Friday, February 26, 2016

Talladega Nights=FUNNY AS HELL!

came across Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby on netflix a few weeks back. make sure make sure you smoke some before watching this. with every single moment in this movie something is happening, and then it gets worse and worse or better and higher and lower. this movie is insane!! it's that funny, and out of control. And this is coming from someone who hates Will Farrell and thinks he is corny and over the top. however, he is very different in this role. not sure if this film is any good while you're sober, though. but I rate this 5/5 when you're not. CLASSIC!!!

3 Cops Expose the Situation in Germany

This is how muslims act everywhere they go in the world. It doesn't matter if they are legal immigrants, or asylum seekers from 3rd world Islamic hell holes. I have experienced this myself. The more muslims grow in numbers, the more aggressive they become. They are nothing less than human trash that's being dumped into every white country to destroy the white race in the name of "diversity". If these powers of evil succeed, the world will turn into a giant ghetto. And then I want to see who will every non-white hate once we are gone, and wars & chaos ensue.

This is just the beginning, and you better believe we won't go out without a fight. The resistance is getting stronger and stronger every day.

Monday, February 22, 2016

late Sunday night...

I was LMFAO at this interview last night smoking some good shit

i’m about 98% done with my move, and man.. i don’t even have internet here. I need to talk to my landlord and ask him to use his for a while. I don’t really play games anymore or even watch netflix. basically it’s youtube, google, news, and checking out books. speaking of books, ever since the founder of Amazon tweeted that comment about Trump, I boycotted that side. and instead of using Kindle, I am reading a book on Nook app. it’s pretty good. i was so fucking mad seeing Kindle’s location number instead of pages. i was looking for an alternative ebook reader ferociously. couldn’t find it. but Nook has pages!!! and they have lots of ebooks. i think as much as Amazon. I’m already gonna read another history book right after this one. Truth, how I will always search for you, no matter where I go, in this body and out. maybe that’s why I got into Astra Projection. I wanna know how everything works. I NEED to know or I feel weak and scattered. When I know, I feel grounded and confident, knowing who I am and where I am going. I guess if you really wanna know the truth and live your life well, you gotta understand the world, and then understand yourself. without neither of these, you are nothing. you are lost. a stranger in a foreign land, still trying to learn its rules.

this is why these liberal pussies destroy each country they take over. with liberals you get the worst ghettos in America, with all the people on welfare, which gives them 0% motivation to get off their ass and learn a skill or get ahead. but these folks still vote for libs. so it’s sort of a trade off. liberals are just using blacks as slaves… for votes. and they keep voting for them. it’s disgusting. but this goes back to people not understanding the world. I guess James Manning was right when he said that “you can teach a black man how to be a doctor, you could teach a black man how to be a lawyer, you could teach a black man how to be a physisit, but you could never teach a black man how to understand the world.” but people are waking. actually a lot of black Americans today support Trump. they are tired of all this shit. I even saw a video of black folks in South Side of Chicago mad as hell talking about how Obama hasn’t done SHIT for them. he cares more about muslims he’s bringing in destroying this country, then help out the black folks. this guy is a DISGRACE to America. how did this immigrant from Kenya fool everyone? but I guess anyone who has George Soros, the son of Satan, is backing them up, could be the president. with all that money it takes to win, you just need the right rich guy to fund your campaign.

oh well. I was laughing so hard at this interview. Trump is just speaking common sense, and the world treats him like an idiot. we have all the technology, the smartest people in the world!!! and our leaders are like ‘we don’t know what to do. let’s continue what we’ve been doing and bomb ISIS’. hey dumb ass, how has that been working for you for the last year? can’t believe we have such utter idiots running our countries. I give the western civilization 20 years, MAX! if we don’t get Trump and more like him into our governments, say bye bye Constitution, say hello Sharia. but just watch England, and Sweden, and Germany as well and see what happens to these experiments that have been going on for quiet sometime. the lawsuits they have with muslims playing the victims will make you laugh out loud. it is the most disgusting freak show you will ever witness. it’s 100x worse than lawsuits in America. but it’s always muslims who are the poor poor victims. fucking hilarious. it’s gonna go nowhere else than down for them. i feel sorry for the people, though. no Europeans deserve war, or get their children be raped by a pack of animals or their young boys beat up in the streets. but that’s exactly what’s happening, thanks to the liberals and socialists who brought this into their own lands. what fucking pisses me off, these libs all live in all white areas that are safe and quite. would they ever have to live amongst these muzzrats, they would’ve screamed and yelled how horrible it was!! but they don’t, because they have never lived among these muslim animals, and never will. we need to get some tough conservatives elected, and put these pieces of human trash on trial for treason. then execute every last one of them. or simply kick them out to the countries of these “refugees”, and make them live there among the population as a European. make them “#FeelTheBurn”…

