Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nerve wrecking OBE

last night I was stuck again. it went from me falling back asleep 4 hours after my nap, and then hearing this annoying sound, to hearing people chatter, to seeing this social gathering very clearly. I tried to project there to see what was going on, but... stuck in my body. keep hearing this loud sound and some sort of buzzing sound. I think it was my shield that I visualized before bed spinning around me. it was really nerve wrecking.

I tried rolling out, nothing. getting up, couldn't. then I see this tunnel in my right vision. not going through it but just witnessing it spinning. then see purple clouds. I felt like I could be in this stage forever. but my fear and nerves got enough of this, so I woke self up. couldn't sleep for 10 mins, cuz I had to calm down first. so I jotted this down in my journal. man I am so frustrated being stuck in my OBEs. it's like, I don't know what to do. I guess I need to practice, but I'm tired of all the Astral Noise when I'm stuck. sometimes it get overwhelming.

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