Monday, April 4, 2016

Hitler was right

He was the only one with balls big enough to take out this trash.

Civil war is coming to Germany soon. And Germans are not even allowed to arm themselves. It's unbelievable what Angela Merkel has done to Germany and its people. This will only get worse as more of these rats from Turkey pour into this what once was a great European Christian nation. so glad I don't live there


Anonymous said...

hahaha Hitler was right? have you lost your mind

Sp said...

would Hitler allow 3rd world cockroaches into Germany?
would Hitler allow the suicide of his culture?
would Hitler allow the destruction of his people?

so yes, even though he went ape shit with killing the Jews, in the end Hitler was right. the only way to preserve and save your culture, and protect your nation and its people, is by outlawing immigration, and keeping your race pure. Japanese are doing this very thing today, but I don't see anyone calling them Nazis. it's only when white Europeans have the same views and ideas, the liberal media paints them as evil and heartless demons. fuck the media, fuck elites, and fuck the establishment!