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

it's about time Americans fight back

it's utterly disgusting what Obozo the clown is doing to America. and now finally that human waste Nikki Haley, who supports the Kenyan muslim pig's refugee resettlement program, gets sued.

god bless this man! I hope he succeeds. our "leaders" care more about foreigners who hate us, criminals who cross our borders illegally, and thugs who attack and kill cops, than law abiding American citizens and legal immigrants. and then people like Paz cry about how this country is getting worse and he wants to move out soon. just wait, buddy. just wait until the liberals take over. if they do with this upcoming election, soon America will hit a point of no return. once they bring in enough muslims and other immigrants who hate this country with all their soul, there will be no turning back. you may want to visit England, France, Belgium, or Germany and see America 10 years from now if this freak show goes on at this rate. so if the libs win this year, you won't have to leave after all...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This guy is right

go take a class at city college; no one wants to listen to your shit!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Manifestations of Life

reminds me of that post I made long time ago where I welcome positivity. but I was living in the midst of the most toxic negative shithole I've ever experienced.

I'm getting back into that mindset, though. and starting to watch videos like this daily, at least try to. I mean all the news stuff and the world blowing up soon is nice, but I need a break from that.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I found a place!!

I realized that I hate blogging. I really don't like it. it takes my time and i'd rather do shit 24/7 and be a bum, than blogging. it's fucking boring as shit. i just like it because it helps me to get bad stuff out of me, and also keeps a record of my life. it's almost as if 'hey, what was that really good movie I saw the other day?' hang on, let me check my blog. but I digress.

I found a place! holy balls i haven't been this excited for the last 4 years. my excitement faded back when I had to move back in with my mom, and her boyfriend, now ex, living with her. it was a nightmare. but I believe this is fate. I created this moment by focusing on my independence that lead me to have a huge fight with my mom and then making a 100% decision that I'm moving.

the place is AMAZING! I cannot believe I found something like this so close to my job. I mean it's the same distance as I travel now, but it could've been much further. get this. I got:

my own bathroom
my own hallway
my own closet
and my own room... all in one place.

it's like I have my own place, with a shared kitchen.

and on top of that all, my room is not even connected to my "roommates". since my place is divided with another room by a hallway all around the corners of my room! I don't know how I found this. and the price is unbeatable! so yeah. at this point, I could actually go out there and talk to the ladies without a problem. I mean I still will have a looooooooong way to go to be considered 'good', but at least I will have a PLAN! a plan to bring the girl back TO MY CRIB!!!!! hahahahaha. wow. it's amazing how much money matters. if you don't have enough, you'll be a miserable fuck that's stuck with your parents for the rest of your life. you just gotta change the vibration you're on, and that's exactly what I've been doing for the last 6 months. and it's working!!! 

I already moved half of my stuff today, and my friend lend me her sleeping mattress. we'll see how it is, but she is upscale. everything she buys is expensive and man, i can't wait to test that bad boy out tomorrow. still sleeping back at home tonight.

my life is now all about money, learning, career, more learning, studying, reading, news, more learning. life is hard work. and those that don't understand this, always stay lazy and complain about it all the time to other people. sorry but to make it in this life and to get anywhere you want to be at, you gotta work... hard! there is no other way. and this is coming from one of the laziest people on the planet. at least I used to be. now I'm pushing myself to finish my projects I start on faster than before. it's hard but after I am finished with this move, I will get back into my goals and stay on top of them. that's why I stopped smoking marijuana regularly. it breaks my focus and makes me lazy, not wanting to do anything but play video games and looking at porn. weed is only good when you're hanging out with a bitch. doing it alone just makes you a pothead that plays video games all day. completely unproductive loser. something I will NEVER become. I refuse to.

Trump's "Tricks" and WoW

what people like this don't realize, is that Trump is a natural. a "natural" is what in the PUA community would be called a guy who is good with women, but never knew how and why. He was just always good. But what makes Trump different, is that he actually knows what he is doing. naturals who get lots of women are just on the autopilot. that's who they are. and if you came to them and asked them 'teach me, dude. i wanna know how to pick up hots chicks like you'. he wouldn't be able to give you any sort of advice because they wouldnt know what they are really doing considering they'd been doing it all their life. Trump dissected his skill, and wrote a book about it. I wanna read Art of the Deal one day, since I AM on the path of getting rich. and I will get there. but anyway, yeah. just thought it was funny how these people think Trump just throws tactics. I mean he does. but I think his answers come from experience. He talks about being at the border. I have seen him doing a press conference at the border with Sherif, the main trader, and other officials. He talks about getting advice from lawyers. well, Trump has lawyers working for him. that's a no brainer that his advice comes from somewhere. why would Trump make himself look like a moron in front of millions of laywers watching his interviews? until I see some real dirt on Trump with how he is a liar, corrupt, 'racist' (still looking for this evidence. if you find it, let me know.) or evil, and I have yet to see any of these, Trump will always remain to be the man, the mystery, the LEGEND!

