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Truth about Akult

Akult is a guy on youtube who claims he is a reincarnation of Khafra-an Egyptian pharaoh from the 4th dynasty. With that being said, the first time I heard about him was when I got a friend request. This is my HONEST first impression of Akult right after listening to his music... another rapper using profanity and curse words. I didn't listen to the song for more than 15 seconds and kind of forgot about him... until he started making his 2012 from the greater vantage videos. Then I was hooked on what he had to say. I honestly don't listen to rap anymore, and Akult is a prime example of why. But I was hooked on the 2012 videos since I am a 2012 junkie, and everything was awesome.

Then at some point, for the very first time, I spotted a little bit of ignorance mixed with a lot of confusion coming from Akult. It was in this video where he talks about his views on interracial relationships (if the annotations text is removed, turn it on)


This really confused me. Who are "THEY"? Black people? White people? Interracially mixed people? Then one mixed guy replied with this message 'I very much know there is truth to this. But here is the complicated part, the offspring of multiracial parents, like myself are a "strange breed"...we have different kinds of "powers", I by chance am a "generator" I often draw to myself "absorbers", or feeders. Here is the great conundrum, my mother is a "feeder"...and most of the people in my life have "fed" from me. It has gotten tiresome, it is the primary reason why live a solitary life now, most humans exhaust me'

And here is my beef... I AM A "GENERATOR"... but... I am WHITE! a "Caucasoid" as Akult would call me. I am not interracially mixed, I mean maybe culturally as we ALL are and it's damn near impossible to find someone of PURE breed, but this is why everything he said is BULLSHIT! again, this is my truth and the truth that I see in other people, and he obviously is speaking his. My homeboy Topaz for example... is... BLACK! he is not inter-racially mixed, but he can correct me on that. he is a "generator", like me. So, like I said... ignorance mixed with confusion.

I am very aware of psychic vampires and have met 2 of them. The first one was Arab I think, and the second one was Korean. I don't know if they were mixed. But my closest friend is BLACK (African American). He isn't mixed, I mean maybe ancestrally back in the slave days. Anyway, he is a "feeder". He isn't a psychic vamp, but he needs other people around him ALL THE TIME to EXPRESS his creativity onto them. so, do the math. Me, a whitey, absorber.. Topaz, black man, absorber.. my close friend, black man, feeder. My girl-"FRIEND" I knew in college, mixed-half white, half black, feeder. My white friend when doing martial arts, feeder. I'm sorry, but it doesn't add up... The difference between a psychic vamp and a feeder btw, is that if you have a friend that is "feeder" type, he and you have an exchange of energy going. He expresses, you absorb, and it goes visa versa (maybe not as much if you're are the latter). But a psychic vamp just TAKES TAKES TAKES, and does not want to give anything back other than his physical presence.


gotta love the bold part. call it what you want, I call it lies with IGNORANCE. Keep reading, and you'll see why.

Akult's journal
After I was done with his 2012 series, I got his journal. The journal is filled with magic, spells, chi kung, and a whole of other shit about how everything is BLACK. black man is god, god is black, why god is black, BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK. I was like holy shit... if this guy has a favorite color, I already know it is black.

My favorite part of the journal is when he says some offensive and ignorant shit, then follows up with... "if this offends you, put the journal down and stop reading it", "if this offends you, stop reading now", "if this offends you.. this journal is not for you", etc.. He says this statement every 10 to 20 pages. something like "White people were created by black people, and they are our children". There is quiet a bit of subtle & covert racism in his journal. Like when he goes on to belittle all the "Caucasoids" by making fun of them how "they all go tanning in the sun and dont even know why they doing it", etc.. stupid shit like that. It's basically him "judging" when he claimed he doesn't. Any human being that says he doesn't judge, is full of shit.. unless he is Jesus or Buddha or something.

