Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something bad may happen to me this month...

I just came back from a crystal shop, which was BAD ASS might i add. It's the 2nd one I found and much more affordable, and I like the vibe there more too. But anyway.. I bought some things what for I am not even gonna say right now. But then the girl, who ironically did a reading for me last weekend, checked the things and the bill came to... $66.67... she looked at me and we both into numerology and tons of other spirituality, mysticism, crystals, etc.. and i was like MAN!...... i was seeing 666 this whole week.

Something may happen to me this month. I only slept last night and one night on the weekend that was like 7 hours each. and besides that i get like 4-5 hours of sleep every night. My heart HURTS... it really hurts... i feel like shit. and i dont know.. I am seeing 9:11pm right now. crazy...

but change is coming.. HUGE change. I will post about it maybe in 1 week. it is bad, but good for the most part. I just hope I live to see it and get better with time. I already bought some crystals to detoxify me and cleanse my aura. Also got some Native American tools to cleanse my space with unwanted energies. More to come...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I just fucking fell outside on concreet

fucking RETARDED ASS LANDLORD was cementing his backdoor. and then i walk outside to change laundry (9:30pm and dark) and SWOOSH, LAND SPLAT BOOM ON THE FUCKING FLOOR!!! i was like WTF!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?? got 2 wounds on my right hand. I COULD HAVE BROKEN A BONE SOMEWHERE!!!! stupid faggot left a poddle of water and cement mix. FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD HE NOT KNOCK ON MY DOOR AND AT LEAST WARN ME OF THAT SHIT. i will tell that fucktard to fucking warn me next time. fucking IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

i am so sick and tired of living around retards. one day... if i am still alive... i will move to a state of smart people.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I may have other spirits in my body

saw a psychic..
she told me.. "You've had a number of spirits coming in, other beings, and you need to clean them out. Keep grounding, move them out"

the fucked up thing is.. i believe her. i done everything to escape my body and be somewhere else. smoke weed, play wow, day dream, fantasize, visualize, meditate, etc.. man.. i am tired. i been grounding like she taught me for a few days. only had 1 day of sleep. and i am off this week. i am exhausted from not sleeping for so long. i dont know how long more i will live before im in a hospital, and then check out. i still hear almost the same clicks and LOUD bangs like someone is jumping in this *NEW* place im in. which is why i believe her. whatever it was in my old spot, followed me here. cant say its the house owner cuz this happens even when they are not home. and there is a train 3 blocks away so i have no choice but to wear ear plugs or hear that horne at 3 or 4 am or 5 blow.

Jesus Christ.. never thought in my life that my FAMILY MEMBER would be the root cause of all these problems. i got enough issues of my own to deal with, but staying with that bitch brought me into a whole new dimension. i wish i never came to LA and saw what i saw living in that turmoil. i have picked up so much toxicity and my auric field has absorbed so much crap, i am still to this day dealing with it 1.5 years later. was thinking of moving back to my mom but.. probably no use. i move back there, they will damage me in their own way cuz its hell living with them.. AND i wont sleep. just what i need right now.

like i can fall asleep no problem.. then once i wake up to pee or even just wake up for no reason (usually no more than 5 hours of sleep and UP, tonight i had 3), and then pretty much 95% chance is... i will not be able to sleep again. ive taken herbal remedies, sleeping pills, slept in my car, praying EVERY NIGHT for almost the entire duration i been in LA, and nothing helps. i just meet people who fuck me up further more (just heard a loud bang again.. its like... as if someone is jumping up and then.... down and... *BOOM* like... WTF!? who does that shit.. or better question is... WHAT DOES THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????? tired.. cant get a piece of mind in my own fucking place.. forget about sleep...

and then my cousin contacting me on some myspace rip off page i havent used in months. funny shit. she wanna be close to me but yet she had no problem luring me here to LA and use me for rent money. that was the ONLY reason why she cared to have me stay with her. isnt that fucked up? and on top of that she wanna be "close to me".. lol.. bitch... GTFO!!!!!! man... it's sad. my father is one of those people who won't leave me alone psychically. he keeps pulling and pulling and pulling and when i call him he has NOTHING to say.. like yo.. WTF you want from me? to go watch movies with u and keep you company? if u dont have anything to say STOP INVADING MY SPACE! thinking about me damn near 24/7, and same with mom's side and her b/f too. it's like they won't leave me alone. damn.. some family i got.. i appreciate their support and even that will not matter if im dead or have some sort of serious heart complications that will lead to that. i got so much more to say but i am really really tired.. exhausted. i need sleep.. every night... without exception. but i get proper sleep once a week.. maybe every 2 weeks. if im lucky i get friday an saturday. if not well... im up

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weed makes me paranoid

i dont know why i keep smoking it, but it makes me paranoid 4 out of 5 times i smoke. it does relax me a little. but then i start thinking shit and i get paranoid. without weed im more calm and stuff. i just need to control when i go to bed. gotta go early at like 10pm and sleep. thats it. anyway, shit is crazy. i was thinking about getting a vaporizer too. but its like, why get one if weed makes me paranoid? crazy.. maybe i should smoke everything i got and never buy again. yeah, that could be a good idea.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

thing I Hate about being Human, pt. 1

flossing & brushing teeth every night.

hate it! it's like a chore. 15 mins lost. and then brush teeth in the morning, another 10 mins of wasted time.

in the future, hopefully 10 years, there should be some device that gets in your mouth 'ZZZZZZZZHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS' and 5 mins later its all flossed and brushed. no need to even leave your computer chair. then go straight to sleep. that would be dope.

Slept for 3 nights in a row!

OMFG!!! this is unbelievable! i SLEPT FOR 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW!! had 9 hour sleep last night.. waking up like aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

i finally moved outta LA. Alhambra is my new town. lots of Asians here. the weird thing is i can still hear clicks and sounds in my current building. i think im opening up to being psychic, hearing things in different worlds, losing my mind, extremely unlucky in where i live, or all of the above. maybe its just LA. still thinking of moving to Canada.

got Marijuana license. weed helps me to go to sleep, but first few nights i woke up and couldnt sleep again. the Friday night though was a problem too. woke up at 7am and couldnt sleep for 30 mins but eventually fell back asleep after taking Valerian herb, which helps to relax me as well.

i came to LA for medical Marijuana, and it took me 1.5 years to get it. funny shit. maybe it was my higher self who brought me through chaos so i would need a real reason to get the MJ. dang!! that was a hell of a trip for me to get some reefer for. anyway, i got weed now. which is a good thing. even if i wanna come home and relax, i smoke and zone the fuck out! love it..

im gonna see a psychic and have lots of questions for her. im gonna be taking a lot of spiritual classes now that i can sleep, and hopefully will be able to sleep from now on. and will be studying lots of books im into. got 2 books i havent even touched for months cuz i can barely function without sleep.

LA is full of sharks, fakes, and flakes. i put up the ad for my old place saying i wont pull credit but will just verify work, and all these sharks came out the wood works. some brought fake IDs and fake check stubs of other people talking about "i get paid on the 10th and dont have the $ now but please let me move in", others are Pimps who will bring hoes to my spot to bone customers for all i know, and i swear.. from now on im pulling credit whoever wanna live there. one guy already screwed me over. LA really is full of miserable and toxic people. if i knew about this place before coming here, not in a million years would i chose to move here..