reminds me of my Flyby gnome mage when I went around ganking horde for hours and owning those that would come and try to rescue them. shit, which server was I on? I think it was MagicWoW. What a shit server it was. I sure do miss my times on Wowcrack. holy balls that was the best times I ever had in a video game. I remember that 90 men raid on Orgrimmar was so epic, I dreamed to be in something like. too bad it never happened again. I did have a nice mage on another BC server. we raided Orgrimmar with 30 people and held it for like 20 mins. it was a smaller server which is why world pvp was soooooo much more fun. but with bugs and DCs, i got tired of it. yeah, WoW just sucks donkey dick nowadays. just a bunch of mind numbing repetitive crap. dailies, bgs, dungeons, questing; rinse and repeat. once could end up doing these things 2-3 hours a day! just wasting time on dailies and dungeons and dailies MY GOD! the game turned to shit. it was from 'hey man wanna come raid and kill some horde?' >>> "hell yeah! which city do we go to first?". to 'hey bro, wanna do dailies with me?'. the game pretty much died after LK came out. i met one or two guys still trying to revive world pvp, but we all knew it was a joke by that point and is never coming back. even all those "world pvp" maps sucked. by the time that map that came out in Cataclysm i think i was already working a 9 to 5 and couldn't play video games as much. I mean i did played 4 hours per day but deep inside i knew these are my last days. it just never sunk deep enough yet "you are doing the same shit over and over again every day and the game makes you be its slave, vs making this game your bitch and play however you want". Blizzard really sold its soul out and now only make games that make you an addict, and turns you into a zombie. instead of having infinite ways to play the game, you end up playing it the exact same way this company designed you to play it. and if you don't, yo udon't get the goodies. fuck Blizzard! I haven't bought one game since i Cataclysm and never going to. I have no respect for this company. I played Heroes of the Storm, and it's a fun game to play from time to time. but if I had to pay for this game, I would never go near it. fuck Blizzard! fuck WoW! I like my Wii U infiniteX better.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Islam's War on Christianity

1600 year old monastery Mart Sarah being blown up by ISIS
What is happening to Christians all across the world today isn't anything new. Muslims have been at war with Christianity since the 7th century. They converted the Christian parts of North Africa and Middle East into a giant sewer that is still plagued with Islamic Jihad until this very day. And who do people blame for all of Africa's problems? White Christian Europeans, of course. Who else? What is really sickening to me, is how our spineless "leaders" react to the atrocities against Christians of today. They simply turn their heads the other way, and pretend like nothing is happening. That piece of human waste Obama, and his entire administration refuses to believe and completely ignores all the evil muslims wage on Christians all across the muslim world. But what else do you expect from a puppet, controlled by one of Satan's biggest minions, George Soros? Hillary Clinton, how is this human trash is still not in jail? Merkel, Philly mayor, John Kerry (another human waste that should be living in the sewers), Cameron, Justin Trudeau (with this piece of shit, we'll need to build another wall with Canada soon if Trump wins), and most of the priests and bishops across the world. All ignore islam's atrocious acts towards Christians. How could these cowards call themselves leaders? Especially those Catholic priests? I would never attend any of their sermons if I was a Catholic. They turn their backs on their people, defend the barbarity of Islam, and actually create alliances with terrorist linked muslim groups! It's disturbing to say the least.

And on top of that, we got gays, feminists, and atheists attack Christianity saying that it is 'just like all religions', and then side with Islam and muslims who will behead them the first chance they get. Seems like Trump is one of the only people who is aware that there is an open season on Christians, and war on Christianity. And then these libs wonder why so many people support him. Take a good look at a real leader you slimy fucks. A leader who is more concerned about protecting the lives of real people, and not your pathetic feelings, or the feelings of muslims.

If you're interested in knowing with what is going on to Christians all across the world, read this. If not, go to sleep back into your multi-cultural Utopian dream, where all religions are evil and the same, and the only way for humanity, Europe, and America to survive is to get rid of Christianity, while bringing Islam to our shores. I give western civilization another 20 years. If liberals keep being in power, they will destroy our free world with their MC/PC bullshit before anyone could say "what happened?"

