Friday, March 18, 2016

I can see why the World hates Jews

The more I learn about Jews, the more shocking it is to me, and the more numb I become inside. Nothing surprises me anymore at this point. But what else can I say other than, I asked for it. I am a truth seeker. And if you think and ponder long enough on what is going on in the world, or just about anything with zestful passion for knowledge and for TRUTH, the universe will answer every time.

Before I go into this post, I would like to say that I am not coming from any hate or "anti-semetisim" towards Jews. I am, however, utterly disgusted by these particular people, and them openly talking about some of their agendas. This is nothing less than pure, and unadulterated evil. And the only people who could not see it is these Jews themselves.

Exhibit A: Barbara Spectre admitting to Jews' involvement in white genocide

This video is not new. It is all over youtube. I saw it first when I saw the famous "End Times Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration" video, which was taken down by youtube within days after its posting. It generated over 100,000 views, only to be taken down for whatever reason.

Exhibit B: Tim Wise, a Jew, saying the following on his facebook page:

White people: this is the moment of truth. Will we choose multiracial democracy or white nationalism? Know this: if you support Donald Trump or would even consider voting for him for president, you have chosen the latter. You are my enemy. I will not seek to co-exist with you. I will not make nice. I will not pretend we believe in the same things but merely have different opinions about how to get there. You are the enemy, plain and simple. And you must be stopped. You must lose and not just by a little. By a lot. A crushing defeat that leaves no doubt in your mind that the country you prefer is gone and is never coming back...De-friend me now. You do not believe in decency or justice or democracy. And you are beyond reason...

Tim Wise is a disgusting, self-hating, guilty whitey that sucks up to the black community to gain their support, and respect. I lost a friend after he linked me one of Wises' lectures. I shared my experiences with racism coming from black men, and he linked me Tim Wises' lecture, followed by him telling me what white people experience. He is black. How would he feel if I told him what black people experience instead? It amazes me how some blacks think that they know what it's like to be black AND white. GTFOHERE YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT! I haven't hung out with him ever since, and unfriended him after that. The more I have non-white friends, the more I realize that multi-culturalism doesn't work. You either have to be on their level, or they have to be on yours. It's hard to find a middle ground. This is why there is segregated communities in most places in America. And wherever there is no segregation, there is conflict between races due to misunderstandings. Multi-culturalism is a big fat FAIL, and Tim Wise needs to STFU with his ignorance. Tim Wise is why whites denounce Jews regardless of him being a European, because Jews like him hate white Christians and always side with their enemies.

Exhibit C: George Soros. This Jew is the biggest piece of shit I have EVER came across. He not only supports but FUNDS the white genocide of muslims coming into Europe, he supports the racist terrorist Black LIEs Matter movement, and he supported the Chicago Trump protests of brain dead Bernie Sanders supporters who wrecked havoc and violence, until Trump had to shut down the event. I read that he was behind that whole thing, but don't quote me on that. He organized it through his website

There is a lot more, but that's it for now. I am going to read a very controversial book soon. And I'll be reviewing it afterwards here. It's a book I have been wanting to read since last year since the invasion of Europe started. No, it is not Protocols of Zion, even though that is on my to-read list. But I already found one quote from a supposed "Rabbi" that was made-up to fuel anti-Jewish propaganda, so I am not sure how legit that book is. But yes, it's about Jews and all the history they will NEVER teach you in any Synagogue, or Jewish book store. Let's just say that it's an "anti-semite" book, at least according to Jews who don't want you to know anything evil done by their people. But I am not about hating anyone here. I only want the TRUTH! Stay tuned.

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