Saturday, April 4, 2015

Why Spotify SUCKS!!!

So I gave this app a try since everyone is using it, and here are my thoughts on why this app is fucking GARBAGE! I have been using it since November 2014, and the ONLY good thing about it, is that you could play lots of different types of music all for $10 a month or whatever how much these fucks charge you.

Reasons Why Spotify SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!

1) Cannot open a new tab. WTF!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!! if i click Command + N it just creates a new playlist. FUCK YOU!!!!!!! if say, you're listening to one album and you wanna put it on hold and play another, you have to search for it or go to your Music library sections like Albums, Artists, Local Files, (Btw, you could play local mp3s on your hard drive. can you say another iTunes clone? iTunes is the biggest piece of shit I have EVER seen. the player is garbage, and the app used to sync with iPhone makes it 10x more complicated), the album, and play it. if you wanna go back to your old, you have to click "back" button. WTF!?!!?!?! FUUUCKK YOUUUU!L!L!! I'm a multi-tasker, and this is why I could never go back to a PC Laptop. OSX is the master multi-tasking OS, and with 4 finger desktop swipes I can't even be bothered to use Windows 7 or 8. No multi-tasking option like adding ability to open new tab like in Chrome, like opening ANOTHER NEW SPOTIFY windows? YOU SUCK ASS!!!!!!!!!! Worse than Apple's business ethics.

2) unable to download songs locally within Albums. now don't for one second think that Spotify lets you download mp3 files. that's a big lie and misunderstanding. you could google it and people sign up for Spotify for that specific reason. Spotify lets you 'rent' music, that you DO NOT own. It lets you download music songs locally WITHIN THE APP. But once you uninstall the app, all your files would be gone. They are not individual mp3s, but just music you could play while you are OFFLINE.

You cannot download files being inside an Album you are in. YOU HAVE TO CREATE A PLAYLIST!!!!!! WTF!!?!!!?!?!? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you have 100 albums in your library, you would have to create 100 playlists if you want them to be able to dl the music locally within the app. FUUUUUUCK YOU!!!!!!! I don't wanna create a playlist for EACH ALBUM I ALREADY HAVE IN MY LIBRARY! why do I gotta waste my time when your lazy asses could just add a 'download' button inside of albums in the library? fucking idiots.

3) can't copy/paste NOTHING!  WTF!?!?!?!?!? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to copy and paste an artist or a song to google it or youtube it? you can't! FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT APP!!!


*Edit* not sure if they added this feature now in 2015, but some of the newer songs seem to have featured artists. I really can't be bothered to go back to my older albums to check. but the format is still confusing. it says Song Name - Artist, instead of featuring Artist. HOT DAYMN, who hires the idiots behind this app?

5) there is no buttons to go 5 or 10 secs forward or backwards. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! the arrows on my macbook don't work. only works is skip track >> and previous track << and play/pause >|| buttons. nothing in the settings lets me edit the buttons for this option. youtube has it, netflix has, but noooo Spotify is special. they are too good and too pro of a player to add this feature. piece of garbage.

6) it's a piece of shit media player, just like iTunes. do you really think this player is anything special? it's the most basic bullshit i ever seen in a music player. how can a music player not include the 5 things on top and consider itself a music player? GETHEFUKOUTTAHERE!!!!

7) giving suggestions is useless. Spotify company fits in the same category as Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, or all the other HUMUNGUS corporations. Trying to have them hear your voice is like screaming at the top of your lungs into a wall. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. your suggestions will just go unnoticed and the company could give less fuck what you say.

Also, be very careful signing up with deals with these fucks. I did the .99 cents for 3 months deal and they put me on auto-recurring charges afterwards. So, they charged my PayPal automatically after the 3 month deal was up.

all in all, Spotify SUCKS! I have no clue why people would put up with all this crap that I listed above just to use this piece of shit app. I strongly suggest you cancel your membership, and save your money. There are other alternatives to this half assed 'music player' that can't even do the most basic functions in 2015; 2015 FFS!!!

I will try the Amazon Prime next and see how different that is. They have music AND movies you could stream, and on top of that give you 2 day shipping. I'll sign up for the 30 day free trial to check it out, as all of my co-workers are members.

FUCK SPOTIFY, AND FUCK ALL THE RETARDS BEHIND IT! a nutless monkey could do their job.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Trippy Tunnels & Spirals

I'm gonna check these out after smoking some when I get home. Terrance McKenna was talking about these when he took 2 really strong hits of DMT, going through a tunnel, thinking that he died.

Monday, March 23, 2015


I came across this album by a coincidence, and am surprised at how good it is.

If you like DOPE ASS Hip-Hop beats...