painlessreborn was talking about this in one of his videos how a lot of black folks in this conscious community say racist statements mixing them up with magic, and mysticism. i.e. "look at these white people. they can't even be in the sun without turning red, haha", etc.. and then talk about Pyramids, Egypt, and how "we are melanated people that are 'special'." There is quiet a few of "conscious" black folks like this on youtube, and that's exactly what Akult does. He even does it in his 2012 series when he refers to white archeologists. "Thank you Bob, I am flattered you are interested in my people" or something when he refers to the Mayans. Shit like that. It's him acting like Mayans are his people. Why do black people hijack so many cultures that is not theirs? That shit  KILLS ME! Just because you are "melanted people", doesn't automatically make you part of every ancient culture that existed. Mayans, my people, Egyptians, my people, Aztecs, my people, Olmecs, my people, etc.. GTFO! THAT IS NOT YOUR CULTURE! stop the bullshit. That's like me claiming Greeks, Italians, French, etc.. are my people and of my culture because I am white. I won't even go into this, but this book is a great example of what I am talking about: They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America. Screw all the Mayans, Aztecs, Natives of the Americas.. The Africans came there and taught the natives all the the secrets of the universe. Therefore, none of those civilizations had any mind or cultures of their own. This is what the author is saying. Afrocentrism is very dangerous because many black teachers with Phds, Masters, etc.. teach propaganda like this which makes me puke. I had a teacher in college that was teaching the entire black studies class that definition of racism is what "institutional racism" is, which was created by Stokely Carmichael. It's unbelievable, but there are many black people who are being mislead by these ignoramuses world wide. Just because you have a degree, doesn't mean a damn thing. People will take you seriously, and would want to learn from you, but you could be just another racist spreading your hate, and ignorance onto the world.

And don't get me wrong, I agree with how the western man has very limited knowledge and understanding of the Universe. but if you are here 'dropping knowledge' on the cycles of the cosmos and the flow of life, you should understand and accept everything that has happened without belittling every "Caucasoid" you talk about. Akult does this a lot, actually. Caucasoid is his favorite word, right next to "black" of course.

Akult is a racist. There is no other way to say it. The funny thing is, he talks about how you shouldn't have any hate in your heart if you wanna survive the 2012, but he has it on a very subtle level towards white people, the "Caucasoids." This was too evident in his journal. People like him just go around making themselves and others who are of the same race feel superior to all other humans. I've seen this before with other races. like when I was doing Kung Fu with a few Chinese people acting like they were special and everyone was below them. My sifu was cool, but we had a guy who wouldn't even teach anyone that's not Chinese, black, white, whatever. You not Chinese? FUCK YOU! That was his philosophy.

This is how people like Akult get you to follow them... KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, ignorance, "uh... wait a minute.. but.. he is so smart and knowledgeable... he must know what he is talking about", KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, racism,  "oh... uh... nahh, he is not racist, he just has a lot of knowledge", KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE,  racism, "nah, he is smart and must be right, he is not racist", KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE,  and the rest is history.

Spreading a lot of knowledge, mixed with magic, a little bit of ignorance, and vagueness.. spreading a lot more knowledge, than mix it up with a little tiny bit of racism, more knowledge, racism, way more knowledge and then you can pretty much say anything you want because you got followers who want to learn from you.

It's just sad this man borrows so much knowledge from other cultures like Hinduism (meditation, Buddha), Chinese (martial arts, chi-kong), Mayans, Egyptians, etc.. yet he acts like they are all his cultures because they are "melanated" people. But.. the white man, the caucasoid, the whitey, is "the devil". NO WAY is the whitey related to him in any way. All this knowledge of cycles of life in the cosmos, and he can't even accept the cycle of the white man colonizing the world with his western way of thinking. The same racism that "the white devil" has brought here, lives inside of Akult, as it lives inside of many people in America and the rest of the western world. The same people claiming they aren't racist are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. I have seen this with white people talking about "Nigger this, nigger that", and then they are like.. "oh no, I'm not a racist. I grew up with black people".. yeah, ok buddy. whatever you say.

