Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Greatest Prison Story I've Ever Seen

Taken from Locked up Abroad, this has got to be the greatest episode I have seen on that show. Saw it coincidentally last night. It was so good, that I found it, and watched it again today. Didn't even know there is a movie based on this guy's life, which is based on his book. Funny how he wanted to write a book, and he got the story of his life. Like he was pre-destined to experience everything he had. Unbelievable story, and it had me hooked on it like I was watching a movie. Will go out and watch Oliver Stone movie soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Geert Wilders

...always speaks the truth! I can't believe how fucking stupid some politicians are today. they'd rather sound politically correct, than say it like it is. Growing up in a Muslim country, I felt this hate, and ignorance first hand from muslims who are bread on Islam, and I was only 8 years old. 8 years old! How the hell do you manage to fill so much hate in your young kids' hearts that they would go out messing with other little boys (in groups of course), because they are non-muslim? Islam is a plague to our planet. People need to wake up, and understand what we're dealing with here. If I had to describe Islam in one word, it would be a virus

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kanye West's latest form of Ignorance

so Kanye's new song is out named "All Day". Great musical piece, but lyrics are ignorant, as always. What else did you expect from Kanye West? Let's look at how many times he uses the word "nigga"

Here is a clean version, because I cannot for the life of me listen to the ignorance more than once on the explicit song. Lyrics posted below the video... let's count...

All day, nigga

[Theophilus London:]
Dead, ayy, ayy ayy ayy

All day, nigga (added. wasn't on the site, but is part of a song)

[Kanye West:]
How long you niggas ball? All day, nigga
How much time you spent at the mall? All day, nigga
How many runners do you got on call? All day, nigga
Swish, swish, how long they keep you in court? All day, nigga
Take you to get this fly? All day, nigga
Tell your P.O. how-how long you been high? All day, nigga
You already know I’m straight from the Chi, all day, nigga
South, south, south side! All day, nigga

This Ye, nigga
Shoppin' for the winter, and it’s just May, nigga
Ball so hard, man, this shit cray, nigga
And you ain't gettin' money 'less you got eight figures
For that Jesus piece, man, I've been saved, nigga
Just talked to Farrakhan, that's sensei, nigga
Told him I've been on ten since the 10th grade, nigga
Got a middle finger longer than Dikembe, my nigga, uh
I don't let 'em play with me
I don't let 'em talk to me no kind of way
Uh, they better watch what they say to me
Niggas still gettin' popped on the day to day
Though I still got the 100 with the small face, nigga
Might spend 50 racks on my off day, nigga
You a fake Denzel like the Allstate nigga
If you run into me, better have Allstate with you, uh
You a Rico Suave, nigga
Ride around listening to Sade, nigga
If you ain't with us, you in our way, nigga
You an actor, you should be on Broadway, nigga
Cause you do shit the broad way, nigga
Your bitch got an ass, but my broad way thicker
Late for the class, in the hallway, nigga
Yeah, the dropout at it as always, nigga, as always

All day, nigga

[Allan Kingdom:]
I took a deep sweet breath, and I reached into my head
Gave him what I had left
At that moment I dispersed
At that moment I dispersed

[Kanye West:]
All day, nigga

How-h-how long you ball? All day, nigga
How much time you spent at the mall? All day, nigga
How long it take you to get this fly? All day, nigga
Tell your P.O. how-how long you been high? All day, nigga
Pour some Hen out for my niggas that died, all day, nigga
And I keep a bad bitch on the passenger side, all day, nigga
You already know that I’m straight from the Chi, all day, nigga
South, south, south side! All day, nigga

I could do this all day, boy, I'm finna turn this bitch out
They need that Ye in the streets, boy, there's been a motherfucking drought
Don't really matter what I make, boy, you know I still go wild
Like a light skinned slave, boy, we in the mothafuckin' house
Right now, lookin' real sus right now
I swear I've been on this flight like a month right now
Stupid niggas gettin' money, Forrest Gump right now
Shout-out to Jackie Chan, I need to stunt right now
They've been lookin' at the Gram, I've been lookin' at the Grammys
Like, woo, that's us right now
24/7, 365 days, everybody gettin' paid
Niggas lookin' at me like I'm worth both MJs
People saying, "Ye, Ye, take it easy"
20 Gs for the Yeezy's off of eBay
Niggas do the most and they ain't done shit
Only way I can sum it up, son of a bitch

