Monday, May 23, 2016

living around Muslims

this right here brought me back to my childhood

I remember going to school every day through the crowd of these savages, thinking to myself "will I ever get out"? We had to repair our windows every so often because these 3rd world cock roaches throw rocks every chance they get. Luckily, the universe answered my prayers and we ended up in America. but other whites weren't so lucky. I once had a rock thrown at me in my school, which was mixed btw and not all muslim like a school which I lived right next to, right at my temple! It was a big rock, but I somehow survived.

Muslims throw rocks at animals too; they don't discriminate. Once I saw a cat almost got hit with a huge rock. Muslims are a bunch of low IQ primitives who steal, rape, and kill. And that is the fate of every muslim who goes deeper and deeper into the religion of Satan. I pray for Europe and my European people who have to put up living around these savages. I know from experience it's a living hell, especially when the authorities not only bring these parasites in, but refuse to enforce the law when it comes to dealing with these demons.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I need more House in my life

so I finally got internet here, my landlord let me use his. he is the best land lord I've ever had. the coolest guy ever and he likes me too. I don't cause trouble and always reserve water, electricity, and am clean, and he helps me out with stuff. anyway. I finally smoked this weekend on my own. I only smoke with a friend when we go out, and we been hitting up the House clubs. We get tipsy, high, and then dance and enjoy the music. not all of it is good, but when it is good, it is good!

I'm taking a break from viewing all the chaos, and the fall of the western world. I'm gonna check the Trump and Islam news at work, and at home watch LOA and self help, affirmation, and Photoshop tutorial videos on youtube. Time to get my life back on track. I need a plan. One plan is to get better at Photography and PS. Then I'm gonna get back into Premier and make a few movies. Then I will get back into pickup, but I'm thinking of doing a plastic surgery first. We'll see. I need to get my life in order, or things for me will never change.

I'm gonna start to meditate too. 20 minutes a day. I think that's not bad. At night before going to bed. I need to make goals and accomplish them. Man life is hard. But the best thing you could do is work work work hard at it. Otherwise, things will never change.

my respect for Trump grows

holy fuck! Trump is the most common sense candidate that's running right now! My respect just grew tremendously for him just now. When he talked about Mizzou bullshit scandal with these BLM thugs, he said that if he was in charge he would expel them so fast, it wouldn't even be funny. when he talked about muslims from other countries being banned, I thought DUUUH! you don't bring these rats IN but keep them OUT! common sense!!!! how are we supposed to know who is a jihadi cockroach or who is a regular muslim!?!? FBI SAID THEY ARE UNABLE TO VET THEM BUT OBAMA THE KENYAN MUSLIM RAT IS STILL BRINGING THEM IN!!!

now, Trump spoke about the $20 Bill situation with Andrew Jacking being replaced with Harriet Tubman in the video I am watching 'Best & Funniest Donald Trump at Town Halls'. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! let me tell you something, I have taken LOTS of black studies classes in my college years, I've been around these afrocentrics, I know how they think. and these black people and liberals will destroy and ARE destroying our American history. they already renamed a park down south because of a slave owner. they will rename, replace, and destroy statues, something these BLM thugs been wanting to do. now they are replacing Andrew Jackson who have contributed an enormous amount of energy into building this country!?!? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU OBAMA AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU LIBERA L COCK ROACHES!!! YOU ARE COMMITTING WHITE GENOCIDE IN AMERICA, YOU ARE DESTROYING THE FOUNDATION OF THIS COUNTRY BY BRINGING IN THE PEOPLE WHO HATE US, AND NOW YOU ARE DESTROYING OUR HISTORY BY REPLACING ONE OF THE FOREFATHERS OFF THE $20 BILL!!!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY, AND A DISGRACE TO HONOR AND INTEGRITY.

If struggling all your life puts you on the $20 bill, then put me on the $100. because struggle is all I know. watch this video if you really want to understand why Andrew Jackson staying on the $20 is essential to the character of America. Slavery was bad, but Harriet Tubman did NOTHING to build the ground work for this country and make it into what it is today. Yes, she helped by doing minimal stuff, and her movement. But that is like comparing a microcosm, and a macrocosm. someone who effects the MACROCOSM cannot be compared to someone who is just doing the things on such a small level, it is invisible to people who are trying to destroy or save a country, someone who is trying to change the entire SOUL OF AMERICA! Think about that before supporting this destruction of the American history, which something liberals love to do. They've fucked the entire Europe up. It is beyond recognition. London now has a muslim mayor. We may as well say London has fallen. but anyway, I digress..

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump is God status in India

one of the smartest people on the planet, this group...

The biggest holocaust happened in India, in case you didn't know. Muslim cockroaches slaughtered 70 million Indians, and destroyed many of their temples. India is still suffering today as a result of these muzzrats that infested the country. Why doesn't Hollywood make a movie about that? Oh, I forgot, they keep reminding us about the "6 million". So tired of their bullshit..

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

This man is the last hope for America, or possibly the entire western world, to be saved.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Goyim Know

this wouldn't be so funny, if it wasn't so true.

let's see...

  • open up the American borders from non-European 3rd world countries in 1965... check!
  • shove white guilt down all of our throats, turning us into a bunch of self-hating, guilty whiteys... check!
  • openly talk about and encourage the destruction of whites (white genocide) in every white country of the world... check!
  • turn the above 2 into whites who work endlessly for the benefit of non-whites, and the destruction of their own culture(s)... check!
  • enslave every nation through the banking system, and leave the host government in a perpetual debt... check!
  • push multi-culturalism propaganda down our throats, making us feel guilty for all of the world's problems, wanting to invite every human trash into our own backyards... check!
  • make gay normal and straight weird by pushing their homosexual agenda through Hollywood and media... check!
  • put a black man on tv, making him into some hero "good guy". replacing the white hero with some unknown, awkward goofball (latest Star Wars is a good example), no matter how talentless he is, making a white guy into an "evil" villain... check!
  • hide all the violence and murder blacks commit in the country against whites every single day through media, which furthers the white genocide agenda... check!

what else are the Jews behind? holy fuck... Mel Gibson was right. and you know he had to retract his statements. because if he didn't, he would have never worked in the Jewish Hollywood ever again... the truth is scary. I don't think an average person could handle it, especially if he is Jewish.