Thursday, May 26, 2011

more about Oct 28, 2011

I did a little bit of research on this author Carl Johan Calleman, and he claims that the archeologists misinterpreted the dates of December 21, 2012, and that the media is pushing it to us to misguide us. He also said that as a result of us THINKING the date of the shift is December 21, 2012, it may make an enormous difference IF it really is October 28, 2011. In other words, life or death, ascension or stagnation sort of thing. BUT this dude predicted that on the 6th night our economic system would collapse and it didn't (graph below)

Still, he is very close. Economic collapse could be coming. For all I know it could be right around the corner. Very interesting, nevertheless.


Oct 28, 2011 is the end of the Last Cycle

I'm studying Numerology right now, and it says exactly what the Mayans focused on. The cosmos goes through 9 different cycles, 1 is the beginning, and 9 is the end of that cycle. After 9, new cycle beings, and different energies are experienced. This is how we live our lives, in the cycles of 9s. That's why all of Mayan's pyramids are built in 9 levels, 1 the beginning, and 9 the end of the cycle. First is the longest, and the 9th is the shortest. And according to an author named Carl Johan Calleman, the end of this shortest cycle is coming October 28 of this year, and not December 21, 2012 like we all think. Not sure how accurate this information is, but it's something to think about

Sunday, May 22, 2011

is America on a verge of collapsing?

brother yic3189 on youtube been hooking me up with some info about what is going on with our economy. and I finally had a chance to see Collapse by Michael Ruppert. so I was wondering, how long will it take for our economy to collapse? I really hope it won't happen, but it is inevitable from how things look. anyway, I think everyone should watch this movie, ESPECIALLY if you live in America.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ADD/ADHD is Kinesthetic learning?

I just found this out and it is SO TRUE. I got ADD and can't focus for shit because I find nearly everything BORING. back in school all I heard was blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and I'm somewhere day dreaming 95% of the time. looking at my notes... blah blah blah

then I read this

SO TRUE. I learn A LOT by DOING things and not by listening to people teach how to do them.

Christians think today, May 21s is doomsday


Thursday, May 19, 2011

my Therapist Sucks

so today I drag my ass to my shrink and he always makes me feel like 1) he doesn't understand me, 2) he doesn't know what he can do to help due to him having a totally different life, and 3) he doesn't care. for #3, his eyes roll almost in the back of his head. it's a subconscious thing people tend to do when they are bored, or don't care. I notice this a lot and don't want to be around people who do that when I talk to them. in this case, it's my shrink.

so today was the most uncomfortable appointment yet. I came there, asked him how he is, he asked me I was and what I been doing. and of course, it's the same shit. I was like "looking for a job and not looking for a job being bored. I'm bored most of my life" and then there was silence... I didn't have shit to say and neither did he. I just sat there without saying a word. and why should I? that fucker gives me "I don't care" vibe the second I start talking. the first 5 minutes were the hardest. I was uncomfortable. then I was like blah, and I started to meditate visualizing a shield. after about 25 minutes he just went okay we'll since you just sitting there staring into nothing, see you next week. I was like yeah, okay. and that was that.

at this point, he cannot help me for shit. I will talk to my fam see if we can just keep him as our family shrink and so that I drop him for my appointments. I seriously think that #1 I need a job, #2 I need money, and #3 the only person who could help me is me in the future. in other words, someone like me and who had my life, but is prosperous now. I can learn a lot from a guy like that because he would understand me the most, and genuinely CARE about helping me, not like this shrink who is clueless.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Egypt & its Secrets

I have been into spirituality for a couple of years on and off getting into it deeper and deeper. one thing I learned is that MAJORITY, if not ALL of the religions, new age stuff, and magic was borrowed or straight up STOLEN from Egypt. this means everything, spells, beliefs, for all I know passages in the Bible has been "borrowed" somehow from Egypt. now this isn't written in stone, but just something I keep on hearing, reading, etc.. it's mind boggling at how many people have learned from Egypt, and how much spirituality has been hi-jacked from that culture. But what's mind boggling to me even more is, WHERE ARE ALL THESE TEACHINGS TODAY!?!?!