[Theophilius London:]
(Hands up, hands up)
Some want you dead, ayy, ayy ayy ayy

[Kanye West:]
All day, nigga

[Allan Kingdom:]
I took a deep sweet breath, and I reached into my head
Gave him what I had left
At that moment I dispersed
At that moment I dispersed

[Kanye West:]
Get low, alright
Get low, alright
What up? Alright, alright
Stay low, alright
Stay low, alright
South, south, south side, all day nigga

[Guitar Interlude: Paul McCartney]

Well, well, well
Let me run
Let me run to see who came undone
You've been right in my face
Let me run 'til you're off my case
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

45 times Kanye West says "nigga" on All Day, which should technically be named All Day Nigga, 46th time.

And what is he rapping about? killing people? getting bodied? going to the mall? shopping sprees? fucking hot bitches? is he trying really hard to appeal to real gangster crowd to gain more street cred? I have absolutely no respect for this self-absorbed ego maniac. I remember watching his interview with Sway. Don't remember which one it was, but Sway kept asking him questions, and Kanye kept going off on tantrums and off the subject completely because his precious ego was hurt. It was fucking pathetic and really hard to watch. It was cringe worthy. This man just set the black community 20 years back with this song. How can he have fans that aren't ignorant themselves? They gotta be some ignorant asses or just blind to ignore such fuckary coming out of Kanye's mouth. Somebody please link me the instrumental version. Even the clean version fries my brain.

Listening to this song, make me wanna say nigga. Nigga... Nigga nigga nigga! I'm gonna go replay the song and rhyme "nigga" to every rhyme he spits saying nigga. Because saying nigga is so cool. Damn this nigga is talented! His rhymes are fucking classic, nigga! Like illmatic my nigga! I really don't know nothing about illmatic, or don't even like most of the album. But it's just so cool to say that, my nigga. Aiight  nigga. I'm out my nigga. Gonna smoke a blunt, nigga. Then go call my girl, nigga, and eat her cunt, nigga.

LMAO@black people being mad at everyone using nigga, especially whites. Thank your boy, Kanye, and others like him in the rap game for making this word what it is. You got all the young people, young boys and girls, of every race, acting ignorant being brain dead zombies that people like Kanye creates. Can't get mad at anybody but rappers like this who help to perpetuate stereotypes.

aiight. peace, niggas! I'm out this bitch right now, nigga. Fo real this time, nigga. Gonna go edit some movies on Adobe Premier Pro, my niggas.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

False Awakening & OBE

So, just this morning when I woke up, I had my first false awakening. I had a long dream, and then... I wake up. I check my computer, and it says that it's snowing outside. I think WTF!? can't be real. I look outside, and there is Arizona desert like mountains, with snow around them! I do a reality check, and it feels blurry. I realize I am dreaming. Then I woke self up to prove it to myself. But once I did, I regretted it realizing I could have had a LD and went flying somewhere.

Now, I had an OBE a few days ago, in which I was stuck as usual. I normally don't share my OBEs because in 95% of them I seem to be stuck like this. But here it is, word for word from my dream journal on my tablet.

Can't seem to separate no matter what I do. At first, laying in bed repeating 'I will have a lucid dream'. Then I have a feeling like my legs are floating but I'm stuck. I hear 2 men talk in some alien language I never heard before. it was like listening to the radio. I got scared at first when I started thinking about vast emptiness, darkness, and nothingness that stretches across the universe, and how lucky I am to be here on earth where I actually experience colors, shapes, sizes, forms, and most importantly light. Then I calmed self down, visualizing my REBAL.

