Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love these!! One thing I haven't done though is get high and then watch them. That's mos def on my list of things to do before I die.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

I haven't watched music channels in a really long time, haven't watched BET, MTV, or VH1 in around 6 months or so. Then heard this song on a radio a couple of times so I had to do my research. LOVE IT!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


So 2 days ago I get this dude calling me from some Employment Agency and how there is a position available that requires fast typing. And my ass is FAST! And ironically, today I changed my schedule and started waking up at around 8am. The recruiter calls me at 8:45 and tells me they wanna interview me at 10:30! I had to get ready in 30 mins and be out the door. Didn't eat, didn't meditate, just had enough time to prepare.

I went in and there was 1 brother, and an Asian chick too. Then after the interview I call my recruiter, leave a message, he calls me back a few hours later and says I got the job! FINALLY!!!!!!

I'm so excited. This is my first official job and I been looking since July!!! That's 4 months. Fucking Obama and the recession. How many millions he spent on the stimulus package and the economy still being in the toilet. But nah, I can't complain. I start this Monday...

Interesting Dream

So I'm hanging out with these 2 guys. One of them seems to be close friend and the other is some dude from a city near by. The second guy from a diff city was black and my close friend I think he was black too but I don't remember.

So we hanging out in my old hood where I lived before I moved to LA. And I'm telling them about my stories with women, but they look at each other and laughing like 'we don't believe the word you say' cuz they kinda feel I don't have much experience with women. Then we ended up going deeper into the hood doing something and when we were heading back it was much later at night. My close friend's buddy started getting scared like he in the hood and was afraid something was gonna happen. I was like dang this guy reminds me of me but he not just nervous he's straight paranoid! So he disappeared probably heading back home. Then me and my friend go into this homeless shelter of some sort and he turns into my childhood friend, the one who got locked up with 15 years. We sitting there eating and one bum comes up to me and puts his hand on my shoulder mumbling something. I'm like leave me alone man. Then I push him off me and he takes a gun, puts it to my friend's temple and BAM fires the shot as a way to get back at me. My friend kept looking and eating like he was still alive. Then the next moment I see a cop sitting there at the table across the bum reading him his right.

That's all I remember.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I saw Bubbles from the Wire!

so I'm over there at South Pasadena for some business today. I'm driving down the street and I see this dude talking on his cell phone outside of some restaurant and I'm like 'he looks so familiar' so I keep looking and then... OHHH SHIT! ITS BUBBLES FROM THE WIRE!!! haha

He knew I recognized him too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2012 Doomsday?

I found this fascinating movie on youtube. Interesting stuff.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

man WTF is wrong with youtube?

this shit is as slow as a turtle corssing the fucking golden gate bridge. it's been like that for days. i cant even watch anything but pause the videos and leave them to load while i do something else.


$390 for the Car Repair

wholy shit! That's like almost 1 month of rent for me. Dang I gotta hustle for a job really soon cuz more and more of my savings are getting drained.

went to the mechanic today 10 blocks from my house and he said that the radiator is fucked. There is a big crack in it and I was driving like that since I got the car! He said that I could kill the engine if I keep driving with that crack.

I got the anti-freezer cuz that's what that tow-truck guy told me to do but it's way more serious then that. This mechanic charging me $350 to replace the radiator and $40 for thermostat. I had to walk home today and tomorrow will go pick up my baby. I love you *kisses his car* don't you ever give up on me like this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My car overheated

I was driving then *POOOOOH* and the white steam coming out. I pull over, open up the hood, and EVERYTHING is covered in liquid. It got all over my hands so I had to call 21st Century.

I had to wait for a tow truck to come and drag my ass home. Took them over an hour! Then this guy was helping me then at the end he gave me this look like he wants something from me. At first I was like 'is he gay or some shit?' so I said thanks then went inside and doh! He was probably looking for me to tip him. Dang I should've gave me the 10 dollars I had on me. Oh well.. I always forget this type of stuff...

I'm just glad I made it home and it turns out it ain't that serious. My car just overheated. The dude told me what to buy and everything..