if all these people have borrowed stuff from Egyptian religion, like Greeks fom example who allegedly borrowed Egyptian Gods and renamed them to their own, then how come all the knowledge of the REAL and ORIGINAL source is either hidden, or disappeared? am I not looking deep enough? or was the knowledge of Egypt been hi-jacked and then destroyed. I don't know man...

if you reading this and you know of any sort of book, or an author, a student, or a "master" who has followers in spiritual teachings of Egypt, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I want to learn, but from the looks of things I may just go the Buddha way. at least I can eventually find some "master" among the Hindus who could teach me the secrets of the Universe, and keys on how I could unlock them myself. I just wish there were as much culture alive today surrounding Egypt like there is that surrounds Buddha. Don't get me wrong, I do love Buddha and meditate every day, but my fascination for Egypt never faded.

Like for example, I been wanting to learn Mer-Ka-Ba meditation.

But every Egyptian book I look through, there is not even that word in its index. Like W...T...F!?!? Its origin is Egypt, so why the fuck can't I find it in the source? The closest I have gotten to is some new age dude who is teaching it, AND from what I've read he "went to Egypt, and had his 'initiation' there". See what I mean? this shit really piss me off, and I can't put it together.

do people learn from Egypt just by being at the pyramids because of certain energy fields that surround the site? or what? how and who teaches them the stuff? I don't get it. I want to know. I really want to learn...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Dynamite, Terminator: Salvation, Crank 2, Young Cesar, Point of No Return - Movie Reviews

Black Dynamite - not as funny as I thought it would be BUT, i bet it is a funny ass movie when you smoke some good ass weed. I remember watching one movie that was STUPID AS HELL and then watching it again on weed I was ROFLING. so yeah, smoke some weed, watch this movie, and laugh your ass off. too bad I don't do drugs no more. 4/5 stars.

Terminator: Salvation - started out good, but went down from there. then at some point, bad acting just followed, and it just fucked the movie up. either way. 3 stars cuz I wasn't bored. other then that, it wasn't that great. but at least it wasn't a complete shit film like T3.

Crank 2 - this movie is funny, and sick at the same time. not anywhere near as good as the first, but I enjoyed it. 3/5 stars.

Young Cesar - enjoyed this film. young black male making money in the drug game, etc.. and there is drama within the crime family, etc.. solid movie. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! 4/5 stars.

Point of No Return - this movie reminds me of Hip Hop today. take an ORIGINAL film, La Femme Nikita, make an exact copy of it, sprinkle some remixes here and there to ad it some spices, and voila! you get Remix 2001 or whatever the fuck. this is why I don't listen to Hip Hop anymore. but I wanted to see this movie because I had high hopes for the "American" version. 2/5 stars.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bank Job, Firefly, Serenity - Movie Reviews

The Bank Job - this movie made me do research after I watched it, and not many movies make me do that. I even watched all the extras on the DVD, which I almost never do. If you like Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels, you will love this film. Based on true events from 1971 London Bank robbery, this movie ROCKS!!! 5/5 stars.

Firefly: The Complete Series - I watched Serenity, and it was one of the greatest movies I've seen. Then everyone told me to watch Firefly, which is what Serenity is based on. The first few shows were meh... mediocre acting, low budget show, reminded me of those cheap films you watch on Sci-Fi channel. But the worst of this series was intro music! omfg... COUNTRY music. like who the fuck wrote a script with a Sci-Fi movie that is based 500 years into the future, and then decided to mix it with country music? give me space music, techno, electronic dammit! that's what Sci-Fi spaceship movies are all about! but after a while I really got addicted to this television show, and realized it has something very important-a sense of humor! I watched all 14 shows and I gotta say, the crew is hilarious. the show #7 is the funniest of all. I was dying. I give this tv serious a 4/5 because the intro music sucks balls, but the story, the crew, and the humor sucks you in and makes you an addict. I wish there was more episodes of the show, but there isn't, unfortunately. I enjoyed it while it lasted very much. *pours out liquor for Firefly* you will be missed.

