Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Brian Tracy

I like this guy. I remember when I was watching lots of Bob Proctor speeches. he was very well informed and had the right ideas. but I felt like he kept me in a loop of positive thinking, and coming back to view his material. this 1 video of Brian Tracy right here did more for me, than watching all those Bob Proctor lectures

I will start doing some of these things right away, others I would have to sit down and prepare to plan them. I am getting back into working on myself and really find ways to get more successful in life, and not just with women. I finally finished my Photoshop DVD, but I am so lazy that it took me nearly a year! A YEAR!! If I really sat down and planned it all out studying it every day, it could've taken me a few months tops!

Anyway, here is another good video I want to share. No more spending all my free time watching and reading news about the world blowing up. I'll keep that to a minimum, and will skip most of the stories. I invest so much time in this shit, that I simply don't have energy for self-improvement in my life anymore.

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