Thursday, September 15, 2016

will I ever live this life?


Paz said...

big space, what's up man? hope everything is going okay on your side of things.

see that you're still blogging which is great. still not in the blogging thing anymore because it wasn't healthy for my ass. still thinking about deleting it but then there was a lot of good writing in that.

just feel that in this day and age, it seems like what we were doing on the web forums and even here seems to have led to a monster which has people doing what we are doing on a worse level on social media. it's scary. actually get sick and annoyed at seeing the level of narcissism that is all over the fucking place. it's uncool.

Sp said...

I am a little bit better, but still struggling with my issues. I blog but not that much. takes too much time.

I don't fuck with social media like that. all of this I have here is private, and I like to keep it that way, but not sure how long till I stop blogging. I'd like to get better and be around people eventually, not stay home and stare at my computer screen all day. but I know that will be hard work, and I feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into politics and world issues. but hey, I can't complain. I asked for this. wanted to understand how the world works, and now I'm hooked. I just wish I was hooked into the matrix of living my life as much, and not just history, and world events. oh well, I'll have to pray some more and take action. without action, and persistence, I'll never get better. but thanks for dropping by.