Serenity - to fully understand this movie, you must watch the entire Firefly series. Serenity takes off right after the last episode. it... fucking... rules! I loved it the first time I watched it, and had to watch it again to fully understand the story. so glad I watched it right after being done with Firefly. same cast, same humor, same action times 10. Love this movie as much and even more than I love the series. 5/5 stars bitches.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am REALLY sick

didn't sleep at all last night. nose running all night. had tp in the nostrals. used up like half the roll. hard to breath through mouth, soar throat, hard to breath through nose, sensitive. i am a mess. my eyes are RED. sneezing all day and night. fuck the flue shots! i haven't been this sick, or sick at all in years. and funny how i get sick months after getting my very first flue shot.

at this point my head feels like it's going to explode my nose and eyes are irritated. it's bad.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Flue Shots ARE WORTHLESS. I am sick.

not even 2 months later after having my first flue shot, I am sick. it was so bad today I had inflamation above my eyes due to my alargies. nose been running all night and day. the pain was unbearable. had to take ibuprofen which RULES btw. TY!!!!!!!!!! everything else is like I said.

Flue shots are useless, cost money, and pump you up with God knows what chemicals that is unknown to the sheep that get it every year. beware.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Laden killed in 2007? *Edited & fixed youtube link*

Benazir Bhutto, who was a prime minister of Pakistan, mentioned that Osama Bin Laden was "murdered" back in her 2007 interview. She was assassinated later that year. Fucking media I tell you... a bunch of propaganda and mind control

the fucking youbute won't let me embed this video

and now the white house is saying "the photos will not be released". coincidence?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


so me and my mom leaving family therapy. she is like "you want some fresh bread?" I'm like okay... we go in... and already don't feel good. I don't like shopping with my mom because she embarrasses the shit outta me every time. so the lady is like "may I help you". my mom asks me "what do you want?" like we there for me and only me. I'm like just get french bread. lady is like "we only got sour" so my mom is like "ohhhhh but you don't like sour right?" and we are getting ready to leave. at this point I wanna die. she treats me like I'm her 5 year old who "mommy is buying things for" in front of EVERYONE. I'm 31 fucking years old. to this day she treats me like I'm 5.

this is us at Costco

Mom: do you want this *points finger*? do you want that *points finger? IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!!

this is my mom and her b/f together

b/f: awww babe look at that cute puppy
Mom: awww, here puppy

I can't even say how they talk here cuz it's their tone. they talk like 10 year old kids playing with each other.. FUCKING GROWN UPS MAN!!! GROWN UPS!!! arghh....

i dont even fucking know what to say at this point. I DONT WANT TO BE NEAR OR AROUND THEM 99% OF THE TIME, BUT SOME TIMES I GOT NO CHOICE.


The Fountain, Amour Infinity, Girl 6, Mad Max, Dirty - Movie Reviews

The Fountain - this movie is fucking BEAUTIFUL. Life, death, love, reincarnation, parallel lives, Spain, Mayans, alternate realities, time, etc... 5/5 stars. must watch.

Amour Infinity: A Brooklyn Love Story - Love story in the hood. I guessed so many lines before they said them, ahaaha. solid film, but if you don't like love stuff, stay away. watch it, and show support! 3/5 stars.

Girl 6 - this movie is FUNNY. I can't believe it took me this long to watch it. I been postponing it because I thought it's gonna suck. but anyway, even though I think Spike Lee can be ignorant as hell riding Italians' dick like there is no tomorrow, I enjoy many, if not most of his movies. 4.5/5 stars.

Mad Max - back when this movie came out, it probably would be 5/5, but now I can't give it more than 3, even though it is 1/5 for a lot of people who would see it for the first time. this is one of those movies that you say is a "classic" when you were like 5 years old watching that shit. but when you grow up and watch it again, your boner hits the ground.

Dirty - man... originally I was gonna give this a 4 star review, but now I can't do it for the life of me. killings, murders, blood, gangsters, everyone is dirty, it is fucking sickening to watch this movie. I feel 20x worse after watching this. this movie ruined my fucking day completely. I cant stand movies like this. Good story, but this movie is..... DIRTY! matter fact, fuck the story. come to think of it, it sucks balls. I feel I need to sprinkle some holy water all over me after watching this film. 1 dirty star is all it gets.