Feeling behind the message
Maybe Akult is right on some of the things, or even all of the things I disagree with. But it's not about him being right or wrong, it's the feeling behind his message that he brings. The feeling of vagueness, confusion, racism, ignorance, and fear. There is always different ways to carry the message across, and Akult always brings forth these dark feelings whether he realizes it or not. Seth is a great example of this. Reading Seth Speaks was fascinating and very loving at the same time. I felt great thirst for knowledge wanting to know more about the real history of aliens, the ancients, Atlantis, the original humans, those that created us, etc.. Akult on the other hand, I don't want to read more than that 1 chapter. I feel like some fucking reject of humanity with the same label being uttered to describe me, "Caucasoid".  Every 10 pages or so there is this similar phrase "if this offends you, blah blah blah", etc. The truth is, if you don't say offensive statements, you wouldn't need to say "if this offends you, [fill in the blank]". But Akult does, so he must say the latter. He should've just put a big fat disclaimer before writing his journal that would go something like this... "IF YOU ARE NOT BLACK, THIS JOURNAL MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOU". That's it! No more "if you are offended, stop reading" every 10 pages.

There is a reason why people in the New Age spiritual community stay away from hip hop guys like Akult. That reason is these nit picking bullshit belittling moments where he puts certain races down. If you ever had a chance to join any of the New Age online communities, you'd know that you will be accepted no matter your race, sex, or background. No one will accuse you or your kind to be "the devil" or a "consequence" of your parents. You are accepted and "LOVED beyond measure" (funny thing is, the guy who is constantly saying this is on Akult's 13 "XMEN" list.) Saying that the white man is the devil, even if referring to The Training Day, and Denzel (black man) being god, and all the other ignorant shit Akult says in his journal really brings his true feelings to the surface. Did he study Elijah Muhammad teachings? is he a 5%er? Most times he never cites his sources, so it's just reading a bunch of blah blah blah.. Aliens came, blah blah, they created humans blah blah, humans created other humans, blah blah. Did you channel this? Did you uh... read this in a book? Where you get it from? *silence*... or... "DON'T ASK ME FOR THE SOURCE."

Akult Hiding his true self
It's really interesting how Akult always hides his face throughout his videos. He showed it once I believe in the 2012 series, and even then he looks down or away, never directly looking at the camera. I think it is a subconscious thing because he is afraid to show his true self. That same true self that comes out in his journal. Only recently he put his face in his youtube avatar, but it is very small and hard to see. Other recent videos with his pics in them, the written text covers his face so you don't really get to see it in full. Fascinating. It's sort of like that scene in Narc. [SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't seen the movie Narc, do so before reading further or you will know the entire film's story. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!] There is 2 cops sitting in the car. And the scene is shot from the outside of the windshield. One cop you can clearly see through the glass, but for the second cop there is always distortions like there is a reflection of a tree branch with leaves, etc.. The first cop is clean; the 2nd cop is dirty. And in every scene throughout the movie a clean cop has a clear view, but a dirty cop has distortions of some sort surrounding his face, like he's got something to hide[/SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!] It's that same subtle, subconscious signs you can clearly see happening with Akult in ALL his videos. He has stuff all over him that he hides and doesn't want people to see. And it all becomes clear once you read the first chapter he gives out for "FREE."

The truth is, NOTHING in the Universe is free. EVERYTHING has a price.

I'm surprised clecquot is one of Akult's closest friends cuz he is like the total opposite. Every time I seen his videos he always shows his entire face, looks directly at the camera. It's like he has nothing to hide. clecquot is a typical good guy. is what I see anyway.

Akult represents true Hip-Hop
In hip hop there is a lot of racism going on. Most people, especially young white kids who buy the records, don't notice it, ignore it, or start hating themselves (I went through this, myself.) the word "Cracka" is technically a racist term, but it has been said so much that it's just a regular word in hip hop now. Akult though says "Cacasions" or "Caucasoids" but there is racism underneath it if you really tune into the energy of those 2 words. Hip Hop represents the essence of the true American culture, which is filled with racism, ignorance, hate, fear, homophobia, etc.. That's why if you go to any popular hip hop website like sohh, allhiphop, etc.. and just browse the forums there, you will see a lot of kids saying racial slurs. "Nigga" is a must; everyone says it because it's so "cool" after listening to so much hip hop, cracka, chink, spic, wet back, etc etc.. shit is pitiful. Hip hop is just a racist ass culture. Even if you are someone like Talib Kweli, chances are you saying some racist shit. Like when he was dissing his white fans by calling them crackas when 85% of his fans are white. fucking pathetic man... I have lost all of faith in hip hop culture.