I keep trying to separate as the 2 men talk, but I'm stuck. I move head side to side, and hear my hair rubbing across the bed head board. Try rolling out. Can't move at all. See room in grey with a little bit of light, as always. See a black object on the top right. Tried seeing what it was but no luck. Eventually, when started thinking about how long more this will last, I could feel it fading. Next time I won't think about end.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Running in Circles

Story of my fucking life

Tinashe - Indigo Child

it's funny how one song could mean 100 different things to 100 different people. Some person who is into the whole new age is gonna listen to this and think 'wow! I am an indigo child too! I have special abilities' etc.. Whether or not that is true, that is what that person is gonna think. For me... I have been running in circles since I hit 18, the so called "age of independence" where many teens get kicked out of their homes in America. But I come from a different culture, and so my mom let me stay. And on top of that, she made all the decisions for me. She made decisions from anything like paying my rent, and supporting me, to what I would eat in the morning. It got so bad, that whenever I go to a grocery store, I don't even know what I want. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A STORE FILLED WITH FOOD!!!

Running in circles. That's what I've been doing damn near all my life. I have improved tremendously, and I am grateful for that. But I have been stuck in this situation of not having anything of my own, I don't know how to break the cycle. This song just really resonated with me, at least part of it, and I just wanted to post it.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

last week I ate Meat

so my lazy ass been meaning to blog about this, and I finally got around to do it.

I have been having sexual problems where I am completely impotent, and not care about sex whatsoever. The irony is, my incel ass can't get laid for shit, but at least I wanted to feel good I still have a sex drive. I tried many things like taking ginseng herb, drinking pomegranate juice, and eating figs, and nothing worked. So, I thought maybe it's because I haven't eaten meat for so long. Being a pesciterian and only eating fish every now and then could take its toll on you.

So, as I was hanging around my tranny friend on weekends I ate cheese because of her. She eats dairy products sometimes, and meat as well. Then about 2 weeks ago I said fuck it, let me experiment. I did the whole ritual of praying over the dead animal I was about to eat, apologizing for all the pain the humans have caused it, then consumed it like there was no tomorrow. I ate beef a total of 5 times. But my sex drives hasn't really improved. I mean, it did but only because I been practicing tantra by myself spanking my monkey without cumming for days at a time. It sort of builds up and it feels like it's the best nut ever that you never really bust. Sexually energy comes in waves. The high when you feel amazing and horny, and low when you don't even have any sort of pleasure doing the act. I guess that's how it works when you get old.

Either way, life goes on. I am stopping eating meat again. I really need to detox and get rid all the poison in my body and especially my mind. Eating meat is not my primary problem, even though it could be a part of it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just got my new Android phone & Learning FCP X

So, I am so excited after receiving a package in mail with my very first Android phone

Blu 5.0 C HD D534u

The phone is...

  • Unlocked out the box, so you could use it with multiple carriers
  • Inexpensive, because I wanted a no-name brand, something I could root and mess with. So I won't feel bad about it if I mess it up
  • has an HD screen that is 5", which is beautiful to look at and big enough to actually read books on. I've been reading Kindle, and enjoying the heck out of it instead of waiting to get home to use my LG tablet. But when I get home, I start browsing the web, and put the reading off. having a piece of crap iPhone with a small screen made me wanna use a magnifying glass.
  • 4G internet. no LTE unfortunately, but I don't really surf the web on my phone that much
  • 8 megapixel 1080p camera
  • Quad-core 1.3 Ghz processor with 1 GB of RAM (it's super fast and responsive)
  • microSD expansion slot with up to 32Gigs of space which I purchased for 15 bucks
  • the phone even includes 2 SIM card slots, so you could use 2 #s in it if you got a work cell # you must use, along with your person line

and it's basically like Nexus 4 for half the price, brand new! it even comes with a screen protector, AND a plastic case. I just love this thing!

But for some reason, I just can't receive text messages from iPhone users. I've been dealing with this problem for about a week. Long story short, I came across this thread...

the amount of complexities Apple creates just to do something as simple as taking out a SIM card of their phone, and into another, makes my blood boil. No matter what I tried, I JUST CAN'T GET TEXT MESSAGES FROM IPHONE USERS! This is because iPhones use the iMessage system, which thinks my phone is still associated with my number, when it isn't. If you are coming from an iPhone, and switch over to an Android, this may happen to you... if it does, you have to first...