Monday, October 19, 2009

I never realized how similar me and Michael Jackson are...

until his death. It's crazy how we are so much alike.

I been thinking about this since he died. He was "weird" and that is what people perceive me, he was lonely, and so am I, he was not a fighter, and neither am I, and the list goes on. A few weeks back I saw this Entertainment Show like ET or whatever, and they were talking about how the reason why he bought the remainder of "the Elephant Man" bones was because he was the loneliest man in the world. I think he wanted that part close to him because the loneliness was so real to him. And the part about not growing up and being a child no matter your age? Yep. Many people think I'm 22, 23, etc.. but I'm 30. And that's not just my looks. I mean it is, but it isn't. It's also how I act, how I talk, my innocence, etc.. People really think I'm still a young teenager because I don't have the same experience many 30 year olds have so when I talk to them they feel they talking to a little boy. I think Michael was even worse though cuz he thought it was cool to sleep with little children in the same bed and whatnot. But just saying.. That is why people misunderstood him. He thought all these things that aren't cool are okay to do with a child frame of mind. It was like he was a child and didn't understand that once you pass a certain age you can't be doing certain things or you'll be in big trouble. Me and Michael are both very young at heart and I'll probably be this way for life even at 50 and until my death.

I really hope he found peace though. That is something we should all find at some point when we check out. Rest In Peace brother.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Funniest Chris Brown Parody

It's raining

Today, it's been raining about 2-3 times since this morning. Good thing is the rain washed my car, but I'm not sure if it usually rains here in LA.

But it's been getting pretty cold within the last couple of days. Can't wear no t-shirt anymore.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Internet Down - Linksys router Take 2

I feel like a thief. It went down again and nobody is home. I found out these houses are built kinda weird with their locks turned the wrong way. So I used a credit card to open their door, go in there, and repair the connection through their computer.

this is what a mother fucka gotta do to survive around here. LoL..

I ain't gonna just sit here while I just paid $15 per month for my WoW and stare at the screen. Fuck that!!

Linksys is indeed a piece of shit. 2nd time going down within 1 week! Wow...

I got my router RMA'ed though so hopefully it will be here within a week or 2. I'm thinking of even getting an extra one to built a bridge. But I never done that so I'll have to ask around on some PC forums how that works and if it helps to prevent the router from going down and make it more stable.

No Water-filter in this house

some bad news for me. The faucet crane is too big to fit my filter, and the owner told me no when I asked him if he is interested in replacing it. I'll have to return it :( I'll wait a week though. Hopefully he changes his mind.

Fucked up cuz I got enough filters for 6 month and each costs $10. Now I'll have to get the 2.5 lb plastic bottle from the store every week or so. That's $8 per month and only if it's 1 container per week. Could be more but oh well. I guess I gotta roll with the punches sometimes.

I just don't see why the dude would rather go to Ralph's every week to refill the 2 huge jars then to stay in the comfort of his own home and order a few filters with a click of a mouse button every 6 months. That, and the fact that he already got the next 6 months covered if he only changes the damn crane.

Friday, October 9, 2009

This New Lil Jon track is HOT!

I love electronic/trance and how he combines it in this beat.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internet Down - Linksys router Take 1

here we go... welcome to Linksys routers where things happen for no reason and no one knows why they do (not even the tech support behind the very own company that made these cheap things).

last night it went down, and was down until the dude reset it and changed the pass. let's see when the next time will be.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today is 1 of the worst days of my life

everything that could've went wrong did and it all started with me not talking to a girl.

So I was out working today in Bel Air. My first assignment with this agency that likes me. I go and it's amazing. The place is huge, it is rich. It is some sort of rape foundation for rape victims. avid Schwimmer does an opening and Ben Stiller and Amy Adams do their speech after. Many other folks talked and even some rape victims sharing their stories that made my problems seem small and insignificant.

