Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ex Machina was good

my god. movies are so bad nowadays. I rarely watch any. but came across Ex Machina after watching Internet Historian latest video. the movie was awesome, and I wish every movie was like this. had me captivated the whole time, when 98% of movies I watch I go ADD. that's not even mentioning all the NWO propaganda that's being pumped into us by Hollywood. I'd say 9/10, because the ending I didn't  particularly like, unless there is a sequel...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Steve Jabba is awesome

Pick-up is like meditation. but let's be real here. Jabba is a good looking guy. that helps a lot. looks DOES matter. anyone tells you it doesn't is full of shit...

Saturday, September 2, 2017

when will I start living?

I am 37 years old, soon to be 38, and I have never lived my life. I've always just existed, like a leaf floating in mid air, going towards any direction the wind blows.

I haven't been blogging lately due to several reasons, but this is one of them. when will I start living? will I go through life until it's my time to leave being miserable and lonely? I am just tired of blogging about the same shit, complaining about the same thing. and I give up so much. I really want to to get back into pickup but feel like I cant do this alone. its so efing hard. plus i really wanna move outta Cali. people here are so passive aggresive, its like they dont wanna be talked to. but i need 2 travel first to see the rest of US but im scared.

anyway. just wanted 2 let that off my chest. its hot af today. gonna go finish exercising and shower. maybe go to the beach..

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

headache woke me

cluster headache woke me 50 mins ago at 2am. went up so severe to 8-9 that eventually my whole left sinus side was full. sometimes I wonder if headaches are caused due to so much energy of a person's soul it cant hold it within one body so it leaks out through headaches. just a thought not sure is based in reality. im just glad af its over, bit i still feel 2-3 scale remnants. this pain hurts so much omfg.. dun wish it on my worst enemy.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I can't get enough of Kevin McDonald

a man of truth and integrity. not a lot of people you could find these days..

No Porn No Fap

I managed to do this April 22nd to August 2. 4 Months, 1.5 weeks. No Porn No Fap is POWERFUL! Porn is the biggest toxic filth on the planet. If I was a dictator, I'd ban it and throw (((everyone))) behind it behind bars. It's really disgusting how they're destroying our society from every angle, but I digress.

After 2 months, I actually started to get horny again. I was literally numb down there. had no sex drive cuz I was a pornaholic and spending my pathetic lonely life viewing porn and fapping was the only sort of 'love' I ever received. so it filled the void, but it destroyed my life and libido.

No Porn No Fap helped me to study for certificate cuz I wasnt thinking about sex all the time. I mean I was but it didnt matter. I forgot how it really felt. now Im trying to get ahead and wanna start Pickup soon.

I only broke my No Porn No Fap cuz I started to go insane. I even managed to have a conscious release through Lucid Dreaming. but that wasnt enough. I started to think about hurting people and even beat the shit outta my pillow as therapy but still I needed a real release. Anyway, thanks to The Golden One for all the motivation on this No Porn No Fap program. He really motivated the hell outta me.

Now I hope I wont need sex for a while cuz thats how it usually goes since im older. hard to stay focused when I go out to clubs being all horny. Anyway, Im prod of myself, and I just moved too. will blog about this when I get time. the release was amazing too. was 2.5 longer and more intense. Sex is actually amazing and sacred, but when you abuse it, it will destroy your life and your mind.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Jewish Ritual Murder

I remember reading about Satanic children sacrifices on spellsandmagic.com long time ago, but never did I imagine that it all leads back to Judaism and Kabbalah. I guess you could say that Jews symbolically sacrifice white Europeans today when they 1) push for open borders, bringing the muslims and blacks into Europe (and I know what whites go through living around muslims first hand), 2) control the narrative through the mass media they control by painting whites/cops/white rule as aggressors, and muslims/blacks they bring in with low IQ into high IQ white societies as victims, 3) brainwash the entire humanity in the west through our education system they control with Cultural Marxism, which further fuels the anti-white hatred of non-white minorities. And then they just sit back and watch all the violence that gets unleashed at white people. but when you dig deep enough and bring these facts up to the surface, you get labeled an "anti-semite" or a "nazi".

Jews sort of remind me of muslims. When their own people get exposed doing something wicked or evil, their group's representatives will send lawyers to shut you up, and do as much as possible to prevent the truth from getting out. CAIR or ADL, it's all the same shit but different toilet in the end. very fascinating documentary I just ran into, The Hidden Cult: the Jewish Ritual Murder

also, if you enjoyed it. read a book "Jewish Ritual Murder" by Arnold S. Leese. it's a short read and the documentary is based on it. Buy it or read it here for free http://jewknowledge.weebly.com/jewish-ritual-murder.html