Monday, May 23, 2016

living around Muslims

this right here brought me back to my childhood

I remember going to school every day through the crowd of these savages, thinking to myself "will I ever get out"? We had to repair our windows every so often because these 3rd world cock roaches throw rocks every chance they get. Luckily, the universe answered my prayers and we ended up in America. but other whites weren't so lucky. I once had a rock thrown at me in my school, which was mixed btw and not all muslim like a school which I lived right next to, right at my temple! It was a big rock, but I somehow survived.

Muslims throw rocks at animals too; they don't discriminate. Once I saw a cat almost got hit with a huge rock. Muslims are a bunch of low IQ primitives who steal, rape, and kill. And that is the fate of every muslim who goes deeper and deeper into the religion of Satan. I pray for Europe and my European people who have to put up living around these savages. I know from experience it's a living hell, especially when the authorities not only bring these parasites in, but refuse to enforce the law when it comes to dealing with these demons.

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