Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Goyim Know

this wouldn't be so funny, if it wasn't so true.

let's see...

  • open up the American borders from non-European 3rd world countries in 1965... check!
  • shove white guilt down all of our throats, turning us into a bunch of self-hating, guilty whiteys... check!
  • openly talk about and encourage the destruction of whites (white genocide) in every white country of the world... check!
  • turn the above 2 into whites who work endlessly for the benefit of non-whites, and the destruction of their own culture(s)... check!
  • enslave every nation through the banking system, and leave the host government in a perpetual debt... check!
  • push multi-culturalism propaganda down our throats, making us feel guilty for all of the world's problems, wanting to invite every human trash into our own backyards... check!
  • make gay normal and straight weird by pushing their homosexual agenda through Hollywood and media... check!
  • put a black man on tv, making him into some hero "good guy". replacing the white hero with some unknown, awkward goofball (latest Star Wars is a good example), no matter how talentless he is, making a white guy into an "evil" villain... check!
  • hide all the violence and murder blacks commit in the country against whites every single day through media, which furthers the white genocide agenda... check!

what else are the Jews behind? holy fuck... Mel Gibson was right. and you know he had to retract his statements. because if he didn't, he would have never worked in the Jewish Hollywood ever again... the truth is scary. I don't think an average person could handle it, especially if he is Jewish.

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