Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trump's "Tricks" and WoW

what people like this don't realize, is that Trump is a natural. a "natural" is what in the PUA community would be called a guy who is good with women, but never knew how and why. He was just always good. But what makes Trump different, is that he actually knows what he is doing. naturals who get lots of women are just on the autopilot. that's who they are. and if you came to them and asked them 'teach me, dude. i wanna know how to pick up hots chicks like you'. he wouldn't be able to give you any sort of advice because they wouldnt know what they are really doing considering they'd been doing it all their life. Trump dissected his skill, and wrote a book about it. I wanna read Art of the Deal one day, since I AM on the path of getting rich. and I will get there. but anyway, yeah. just thought it was funny how these people think Trump just throws tactics. I mean he does. but I think his answers come from experience. He talks about being at the border. I have seen him doing a press conference at the border with Sherif, the main trader, and other officials. He talks about getting advice from lawyers. well, Trump has lawyers working for him. that's a no brainer that his advice comes from somewhere. why would Trump make himself look like a moron in front of millions of laywers watching his interviews? until I see some real dirt on Trump with how he is a liar, corrupt, 'racist' (still looking for this evidence. if you find it, let me know.) or evil, and I have yet to see any of these, Trump will always remain to be the man, the mystery, the LEGEND!

reminds me of my Flyby gnome mage when I went around ganking horde for hours and owning those that would come and try to rescue them. shit, which server was I on? I think it was MagicWoW. What a shit server it was. I sure do miss my times on Wowcrack. holy balls that was the best times I ever had in a video game. I remember that 90 men raid on Orgrimmar was so epic, I dreamed to be in something like. too bad it never happened again. I did have a nice mage on another BC server. we raided Orgrimmar with 30 people and held it for like 20 mins. it was a smaller server which is why world pvp was soooooo much more fun. but with bugs and DCs, i got tired of it. yeah, WoW just sucks donkey dick nowadays. just a bunch of mind numbing repetitive crap. dailies, bgs, dungeons, questing; rinse and repeat. once could end up doing these things 2-3 hours a day! just wasting time on dailies and dungeons and dailies MY GOD! the game turned to shit. it was from 'hey man wanna come raid and kill some horde?' >>> "hell yeah! which city do we go to first?". to 'hey bro, wanna do dailies with me?'. the game pretty much died after LK came out. i met one or two guys still trying to revive world pvp, but we all knew it was a joke by that point and is never coming back. even all those "world pvp" maps sucked. by the time that map that came out in Cataclysm i think i was already working a 9 to 5 and couldn't play video games as much. I mean i did played 4 hours per day but deep inside i knew these are my last days. it just never sunk deep enough yet "you are doing the same shit over and over again every day and the game makes you be its slave, vs making this game your bitch and play however you want". Blizzard really sold its soul out and now only make games that make you an addict, and turns you into a zombie. instead of having infinite ways to play the game, you end up playing it the exact same way this company designed you to play it. and if you don't, yo udon't get the goodies. fuck Blizzard! I haven't bought one game since i Cataclysm and never going to. I have no respect for this company. I played Heroes of the Storm, and it's a fun game to play from time to time. but if I had to pay for this game, I would never go near it. fuck Blizzard! fuck WoW! I like my Wii U infiniteX better.

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