So then I already liked this MILF there that rode in the same van with me and she had one AMAZING body. But she is not the cause of my bad day, or at least the start of it. I'm being really friendly, smiling, saying hi to everyone, and to some girls too. And off the record.. generally, I get about 95% of negativity from women I like that I say 'hi' to. And I don't mean try to 'holla' at these hoes, I mean just a simple 'hi' or 'how you doing?'. It could be a frown, or a 'im fine thank you' in a rude way, or whatever else they respond with it is negative as in really rude/leave me alone type of voice tone, or it's 'don't talk to me' type of vibe. I don't know if it's my pale skin, or if it's my skinny body, my energy field, or whatever else (i know it's not cuz of my looks cuz some girls find me cute but you never know..). All I'm saying is, I am so accustomed to this negativity from women that when I get 1 girl respond positive in 'ooo, who is this? you're cute' look, I get REALLY taken by surprise. And this usually happens when I say hi and don't even try to look at the hoes I'm greeting because I don't wanna see that negativity coming back at me. So today, this exact thing happened.

1) I walk by my supervisor, she is maybe 23, and her friend and say 'how you guys doing?' look for a split second at them and look away. Her friend, who is THICK AS A MOTHA FUCKING TURKEY ON THANKS GIVING, looks at me like 'ooo, who are you? you're cute' but I hardly notice it cuz I don't look long enough. Then I saw her looking at me or towards my direction when Ben Stiller and all them other folks doing speeches. She was looking again later on when the event was over. I wanted to come up to her and ask her name then tell her she's cute but I just didn't. I let that fear stop me, fear of 2 of her friends being around, or fear of me being socially awkward, etc.. and I really think she liked me. And you know.. when you a woman likes me it's like 'wow, I should talk to her'. It's not too often when you get a female that genuinely likes you and is interested in getting to know you for whatever reason that she sees in your eyes. So anyway, I left the event FUCKED UP all depressed like 'here we go again, back to me, myself, and I. all alone and shit without friends, human contact, family, or not even a girl who COULD be a potential friend' mentality.

Then the day got worse..

2) I get home and I find out they bought me a linksys router. Im like FUCK ME IN THE ASS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? LINKSYS!!???? SOMEBODY KILL ME NOW!!! it's working and im typing this as a result being connected to the net THROUGH this SHITTY router but I told him the agony and the pain that I and many others are going through with LINKSYS SHIT ROUTERS. I feel so bad they bought it for me. My OWN router turns though, out was dead since it came out the box. I will try to call tech support tomorrow hopefull get it returned. BUT I DONT KNOW IF I'D BE ABLE TO CUZ I HAD IT FOR MONTHS WITHOUT TAKING IT OUT THE BOX. I LOST RECEPIT, AND IT DIDNT FUCKING WORK RIGHT OUT THE BOX!!!..... AND I USUALLY KEEP ALL THE RECEPITS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

3) so I get on ebay and buy me a WoW 60 day card for 24.99 cuz I got some gift certificate on ebay through paypal and... THE FUCKING ORDER DIDN'T GO THROUGH AND IT HAD AN ERROR!!! OMFG!!!!!!!! now i gotta wait for them shits to email me back and tell me if my credit was charged cuz id be pissed as fuck when it did when it didnt even pay for my order.

4) Then I'm like fuck my life I'm gonna go do laundry. So I take all my sheets that smell weird cuz my last laundry didn't work I think. I take them down stairs, load them up, AND THE FUCKING WASHING MACHINE GOES BEEP BEEP BEEP. SHIT IS NOT WORKING!! I try 3x and same shit. Waste so much laundry detergent and NOTHING.

Now I got my laundry and my white cloth sitting in my closet WET cuz WHERE THE FUCK ELSE WILL I PUT IT FOR TONIGHT? Ill be sleeping on my mattress without any sheets or pillows. At least I got some fucking cover blankets to use that ARE clean.

all I need now is a phone call with some bad news to top of my day of my shit life. WOW!

