Thursday, April 26, 2012

I no longer support AstralBooBaby

I am done supporting or following AstralBooBaby completely. just unsubscribed from his youtube channel yesterday, and not coming back to his website again.

The main issue I have with ABB is how he runs his site. There are absolutely NO MODERATORS. it is completely OUT OF CONTROL. There was one guy who was putting black magic curses on half the members, yes I kid you not. and not only was he not banned, he wasn't even warned. now we got another troll, who I personally think is the same person because the black magician disappeared and this guy comes out of nowhere cursing at everybody and going ape shit just like the other dude. so this troll told us all to die, said fuck faggots, fuck Jews who are all a bunch of nazis and control the world. He told me personally that he would kill me if killing other people wasn't illegal. and what has been done about this? NOTHING!

he was trolling one of another ABB members in the chat and when ABB fam said his behavior will be reported, the troll just kept saying "nothing can be done to me, ABB would never allow it. fuck you! you should die. you are a piece of shit and will never be nothing more than that" etc.. just a lot of hateful and mean stuff. so then this ABB fam member made a thread and we ALL came in to support her to ban the troll. what does ABB do? he spreads the word that the kid has mental issues and has told ABB that if we ban him, he'll kill himself. so please don't be mean to him and ignore him. HUH!?!?!? wait... not only did you have an immature little shit putting black magic curses on half of YOUR members on YOUR site, and you didnt do SHIT about it, but now you got another guy who MANIPULATED your ass to the point where he is threatening to KILL HIMSELF??? that's right "if you ban me, ill kill myself".. wow.. I am speechless.

But I can't be surprised because ABB supports dero7, who is one of the biggest fakes on youtube. and ABB also supports Abraham Hicks, who is another FRAUD! hey ABB, if you're reading this... here is something you should listen to... just for you buddy I hope you'll wake up from your delusional lala land and the gurus that you look up to, who are nothing more than sheep in wolfs' clothing trying to make a buck posing as something they're not.

I still love you AstralBooBaby, and totally know where you are coming from. We are all one, and all of us are accepted and loved beyond measure (yes, even people like Hitler), but you should learn how to deal with those that suck others' energies, and say hurtful and painful things.

Goodbye friend. I will miss you. but I won't miss being part of your community which you can't even moderate. people who are hateful and parasitic are here for a reason, but you don't have to invite them over for dinner. and if they come over anyway, you should learn how to kick them out in order for them not to ruin it for all of your fam at the table.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leopard Kills Hyena

This is such a rare footage. Leopard eats hyena after dragging it to a tree. CLASSIC!!! all those times Hyenas stealing leopards' kills, and now one gets PWNED! payback is a BITCH! that's all I gotta say

Monday, April 23, 2012

interesting article on Internet Porn

must read for anyone who is hooked on that shit

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

saw my Sifu today

okay, so its almost 2am and I wanted to blog this before I go to bed.

I was going to this Chinese bakery that I go to get sesame balls. i come in and there are old chinese men talking amongst themselves. im like yeah whatever.. i just see the guy i know. he gets up, goes to the counter but didnt have change for a 100. so im like awww.. okay. i walk out and right before i leave this man starts yelling "HEY!!! HEY!!! SOMETHING SOMETHING HEY! YOU KNOW THIS GUY!??" i was like WTF!?!?!?! is he yelling at me? "HEY! YOU KNOW THIS GUY!?!?!" i look close, and its my Sifu.. i was like WHOLY FUCK! SIFU!!! and he sits there all half smiling. i shake his hand, but he almost fucking crushed mine. he turned around and started talking to them. so i walk out thinking like.. damn he is so COLD! i felt shivers. but i mean, i do respect him. he is what you could call a master. he achieved what 99% of men or women would never achieve in their lifetimes. he has a complete control over his emotions, his energy, and fear (calls himself "the dead man"). he is smaller than me but can kill any human being with 1 tap. he controls his energy, and can read others' as well.

i came back in with change and found out where he trains now. might go back to train with him for a month and see how it goes. we'll see. but like i said. i respect him as a Sifu, actually i think he is more of a Sensei. have not met one man who could beat him.. yet. but he should be a little warmer towards his students. but i cant blame him i guess. him and me never really talked or even clicked. i think its safe to say we are from different worlds. i havent seen him since i quit martial arts, which was around 2004. so it's been a while...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steve Martin is a LEGEND

