Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Race Mixing

White Genocide before our very eyes. and most sheep don't even know it is happening, let alone who is behind the scenes orchestrating this. Ultimate goal: One World Government, with lower IQ mixed race with no identity or pride in his heritage, which is easier to control.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

this Music feeds my Soul

the amount of suffering a certain tribe put German people through, who soon will become minority in their own land... is beyond some peoples' comprehension. once you see this truth, your life will never be the same. I don't know why, but that's all I keep thinking about when listening to this song.

why isn't there more masterpieces like this?

Paganism for life! I was always a pagan, but more of a mutt. I got my Goddess from Egypt. she's been with me for quiet some time. I think it's obvious who she is when looking at my blog... I really need more help, but I feel like I need to take action. She's waiting for me to do this. But it's so hard, especially when you're conditioned to be a certain way. anyway, this song is amazing. even if you don't care about what I just said. there needs to be more traditional music like this of all people. everyone should get in touch with their roots. and white people shouldn't be demonized because they're trying to do it, like everyone else.

Saturday, December 9, 2017



man... I think I really am going to see the new Black Panther movie. I really wanna have a good laugh. this utopian black society doesn't exist anywhere on the planet. never have. every Ancient Civilization wasnt African, but complete opposite. having Africans exist as a minority like among the Moors, doesnt make entire Moors population African. an average IQ of an African is 70 (average, meaning 85% of picking random people out of an all black population randomly), borderline retarded. AA (mixxed with European ancestry of about 20%) IQ is raised to 85. Sub-Saharan Africa on its own havent produced shit outside of mud huts. Truth must be told, and it's all backed up by evidence History and Science. good book u can get free version on nook is Race, Evolution and Behavior by J. Philippe Rushton. You can see a lot of pissed off black people rating the book one star. But I can understand them. Who wants to learn the hard truth about themselves n about their people? Who would accept the fact that this is exactly why black people act the way they are every where in the world-lower IQ and Emotional Intelligence=more easily prone to violence due to lack of awareness. Rioting, looting, mob violence, robbing and stealing, killing. animal abuse, torture (google on what blacks do and how they torture their victims in South Africa, if you think your stomach can handle it. I understand this is communism, but keep in mind these are black commie scum that have been indoctrinated by the same people that control them into hating the #1 enemy of the puppet masters-the white man)

Anyway, I think I'm getting way ahead of myself. I just thought that this meme is funny. KANGZ!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Looks, Money, Status

some parts of this video had me laughing for a good minute. reminds me back in my PUAHate posting days. The guys there were doing these Male Model experiments, and those were the funniest threads I read in my life. Girls would reply to craziest shit the more gl the guy was. I left 6-12 months before Elliot Rogers went on his killing spree cuz it was so toxic, but I don't remember him posting there. Maybe cuz he was just another screen name to me, or he wasn't posting back then..

Friday, December 1, 2017

RIP Topaz blog

so I been checking, but looks like Paz made it private. Can't blame him since he sort of sons himself every time. 1st he talks about personal stuff, and then he links his blog on toxic hiphop/sports websites like sohh, colli, etc.. that's why I stopped posting on sohh. and even when I did, I stopped linking my blog there.

one of my favorite parts about Paz' blog is the gay troll that came through talking about "open your asscheeks for me pazzy. por favooooorrr" lmao. Topaz, if you're reading this, that troll wasn't me. but I still think he was funny af trolling you no homo.

but even then, Topaz blog got a little bit too gay for me after he came out of the closet. always talking about wanting a bf, rants about drama in the black gay community. either way, gl in life Topaz, in whatever you do. I don't blog much either. I really want to focus on my personal life but my fears always get the best of me. Working on changing that.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'm sick + Snow Leopard Trust

I been smoking each time I don't nap, because it helps me sleep (just like naps do). But this last Sunday I overdid it and my throat got all irritated. Monday morning I woke up with a soar-throat, was yesterday I feeling like I may be sick. Later on in the day, it was more obvious. So as I was really tired, I went to bed early at 11:30. Woke up at 3am feeling the symptoms even stronger. I am at work now, but I will take tomorrow off. And I have a doctor's appointment today for my hands. The irony.

Then saw this video, and felt like sharing. Snow leopards actually don't have it as bad as Amurian Leopards, that are around 50 left in the whole world. I hope they both pull through, though.

I been smoking MJ every time I could not nap, so my system got overloaded and I think that's how I got sick. not the first time this happened. I guess my body is sensitive. Now I'm updating this post a few hours after work, and feel it in my throat like I wanna cough it all out but can't. Hard to sleep like this.