Akult is against homosexuality and thinks it can be "dangerous" because it doesn't represent "ying & yan" energies (LoL!). What people like Akult don't get due to the fact they can't for the life of them think outside of the ignorance box, is that homosexuality represents ying & yan in its purest form. Male/female, day/night, light/dark, black/white, straight/gay. IT IS INEVITABLE! I'm willing to bet homosexuality exists on every planet with life on it. There were gays amongst Egyptians, Mayans, and probably in every civilization known to man. But of course, you will not hear this from Akult. Dangerous??? Maybe if it was as rampant back when there were hardly any people, but now with 6 billion humans? It's actually helping the planet from overpopulating, which is what homosexuality really is imo, just a form of population control nature creates for its own purposes. Look at all the animals like ram, monkeys, dogs, etc.. who engage in homosexual activities. Is that "dangerous" too? or is he going to say some shit like how a white man went all over the globe and gave them all a shot to change their DNA? Akult is against joining groups. And I am one of the most loneliest people on earth, so I should just be alone all my life without joining any clubs that could help me meet people with similar interests? He is against interracial relationships, but I bet he is half white or mixed with something, and he still hasn't accepted his mixed side. Point is, Akult is IGNORANT as hell. He says some crazy shit, and never cites his sources. Where you get this info, man? channeled? astral travel? book? something?

You can see more ignorance from Akult when he talks about how black or "melanated" peoples DNA is mutating. So, let me get this straight. A black person could be drinking 40's, smoking weed, talking a lot of shit about other people and not doing a damn thing with his life, but since he is black, his "DNA is mutating." Me, on the other hand; I could be meditating, reading books, try to discover who I am, try to get ahead by studying to get a degree, or a certificate so that I can have something to show for and make some decent money.  But I am just another "caucasoid", aka "white devil", and therefore, my DNA is NOT mutating because I am inferior? How can people not see this form of ignorance/racism is beyond me.

Find your own Path
interested in Magic? here is a great website,, go to the 'Beginners' section. start reading. interested in spirituality? wanna learn about tarot? go do some research and find a good book on the subject. Astrology? kabala? meditation? tantra? Egypt? Mayans? get off your lazy ass and do some research. ask around on which are good books, browse amazon, go to a bookstore. Just don't rely on guys like Akult to give you all this knowledge. And even if you do that, always, always, ALWAYS question what you read, hear, or witness. Someone else's truth may be a total bullshit or just that, their own truth. Akult is just 1 dude with opinions. His opinions are not anymore important than mine or yours. That's all I really wanna say. I could write another 20 pages about this guy, but I won't drag this any longer.

Mixing knowledge with magic, ignorance, racism, and then getting people to follow you and beLIEve you. Now THAT is dangerous.


  • Akult's youtube channel:
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  • Akult's rants -  here is his latest: "I HAVE FELT A DEEP DISGUST LATELY, and i didnt know why... but now i realize its because i am totally done with this human existence. im done wih this shit. this shit is putrid to me now. i will not reincarnate here again. you either leave as well or fucking die here and be recycled. im out this motherfucker. fuck all of you!" - 9/3/2011 

My graditute
p.s. I want to thank Akult for introducing me to the African American Occult/conscious community. I never thought I'd find it, but it found me. I found out about Bobby Hemmit, Bro Panic, and a whole bunch of other folks on youtube. It showed me just how hateful, racist, and negative the conscious community is, and that no matter how much fear and hate people spread or any other form of negativity, we are all connected in this duality. I have nothing personal against Akult, but wish he would stop seeing everything as black and white.


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