  • disable iMessage on your old iPhone
  • sign out of iCloud on your phone
  • delete your iPhone device from your profile in iCloud
  • erase your phone # from Apple's account on their website
  • sign out of any iMessage you may be signed into on other computers you may be logged into
  • reset the network settings on your old iPhone
  • if that fails? put the SIM card back into your iPhone and toggle on/off the iMessage, and shut it off
  • if that fails? ask your friends individually with iPhones to sign out of iMessage and THEN message you through SMS system
  • if that still fails, call Apple, and have them deactivate your phone in your iCloud profile. they may already tell you "it's already been deactivated. so there is nothing we could do on our part". basically the same step you did earlier when deleting the phone from your profile.
  • if that fails, you must reset your iCloud password, which is synced with your phone number tied to your iPhone

  • if that fails? well... change your number.

and the funny is, NONE OF THIS WAS TOLD TO ME BY ANY APPLE REPRESENTATIVE. I found all of this from other iPhone users on Apple forums. crazy, isn't it?


I am on the step of resetting my password, because I really don't want to do that. I already re-setted it a month ago, and retarded backwards ass Apple won't let me reset it again because of their STUPID ASS SECURITY RESTRICTIONS CRAP! Omg... I really am losing it here dealing with Apple's shit. I will have to re-set the password on the weekend if I still can't get messages. and sadly, I may have to go ahead and change my number if this last step fails.

So recently, I have been helping my friend who is a fashionista with filming her, and editing videos for her. She needs help putting together make-up tutorials, and take pics of her as she's posing for fashion because she wants to open up her own website and business. so, I started learning Final Cut Pro 10.1.4. It took me about 10 videos of at least 15 minutes each, or more, to learn the very basics of how to keep files, create files, where they are stored, how to delete them, where some files could only be deleted from Finder and NOT within the program itself, etc.. basic stuff... with 10 videos... but then, it's just a very confusing program overall. the amount of frustration I get from looking at this app thinking how do I do something as simple as saving my work I am currently working on, is mind boggling. I have to google the fucking answer for EVERY SIMPLE TASK. Then I came across this blog

and that is exactly my frustration when it comes to Apple. why the fuck on earth would i want to deal with all this frustration in a video editing program, when I deal with this crap simply by switching phones from Apple? FUCK NO! FUCK YOU, APPLE! I am seriously considering not ever buying another Apple product because of how idiotic, and how arrogant Apple always is. they are the winners, they got the die hard fans that will buy any or every Apple product, they know everything, etc.. they don't even take your ideas on how to make things smoother and easier

"Apple or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, new or improved products or technologies, product enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans or new product names. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, original creative artwork, suggestions or other works (“submissions”) in any form to Apple or any of its employees. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when Apple’s products or marketing strategies might seem similar to ideas submitted to Apple. If, despite our request that you not send us your ideas, you still submit them, then regardless of what your letter says, the following terms shall apply to your submissions."

In other words, "We at Apple do not give a rats ass what you say or think. Keep your ideas to yourself."

anyway, I have been learning FCP X for about a week. it's been very interesting, but without watching youtube videos, I would be totally lost. on top of that, all of it is very confusing and complicated. How do I even save projects? I have to watch a youtube video just to do something as simple as going to File > Save Project As in other editing programs like Sony Vegas Pro, that I could buy for 10x less money. but no!! with Apple, you need to learn from the Pros and pay them big bucks to teach you "the magic tricks and the goodies" that you could learn. no thanks. I'll stick with companies with integrity, and good business ethics instead. And at least companies that don't treat their consumers like shit.

I am taking my business elsewhere, and so should you if you're reading this. and I haven't even gotten into the core stupidity and the horrid business ethics Apple practices. if my memory serves me correctly, Apple was voted as one of the worst companies when it comes to business ethics in 2012.

After coming across that video editing article, I am thinking of trying Adobe Premier Pro. Goodbye to Apple, and their stupid, stubborn, and ass backwards way of just about doing everything they come up with. I will not miss you, nor your bullshit that you bring to the table, that smells like a pile of shit taken by a 100 ton dinosaur ruling the Jurassic Era. Fuck you, and no thank you to any phone, tablet, or other non-needed gadget like your STUPID watch that you come up with. May your company go bankrupt, and your fanboys cry in agony about "the good old days" when Apple ruled the laptop market. Fucking idiots.