Sunday, September 30, 2012


So I am 33 tonight
I am somewhat high
I'm gonna stay up all night
Looking at the moon in the sky
Enjoying the fresh air outside
As I take 3 hits out of my pipe
Thank you Gods and Goddesses
Keep guiding me through this metropolis
I will succeed and not let anything bother this
I am ready and dont need no other thoughtless
people who want to bring me down regardless
of what my beliefs are as they try to stop this
because I know who I am you CANT FUCK WITH THIS!
religious freaks try to stear me towards apocolpyse
leave me alone and go preach at "Religous Fanatics" anonymous
I got my panther with me, I am watching you and see all your life
your struggles and worries, it's all there while you talk about your wife
or your husband and then your baby eventually twice, or thrice..
you're like a machine who wants that spice
the one that makes you not wanna sleep through the night
your needs are just like mine but yet you dont see me in sight
thats cuz I am in the jungle hiding behind
all the trees and branches while I slip into the night
into the shadows of moon and its light
So remember, my friend for the future you hold
Your worries and ignorance will make things unfold
with all the talking and gossip of him and you do
you think youre better than me, but you KNOW its not true
I hope you forgive me on being so hard
but I felt your aloof distance from the very first start
and when you smile and act like youre cool
you putting on acts, and I am no fool
But I really am happy with who I am turning to be
Peace and love to you buddy, forever from me

Happy birthday... to all and happy birthday to me

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

19 Year Old Black Girl, take 3

I just wanna close this chapter with this final post.

basically what happened was this. When I talked to her that first time I called her and she called me right back, I said let's meet for coffee. She said she knows a coffee shop near her house she used to go to. i told her to txt me the address of it. she didnt. so i txt her the address of a starbucks near by and told her to meet me there at so and so time. asked her to let me know if she could make it. she said shell let me know.

a day goes by and i dont hear back from her. then im thinking all kinds of things, and im like 'she is not interested. she is a gold digger. her friends told her not to talk to me, blah blah blah, etc..' then i get a txt from her a few days later 'hey sorry about that. when im not working we can do something'. i was like wtf? wow! she IS interested. cool! maybe her and i will finally meet! (being the clueless guy that i am) i talked to my wing and hes like let her go. she is not worth it and never let a girl mess with your mind. if she didnt even let you know that she could not make it, she will most likely never gonna meet with you.

but she txt me one time that she is free saturday. i was like okay. you wanna play this game? lets do this. i txt her back "ill let you know". then the day goes by and i dont say shit. i wait a few more days and pretty much txt the same thing she did 'sorry about that. etc etc.. i am free next week though, etc..' i was gonna do this 2 weeks in a row to fuck with her mind 2x as much but she stopped replying, lol...

19 year old, model, and fucks with guys minds. mos def not the type of girl i would wanna mess with. but at least now i know what to do if this happens again. you fuck with my mind? i am gonna fuck with yours twice as much, haha!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

no ammo

I am at a point where talking to women is sort of pointless at this time. this is because I feel like I could come up and say hi, but I have no ammo.

This reminds me of my clubbing phase.

Phase 1) took a workshop and had guys push me to approach females
Phase 2) me being really scared and down on myself 'i suck'
Phase 3) realizing I could come up and talk to anybody
Phase 4) being really excited and eager to talk to women/people at clubs
Phase 5) realizing I have no game and absolutely no ammo
Phase 6) I give up completely and go inward back to my old self

right now i feel sort of similar but in phase 5. I am not gonna give up like I did with clubbing but feel like I need to do some homework before I talk to women. another thing that kinda makes me not wanna approach females is, I dont go anywhere!!! walking down streets and approach girls randomly is the most highest % i will not have anything in common with them. and i cant tell them any stories of me going places cuz i dont go anywhere.

