Music helps... a lot!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Muslims are the biggest liars

they will lie to your face, lie on record, lie on websites, lie on youtube, lie using taqiyya, lie even if 100% exposed that Islam is the biggest lie that allows to lie to non-muslims all the time in order to advance islam. and then they'll try to silence you. they'll spend their life to silence you. their whole purpose would be to silence you. you are commanded to silence your critics like Charlie Hebdo, Theo Van Gough, etc.. like Muhammad murdered all of his. this is one truly messed up religion. me living right in the middle of it, I never understood all the animosity towards me until I picked up a book and started studying Islam. I was nothing more than an infidel, a kafir, a crusader in their eyes. I was not human. I felt like I was in hell at certain times of the day. I could not walk into a muslim school by myself out of fear of being attacked. I was never even attacked there but knew that muslims would jump me and beat the shit outta me if caught. I felt like a cat that saw everything from my tree, but everyone had a hard time seeing me.

but anyway, maybe I'm just really high. I haven't smoked ganja in a while. I tend to ramble on and on when I smoke. I should roll a joint, take it with me, and light it up before going into a club. but then again, my PTSD syndrome is bad enough. weed will make me even more paranoid.

this video kept fucking bugging me for months. always avoided clicking it since I hate Megyn Kelly. turned out to be pretty good after all.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama is a "total pussy" - Ralph Peters

so I was debating on posting this, because I don't want my site turning into a news blog. but this is just too good.

Lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters just OWNED Obama. Mr. Peters just said what many, many, MANY Americans are feeling right now. ISIS is burning people alive, drowning people alive, beheading Americans, and the president of the most powerful country on earth is talking about GLOBAL WARMING, which is his plan on defeating terrorism. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Obozo has completely lost his mind and should just resign. No one likes him anymore. He is a fucking traitor to this country and the free world. Fuck him and fuck his Islam! This is a CHRISTIAN Nation, you retard. No one cares about Islam here! STOP BRINGING THESE INVADERS WHO REFUSE TO ASSIMILATE! You're the worst thing that happened to America!!!

and with Trump saying what he said about completely stopping any and all immigration of muslims from muslim nations is 100% correct. Have you seen the polls at how many muslim immigrants in Europe who support Sharia, and support terrorism and ISIS? This country is going straight to hell if these 200,000 "refugees", most of which are young men (Jihadis) will come here. FBI even admitted they have no way of knowing who is who since there is no database of background checks, since they've never been in our system. They could be ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and just about any other terrorist organization.

We don't want Obama! WE NEED TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!

Egyptian TV host blasts Obama

by this point, most sane Americans should know what's up. that muslim in the white house is despicable, should be impeached, and put on trial. well said, sir!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Why Donald Trump must Win the Presidency

my biggest fear, is they will try to kill him. let's just hope that doesn't happen.

throw half of these crooked politicians in jail, and expose the rest of the slimy sleaze bags for who they really are.

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!

This man is a LEGEND!

someone give him a medal

Friday, December 4, 2015

Americans are Waking up

glad to see. these democrats should be stripped off their powers, and half of them jailed for what they've done and are still doing to this country


How Obama puts Americans in danger

This is how Obozo, along with the leftist media, continues to put us all in danger by denying the real threat that is cooking in our own backyard. And with all of these "refugees" that despicable muslim is bringing, the threat goes up higher and higher. Great read if you want to understand what is really going on in this war on terrorism *cough*islam*cough*. By Robert Spencer


Thursday, December 3, 2015

This is what's coming to America

so get ready people. the muslim in the white house is bringing this into our own backyards, whether we like it or not


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Donald Trump shuts down a feminist

Feminist: I wanna get paid the same as a man, and I think you undersatnd that. so, if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man? and do I get to chose what I do with my body?

Trump: you're gonna make the same, if you do as good a job

just lol at this feminazi biatch standing there after getting owned..