Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My situation

Today, I had a realization. I am living in a very similar environment as I was living when I was living in LA. Life is not as chaotic as it was back then, but it is still a big mess.

So I got back into playing World of Warcraft on a vanilla server. I hit 20 on Elysium

And Then I thought to myself, "there are too many people here, and it's hard to level." Plus, server went down every single day for almost 2 weeks. So, I rerolled on the less populated server-Zeth'Kur. I hit level 13

Then, after learning about all the drama on Elysium, I tried to make a suggestion. But then, I read in the suggestion section, that the staff would not even hear my suggestion. I wanted to suggest they create a separate 15x server. The staff said not to even bother asking for this, and that they will always be "true 1x Blizzlike server". I thought to myself "I can't take this anymore." I barely have any time, and any free time I have I end up spending in this game trying to level to 60. On top of that, blizzard could just come in and shut down the server at any moment, like they did Nostalrius. And all of those months if not years you spent into your character, would go down the toilet. So, again I rerolled on VanillaGaming, which is a much less populated server but at least they are 15x. So you spend 15 less time leveling and grinding. So, with the limited amount of time I have, I hit 60 within about 2 weeks

I played so much, that every free time I had I spent in this game. It got so bad, that tendons in my hands started to hurt. I was actually trying to recover from this, but playing this game made it 10 times worse. I'm officially on a one week sabbatical starting today from playing this game.

The realization that I had, was that if I keep doing what I'm doing, I will never recover from my real-life problems. I keep trying to escape my life, whether it's playing WoW, or having out of body experiences, I always end up being here in my body, miserable, lonely, and complaining about my circumstance.

I live in in-law, and sometimes all the walking that happens above me gets a little overwhelming. I keep trying to want to be left alone in peace. But today I realized that if that happens, I will always be poor. I will always live in cheap places, with noise problems, and ghetto people. Like my roommate for example. After she and her friends heard me listening to Trump speeches, as well as some Red Ice Radio interviews (I am a member), she and all the people that come by to visit her started to act really weird. She's Mexican. Instead of asking me or talking to me about Trump, she automatically put me in a box, judging me and looking down on me. These are the type of people I will always be around, unless I get off my ass and do something to change my life.

I even posted on the things that I can do to make lots of money, but all I do is watch these law of attraction videos fantasizing about the good life, instead of working hard to get there.

So, the realization today was that I have to create a Long term goal plan, write it down, and work every single day to achieve it. I want to start small. I really want to get a certificate this year. I'm thinking between a Mac, Network+ (I heard that you automatically get A+ -mine expired), or Windows 10. At the same time, I should start reading books that I always wanted to read. I have two books that have been laying around for two years. Plus, one Seth Book that I have been reading for almost one year! I need to find a way to create a plan where I read little by little everyday, instead of surfing the Internet and wasting my life in this dead end game.

For anyone that is still reading my blog... Wish me luck, because I sure as hell need it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sicario, the Greatest Movie possibly EVER!

this type of films is why I used to watch movies in the first place. too bad most of them are nothing like this today...

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shia getting Trolled

lol@these shitlibs. AltRight, bitch. you can't stop it...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thinking of playing WoW

So they just opened a new vanilla wow server, Elysium project. and I'm thinking of trying one character. I just want to see how far I can go and if I even enjoy it. Contemplating of not playing because my hands are messed up and I need to fix my life. I'm still suffering from the same issues of self-esteem not having friends and never having a girlfriend. I am almost 40 but at the same time... My life consisted of a lot of work coming back home , and watching YouTube videos. I mean I hang out with my friend and we go out a lot when I am with her but outside that I stay home. So maybe I should have a little bit of fun while I'm not doing nothing. I mean I do a little bit of Photoshop when I fix my photos and I'm learning how to edit videos too. But maybe I should take a break in between Play some WoW.

I am not sure if I'll go through this but if I do we will be for like a few days to about a week. After that I'll either quit or playing moderation. We'll see what decide. But I never actually experience vanilla wow. I join a private server in BC and had lot of fun in a world PVP. Maybe if I do like it, I'll see if I can purchase a 60 on the Phoenix server. But most likely I am not going to join for serious purposes. Because that requires a lot of dedication. And I just don't have that kind of time anymore.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Funniest Youtube Channel


and Richard Branson is a piece of useless shit that said he will do everything to stop Brexit. fucking cuck.

Friday, February 3, 2017

when is Obama going to jail?

so I know this is old, but seems like (((the media))) just swept this whole story under the rug. we had a Kenyan muslim running America for the last 8 years, and his supporters still think he did a good job not even realizing he was destroying this country until his last day in office.

I don't get it. what happened to this country? where is the justice? how could someone who wasn't even born in the U.S. get into the most powerful position in the whole world, and all his democRAT pals are mad at Trump because he wants to put America and its citizens first?

2 months later, I still can't believe at how under the radar this whole scandal went. the entire system is skewed to protect the leftist communist scum, and vilify conservatives who dig for and try to uncover the truth. but know one thing, the truth ALWAYS comes up to the surface. the harder you suppress it, the more it will blow up in everyones' faces...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Internet is for PORN!!

lmao! I can't believe I didn't know about this till now. I just found it somehow by someone mentioning this was the #1 most famous videos. man, it brings back some memorries in WoW. Beta testing vanilla for 2 weeks was the most fascinating 2 weeks of my life. I barely slept on weekends, and is why I did not buy the game at launch. I knew it would consume my life and I needed to focus on college. then when I came back in BC, it was the best thing ever. I used to gank Horde sometimes with a few friends for hours outside of Black Temple. PvP was exciting. I ran Stealth Raids into Orgrimmar with Rogues and Druids. We would take a mage with us as decoy, and all of us Stealthed so no one can spot us. then we'd lure one or 2 Horde attacking our Mage into a secluded spot. then BAM 10 US JUMP OUT AND GANK THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!! and then relocate. we did this for hours till Horde organize and get a group of 20 and wipe us. then we'd regroup and go again. man... the excitement and then the World PvP was AMAZING! the community was my favorite aspect of the game. it felt MASSIVE. evrybody is helping each other an come out to PvP Horde when you call foe hlep. now this game is shit. everyone is always Busy. No one ever wants to help. The game today is shit. It's more of a single player game. You do everything alone. And the queues combined servers together. So the people you do dungeons and PvP with you never see again. Blizzard completely ruined this game.