5) did I mention this house has an ant problem? I usually leave them alone but I had to execute every last one of them fucks that were on my white sheets today when i came home. SHIT IS GETTING OUT OF HAND!!!!!!

so my Landlord got a router and..

it's a piece of shit LINKSYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!! OMG WHY IS MY LIFE SO FUCKED UP ALL THE TIME? I told his son oh man.. i had 2 linksys routers and had lots of problems with them. Any gamer should stay away from linksys and fucking smash it with a hammer a billion times. Now I don't know what the hell to say. I told him if he got a receipt if I could exchange it he had this 'wtf' sad look on his face with leaving my room. I mean wtfff was i supposed to say? I said thanks I appreciate it though.


fuck.. i don't know what to do now. i get internet but fucking linksys i wanna destroy it with a hammer but can't...

My Internet is fucked up

damn this is really pissing me off. MY INTERNET IS FUCKED! I managed to log on to a neighbors' wireless and my own router won't connect to the modem. It's either the modem or my router. Arghhh this suxxx... If I don't get internet up my life is officially dead. Can't get on to play WoW and can't get on to find a job. I really hope it gets resolved on Monday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meet Dave -REVIEW-

This movie ROCKS! It is FUNNY, has an excellent story as well as all the unexpected plots that come out of nowhere when you least suspect them, and even got some love crap for people who seek that. The movie got a little bit of everything for everyone :)

And I honestly thought it was gonna suck. Eddie Murphy is a genius!

5 out of 5 stars

First Day In My Hood

So this Thursday, 10/1/09, I went to get some food. It was my first day in the neighborhood actually living here. The closest Chinese place was on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive which is like a few blocks away. So I go.. And... It's mostly black. I was like where the fuck am I??? There was some Latinos too but seems like black people don't like em. 3 black girls were walking in a parking lot and a Mexican driving trying to get out. 1 of the girls started to scream at him like 'why you in my way?' or some shit.. I don't know. I park. Go in to get some orange chicken. One brother eating there and everybody else who comes in are black. It's one of those squared shaped parking lots that got shops, laundry mats, etc.. in a circle around it. There is a lot of those stops here in L.A.

I also went to Ross to get some home supplies. The parking lot is ghetto as hell. Garbage everywhere on the floor. Ross employees are mostly black or people of color. Sooooooo many sisters. Some were checking me out. One of the dark skinned ones was doing something by me so I asked for help. I talked a lil and really felt like I should 'take it there' right at that moment. But I was nervous so I said ty for help. Then I was like dang... she likes me. I can feel it. I went back to ask for help (was nervous as hell and almost didn't do it). She directed me and I'm like what's your name? Then I said how about you and me hang out sometime. She was like 'not right now' but she seemed real excited. I should've came back after that and taken it from there but decided not to. Next time I must act on instinct becuase once I let that first moment go I start to get more and move nervous until I don't even wanna go talk to her again. I almost didn't do it the 2nd time too. But I really think meditation helps me to stay calm.

Dang.. I was like the only white boy on Martin Luther King Jr... I saw another one on the bus stop, and another one but he was a bum. Man... This is my hood. I mean I like it in a way because I care for the black community on a deeper level. I just hope there is not gonna be another Rodney King happening anytime soon. Can't beat this house though. It is the BEST deal I could get and had only 5 days to find a place. I did it! SO proud of myself.

I had no Internet for 3 days

When I moved all my shit here, which was the 9/30/09, my birthday, I found out there is no internet in this bitch. I thought I was gonna die for the duration of these 3 painful days. OMFG! Not only can I not order a new WoW pre-paid card but I can't even look for a job! I was like wtf am I gonna do??? (I mean I did watch 2 movies, one of which the review is coming up, and reading a book I just got from the library)

Now I tried 2 times connecting my router in the 2 brothers' room (they're twins and no homo I guess), and was uncomfortable as hell being there hoping it would work but... NOPE! Nothing!!! So then their modem wouldn't work after I unplugged it from the socket and one of the guys said just give it some time it usually comes back online. So I suggested leaving my router on all night and a few hours later I'M ONLINE!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHH

there is God, and he LOVES me today. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!