Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slavery in Islam Today

Islam at work, everybody! Ain't nothing better than some modern-day slavery in Mauritania. Would you like to join? You get all the benefits of being a master, from having sex with slaves, to getting paid on slave's hard work and labor. AND IF YOU ACT NOW, YOU CAN BUY ONE SLAVE, AND GET ONE FREE!

Slavery is still being practiced in 2015, believe it or not. But notice how they don't mention Islam even once during the whole story. This is the scariest part. The media refuses to acknowledge the root problem of the modern day slavery, as well as terrorism of course.

Quran mentions slavery, so if you as a muslim deny it, you can get killed and labeled as a hypocrite by other muslims, such groups as ISIS.

This man got 2 year prison term for protesting against slavery

ISIS practices sex slavery, just like Muhammad did. When he conquered the Qurayza tribe, and beheaded 900 Jewish men and boys who hit puberty, he saw Rayhana, a Jewish woman who was real beautiful. He told her that he could buy her freedom if she will mary him and convert to Islam. She refused. What did Muhammad do? He took her as a sex slave. Rayhana was living with Muhammad's other wives until she died 4 years later

This is Islam. no matter how many times the media ignores it, appeases it, calls it the "religion of peace", our clueless president Obama apologizes for it, and liberals call you a bigot for speaking out against it. Get familiarized with it. Because it is not going away

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Numerology today

Today I have seen some crazy set of numbers. The last time it was this intense, was when I was blogging about it when I was living in Los Angeles.

I woke up and saw 10:10, then I saw the following combos on the clock...

3:33 (i may have seen 4:44 but I don't remember)
666 on the license plates of a car when I was driving to Whole Foods to sell a cam corder for a friend
999 on the license plates of another car when I parked outside of my place.

I parked, and at the same time saw a gopher struggling underneath a car. I thought "why do I always see things things, and not other people? Then after a few minutes another car pulled up into the drive way of a house next to ours. This car had 999 on the plates. The gopher ended up underneath this lady's car. So I went over to tell her that, and not to move. I went in and got a glove, and moved the gopher over to the front yard of a neighbor with green weeds everywhere. They didn't seem like they had anything planted there, so the gopher wouldn't eat their plants.

Either way, I think the gopher was injured on one side since it couldn't get up no matter how hard it tried; at least on the concrete.

also, me and my friend saw 1:11, 4:44, and 5:55 yesterday. Crazy! We looked up 5:55 and it said something about a new change coming and to be open to it. Something like that. Here is the link. And when coming back home, and parking my car, I saw 111 miles on my speedometer.

The best thing I read about these Angel #s, is that it isn't for our conscious mind to understand. But it's mainly a code for our DNA, and our subconscious. This made the most sense out of everything I've read about triple numbers, and 11:11.

p.s. going to bed right now, and guess what I see? 1:11am. had to edit. this numerology is getting more and more intense lately. I wonder what is happening on a multi-dimensional level.