Amazing singing that's good for the soul...

~Santa Barbara~

...and just overall GREAT MUSIC...

~Take Over~ will like this album.

I like 7/14 songs on it, and I RARELY like as much as 5. Here are the songs I really like...

Chains - heard this on the radio and the album kept playing on the PIECE OF SHIT SPOTIFY (a post will be made about this soon)
Wilderness - love this track
Numb - the beat on this is OMFG
Take Over - one of my favs on the album
Santa Barbara - AMAZING SONG!
Closer - a good song to bone to

The album is mainly love songs, but it is very rare I like music like this. Most of the time the songs are mixed with a wack beat/melody and annoying ass love singing. What else can I say, 98% of R&B truly SUCKS! NOT SO in this case.

4/5 stars since I like so many songs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

why iPhone is a piece of shit!

I am DONE with iPhone, and all its BULLSHIT! Before I even go into this, I wanna say that the ONLY thing I like about Apple, is their laptops. if I was never introduced to them, and their OSX with my last job, I would literally not give a flying FUCK about ANY apple product. But I can see how some people hate apple with passion.

I had this iPhone for a few years, and at first I was excited since it was my first smartphone, as well as getting it for free with my internship. But then the more I used it, the more limitations I've noticed. The last thing that really set me off is iTunes.

iTunes sucks! it SUUUUUUUUCKS! it sucks so bad, I would rather not put any new music on my phone as of right now, then to use this useless piece of SHIT! Let me explain.

so I had a MacBook Pro given to me at this current job I am at. it is a 2010 model, so it died on me right away, then I used another one for about a month and a half. I had iTunes on it, and I synced a whole bunch of mp3s that I had bought. then the same thing happened to my replacement Macbook, it died. So, my company supplied me with my 3rd Macbook, same model.

Now I am browsing Robert Monroe site and found a bunch of free mp3s I really wanted to listen to, So I downloaded 2 of them, and wanted to put them on my iPhone. But guess what? all my iTunes shit is gone since it was on my 2nd Mac. And you can't just put one mp3 file on your iPhone if your current computer's iTunes isn't "synced" with it.  So, now my only option would be to ERASE ALL MY DATA ON MY PHONE, IN ORDER TO PUT 1 MP3 FILE ON IT!!! WTF!?!????!?!?! in other words, I would just have that one mp3 on my iPhone and nothing else. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now the ONLY way to get all my mp3s that are ALREADY on my phone AND the 2 mp3s I downloaded on this iPhone, would be to get all my mp3 files from my hard drive that I need to hook up to my mom's desktop by opening that fucker up, copy them over to a USB stick, then copy them over to my Mac, and then re-sync it with these files as well as with my new mp3s. no thank you. WHY CAN'T I JUST AD 1 OR 2 FILES!?!?!?! WHY DO I GOTTA GO THROUGH THIS BULLSHIT JUST TO AD A FREAKING FILE!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!!??!??! FUCK APPLE!!!

iTunes has got to be the most dumbest and retarded player I have EVER used. why can't I just plug my iPhone in, open up my Finder or Windows Explorer, and drag and drop? that's how Android works. that's all you literally have to do, and then you could play your music, watch your movie, or see your picture INSTANTLY! no opening up iTunes, no waiting for your device to pop up, no browsing and finding your file within the player, no syncing, no "this file isn't supported" and you the player must convert that shit that takes extra time, just drag and drop.

and what happens to a file that you synced? it has to remain in the same folder. if you move it, then the STUPID iTunes will say something like "could not sync the file so and so, because it could not be located". so whenever you Sync again, the file(s) that you moved to a different location, would be removed from your device. Apple is so fucking stupid, it really shocks me how many fanboys they have, and how much they defend this fuckery.

I am looking to get either an LG phone or HTC One. FUCK IPHONE!! FUCK IPAD, AND IPOD TOO. they too require the use of iTunes. Apple is ALWAYS behind in technology, I am really confused at how naive their stans are. just look at this shit. PATHETIC!!!

FUCK AN IPHONE! it is nothing more than an overhyped and an overpriced garbage...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

420 Numerology

okay, so I've been seeing the usual numerology with triple numbers. Just seen 1:11am an hour ago. 222, 333, all the way to 999. I see these numbers frequently. But lately, all I've been seeing is 420.

It got so crazy, that after I got home from work today, I am standing looking outside the window. Then I say to myself "I'm gonna smoke". I look at the clock, and it's 4:20. I laughed out loud. it was actually 5:20, but the time has changed and this one clock didn't. so I saw this number.