Long live Christianity!
Long live Europe!
Long live Western Civilization!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Best video of 2016

I don't know how I found it, but this is the realest shit I've seen this year. It reminds me of Akult, and how much black people make shit up as they go. I actually went to college with a Black Studies major, and almost graduated with it. Many black people view the world through this Afrocentric lens that black people are somehow superior to the white man, and the white man somehow stole all of the black peoples history and accomplishments. I actually used to believe this nonsense. But that's when I was a guilty whitey liberal, who hated whites, as well as myself.

I actually saw the Black Israelites preaching hate downtown when I was working at Macy's. I hate to say this, but black people today are more lost than ever. I do wonder if they were always this way, or is this a recent phenomenon since there is no real leaders in the black community. Ehh, but what do I know, right? I am just a racist honkey that needs a good ass beating. sheeeeeeeeiiit!!

So before you think twice and wonder about the REAL history, kiddies, know this....

Jesus was black
Buddha was black
Moses was black
Thomas Jefferson was black
John Adams was black
Ghandi was black
Mayans were black
Egyptians were black
Aztecs were black
Jews were black
Irish were black
Italians... oh they mos def were black!!!
Shakespeare.. BLACK!!
any influential man in history=BLACK! and if you disagree? You is a racis cracka ass cracka!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marco Rubio is a disgrace

he supports the racist criminals behind the Black Lies Matter movement. he wants to bring in 3x more muslims into America, and basically destroy this country even further. who supports this moron? oh yeah... other morons.

watch him repeat his memorized speech 3x. piece of useless shit. he should voluntarily drop out. no sane American would ever stand by his bullshit that reeks from miles away.


props to Chris Christie for destroying this imbecile. he'll just be another on-the-job-training-president like that Kenyan muslim we already have now.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


So I been watching a lot of VICE videos long time ago, and have a few channels on youtube. I finally been logging back into my old channel and trying to change my life so I keep watching motivational videos. and guess who is on my subscription feed? So I come across this video...

At first, I thought hey this guy is just like me (no gay/homo), and he is a loner but doesn't give a fuck about following the flock. It was interesting, and I admired his courage. But then this piece of dog shit VICE reporter goes "you're following the most divisive candidate ever in the history of blah blah". This was my last straw with VICE. No wonder they disabled the comments on this video and most disliked this shit video. Get your fucking facts straight before you spew a bunch of lies at people you delusional nut bags.

I remember watching a VICE video a few days back with all these invading cock roaches in Calais storming France with leftist protesters. So this French guy has these human trash throwing things at him and disturbing him at his residence. The guy was really pissed off trying to fight them all with his fam holding him back, and one leftist moron calls him a Nazi. I mean WTF!?!?! when you got someone disturbing your peace, coming through your home calling you a racist, demanding free welfare and good living condition, and then they call you degrading names throwing things at you. On top of it all, you're supposed to be the bad guy?? FUCK YOU! and VICE makes these invaders look like they're being oppressed; when all they want to do is come to our European lands, leech off of our resources without doing SHIT, and basically become parasites for the rest of their lives. why do I have to work all my life and be a slave to the system, when these leeches come here from their 3rd world hell holes and get free shit without working a day in their life!? WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  FUCK VICE! this channels just turned into a bunch of liberal propaganda. I can't stand these pieces of shits now. Just unsubbed from their channel and their News channel is shit too. Fuck em!! a bunch socialist communist liberal human waste. These type of people will destroy our western civilization one day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

German girl gets Culturally Enriched

look at all these lovely people. can't you just feel the love? these muslims are coming to Europe, and America (thanks Obama!) in drones to culturally enrich our nations with diversity and multi-culturalism. and don't you just hate it when racist, bigoted, and islamaphobic morons like Trump tell us he wants to put a ban on muslims coming here? HOW DARE HE!! what a hater! screw him! he is nothing more than a Christian white racist. fuck him and all the Europeans. white men are all inherently evil. THEY are the problem, why our world is so fucked up, and why every cock roach on the planet flees his sewers to come live in America. we need more of these lovely muslims on our lands from places like Somalia, Syria, Morocco, and all over where this beautiful Islamic faith thrives.

I welcome these lovely muslims who will Make America Great Again. not that greasy islamaphobic racist Trump. repeat after me. diversity is our strength...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Taylor Swift's Music is Amazing

all this love stuff she sings I don't care about, but her music is just so good. I think it's safe to say I like every one of her singles since last year. and it's very rare for me to like this many songs from one artist, as I am very picky. but I have a good ear for beats, and Taylor Swift knows how to pick them. plus, her voice is amazing. She has great talent. Keep making music, Taylor.

Germany's mayor's solution for dealing with Muslims raping young girls

I almost feel like I am living in a twilight zone and every day is an April fools day

If you ever wondered why Islam has survived for so long...

and also why there is 1.6 billion muslims on the planet, Yusuf al-Qaradawi explains it best.

Islam is like a Mafia. there is only one way out.