I need to find a way to look for events and go to them. striking up convos at events should be easier because people are more receptive there compared to on the street. I mean on the street it's like "who the fuck are you? go away". this doesnt apply in all situations, but generally speaking when people are walking from point a to point b.

so i dont know... i can approach but i 1) stop myself too much and hold back a lot, 2) when i do say hi, i am in a loss for words sometimes. especially when a girl puts up a wall or doesnt say much.

i gotta get in the lab and do some homework before i go in the field again. BUT I AM SO FUCKING LAZY.. omfg... sometimes I wish I wasn't born a Libra, but I chose this sign and gotta find a way to make the best of it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Innocence of Muslims - Anti-Islam film

This is the film that made Muslims rile up and kill an American ambassador, like they killed an ambassador of Pakistan in 2010 when he criticised Islam's way of thinking.

Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Numerology


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

is Islam a form of Satanism?

I was thinking about this after reading the Egypt and Libya story. how these Muslim nuts set American flag on fire and killed one American diplomat after some anti-Muslim film mocked the prophet Mohammed.
I think that Islam is poison to our planet. it is like a ying to the yang. the evil for the good. Buddhism for example, is of complete peace, while Islam is the exact opposite. Islam is about oppression, sexism, dominance, control, torture, killing, raping, and exterminating anyone who says anything different than what Islam says.
you make a satire movie of Jesus, people laugh and chuckle. Christians get upset, even outraged.
you make a satire movie of Mohammed, people laugh and chuckle. Muslims go on protests, burn flags, and kill people.
Why? because I personally think that Islam is a form of Satanism. now.. I really hope no Muslim is gonna go do protests and kill people because I made this post. But sad truth is, it COULD happen IF my blog was big enough and had lots of followers. I really am glad I don't live in a Muslim country anymore. I was born in a Muslim country, and hated living there every minute of it. I felt their hate when I was only 8 years old. and never ceased to experience their hate until me and my fam left the country.
Why are they so heartless? Why are they so full of hate? Their own people engrave hate into the hearts of their own kind by preaching it every chance they get with Quran in one of their hands. I know everything exists for a reason, but I kinda wonder when will Islam accept others as they are, be they white, Christian, women, or Jews.

Monday, September 10, 2012

19 Year Old Black Girl, take 2

so I called her before my interview today. left message, but she called me back right away. she was baby sitting her cousin's baby. she is so sweat!!! sweat, and sassy. she told me she is outgoing when i approached her and i said i like that. I really love women who are this way because i can talk to them all day and night. but then again, i gotta make sure not to talk to them like a friend otherwise ill be in the friends zone or shed just be bored of me and ignore me. happened before.

either way, i said look i am not good at talking on the phone, even though i could've talked to her easily with her sexy personality, but lets get together for coffee and see where it goes. she said there is one coffee shop near her where she used to go to, and will txt me the address. its almost midnight and still nothing. will see how it goes.

funny thing is, I so didnt wanna have a date on 9/11, but it just may happen. i dont know. and on the other note, OM is very powerful. just humming OM to this out loud is one of the best meditations I have had. I enjoy it way more than following my breath. so peaceful and calming. try it, you will not regret it

Saturday, September 8, 2012

got a # from this FINE ASS Black Girl

so, every Saturday me a bunch of guys get together and approach women. I did around 10+ approaches today.

but anyway, I come out of Macy's looking for my wing. he is nowhere to be seen. I walk down the main street downtown, look to my right and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. this black girl's ass was so curvy, i honestly thought she is from ATL. At first I made an excuse NOT to approach, of course. The excuse was "she is with her family". She was with her cousin and her mom I think. Her mom had a baby in a baby carriege she was pushing. So, after I stepped away I thought "fuck it! I am going for it".

I come up to her, and she stops for me after I said hi. I was like okay, cool. Then she is so receptive and talkative. Long story short, we talked for not even 5 minutes and I got her digits. the funniest thing is, she is only 19!!!!! she don't look like it, though. [Nick West]But Shawty is FINE AS HELLLLLL![/Nick West]. will call her tomorrow.