I've been seeing 420 everywhere for a while now. gonna go do some research on what it means now. and I know it doesn't just mean to smoke ganja.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

so I found a few of my old pics...

from back when I was going to college. this was about 10 years ago. it's basically pics of me sitting at my computer desk.

NOTHING has changed. I am still sitting at home nearly EVERY weekend, doing NOTHING with my life. I have no friends, I have no future plans or any sort of future prospect on life. I don't even make goals anymore and try to accomplish them. Just staying home feeling sorry for myself, thinking about how no one cares about me. no one calls me, no one even texts me. I am just here all alone without a soul in the world reaching out to me. fuck my life. how many more lifetimes will it take for me to wake up? to see that this will never change. I will never get anything out of life if I keep doing what I'm doing. it's almost as if I gave up again, as I did many times in the past.

I was helping my mom donating stuff to Goodwill today, and realized something. doing things with another person, even if it's my mom whom I don't even wanna be around most of the times, makes things pleasant. if I were to go to Goodwill by myself to donate stuff, it would have been so depressing, so lonely, so miserable. But driving there with someone, ANYONE, made it actually pretty cool.

But I can't stop thinking about them selfies from college. I had my first cell phone on my desk, my computer hiding underneath, with my monitor on top of the desk, and my miserable ass staring at the camera.

I am trying to meet someone, but internet dating is the most depressing thing I ever experienced. I get almost NO REPLIES. and I refuse to go out since 1) i don't drink, and 2) i am ashamed of my circumstance with my living situation, financial situation, and friend situation. too ashamed to put myself out there, let alone talk about these things with a new stranger. 3) i have so much FEAR every time I hit the club or any public gathering where people are out having fun, thinking someone will try to hurt me there, I can't even put it into words.

I will never change, and my life will never improve if I don't do something NOW. But i don't know why I don't. I know this, yet I don't act on it. I am like Jeffrey Dahmer who never made any decisions of his own growing up. and now that I'm all grown up, it's hard to even leave the house, go to a store, and say to self "I want to buy this today". I'm at the store, and I don't even know what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom makes all the decisions for me. she buys food, groceries, fruits, sweets, etc.. it's really terrible, this life. no wonder women treat me like a serial killer. no one wants to be around this much misery and burden. they want happy, and positive folks, and I am far from that. I am 10x more positive than before, but even then, it's never enough for women.

and with trannies it's all about money. if you don't have money, forget even THINKING about dating a beautiful transsexual. that 'friend' of mine is a good example. she said "i need a rich husband, for real". no wonder she never calls me or texts me anymore. I am a mama's boy who doesn't even make enough to have his own place. she complains that "you don't ever buy anything for me", when she wants me to buy her $800 pair of shoes for her. right... I'm gonna save up my money that I make in 2 weeks, to buy you shoes. She has this Asian friend who helps her. he pays her bills sometimes, and even rent when she is short. buys her other stuff, and she is so "happy" with him. He is her "Angel". She meets him every weekend, and even calls him on the phone. I guess I gotta be loaded in order to get any sort of love from her, or most trannies.

I think I'm gonna go back to watching prison documentaries, as they are the only things that I could relate to. people just dump you in a hole, and no one in the world knows nor cares that you even exist. that's how I feel about my life. I had this therapist once who told me this terminology "a living ghost", someone who just observes life passively without ever participating in it. that's me, and always have been. My father thought that if he has a son, his life would be great and he would be happy. but what he got was a replica of himself with all of his burdens that he passed onto me. this is why I will NEVER have children. I would rather be alone all my life and miserable hating myself and the world. until I tackle my issues and get myself outta this shithole, I may as well just stick it out until I am outta here.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Isis destroying Ancient Artifacts in Mosul museum

I am so angered and disturbed by this, I cannot even express it into words. cutting peoples heads off, burning people alive, all of that is not enough. now these low life pieces of shits are destroying artifacts that are thousands of years, and are part of our history. this is the most disgusting thing I have seen in 2015. If you are not familiar with what these artifacts actually mean, they are the equivalent to Ancient Egyptian statues, which were worshipped by the cultures thousands of years ago. How can you have absolutely no respect for other cultures, and other religions than your own?

I hate to say this, but Islam is the plague to our planet. it has created the biggest filth out of human beings I have ever witnessed. I remember the destruction of Buddha statues by the same kind of pieces of shits in Afghanistan, and now this? these creatures working for the devil himself are not even aware of what they are doing. they conciseness is so low, it could hardly understand of who they themselves are, let alone about the world around them. I am deeply saddened, and appalled by this video. I am seeing our human history being destroyed before my eyes, and I just wish I could do something about it. I really hope one day there will be an end to Islamic religion, and all the low life forms it creates