I can't believe how many people today havent realized it because they havent seen any of his old movies. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, and Bowfinger is my favorite of all time. He is LEGEND with one of a kind sense of humor. crap like Chappelle today makes comedy is a fucking JOKE. i think people just smoke a lot of weed and watch his shit. that's the only thing that makes him funny. but anyway, I digress

I am gonna watch Leap of Faith later on tonight. I only seen parts of it..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

take 3

that weed was strong. it fucked me up real good. I have a feeling it will last me a long time. I hoped it wouldnt be that strong, but oh well. last night was the last night of me smoking for a while. I am focusing on other things in my life.

got some interviews coming up and reading Robert Monroe's first book. it really is fascinating. I didnt want to read it before because I wanted a book on how-to have OBEs, but his book is just so interesting. especially now that I am kinda scared to OBE and dealing with fear, his book helps to get a glimpse of the Astral and the spirit world without actually going there. I hope it will remain being this good. I will finish it and see if I could find his 2nd book in the library as well.

Monday, April 9, 2012

take 2

okay, so I finished my gram few days ago and decided not to smoke again. then earlier today it got me thinking "wtf am i doing? this is my last week of freedom, possibly until I move out" so I went out and got another gram today. this strand is much stronger. man, that last strand I smoke more than usually per sitting, and felt maybe 50% high. it was really weak, in a good way. now this one is stronger. so it should bump me up a little bit :) the dude told me that it's medium in strenght, which is exactly what I'm looking for (o:

okay, i will report back to how good this is. already took 2 hits.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Marijuana and Meditation...

at the same time... is profound.

okay so I didn't meditate this morning, and I figured... it's my last day smoking for a while. let me finish this gram (I have never smoked 1 gram in 3 days. a gram can last me 2 weeks to a month!). But then decided to meditate after I smoke.

I sit down on my rug, light the candles and BOOM... I'm gone.

I had so many realizations while meditating. my visualization of my psychic shield become more intense. I could almost visualize and see blue, red, teal colors bursting from my insides out towards my crown chakra, making a bubble that engulfs itself around me like an egg.

Then I went.. wait a minute... I am the pulse of the universe. in.... out... in... out... then I hear my heart beating 2 times.. boom boom, boom boom, 2 times. extraction... contraction... in.... out... but before this I had this trippy realization that I'm in all this 'home'.. i am trapped in this 'home'.. my body. then i started feeling mucus dripping down my sinus. wholy fuck! I had so many realizations and feelings towards life, it was hard to explain. I had this memorry from when I had my eyes checked, and the girl was annoyed with me. I could feel like we are both at our 'homes' and sometimes we don't get to see what the other's 'home' feels like it. but it's all the same.

I dont know why, but I consetrated on my breath for longer than usual times. and I could never meditate on marijuana before. I just got bored and stopped few mins into it. So I tried my best to stay in with the breath, and realized that's how come all the yogis and masters in hinduism do. they can come close to being on their breath with their concousness 95-100% of the time. that is 100% of their attention on the breath. that is how they leave their bodies and experience other realities. I think that is why I meditate subconciously and been doing it for that long. I somehow seek that and want that knowledge. I want that experience, and that is what makes me so motivated once I realize it every time.

I still have a long way to go in meditation, but maybe I should combine it with weed. hmmm... maybe... weed makes me lazy, so juuuuuuust maybe....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's day

i have never pranked anyone on april fool's day. believe that!

so last night my mom and her ex left the FUCK outta here cuz she chose to go with him on a vacation. im like ... whatever.. FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! FUCK HIM AND GTFO OUTTA MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM FREE FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got some weed, 100% sativa.. Cannatonic. the girl said it was 6% THC, i think. thats the lowest of all strands. thats what i need. indica makes me paranoid half the time. i wanna test this out while im home alone... havent smoked in months. i kinda am on a plan to get some ass while i got the house all to myself, but cant say it will happen. cant go from being a bum, to a mac daddy over night who brings women home from the streets. we'll see...

went to Berkley today and saw Kreayshawn from VNASTY at the flea market.. LOTTA fine sistas.. man.. black women got their game on lock. a lot of them with kids though, and intimidate the fuck outta me when they are in groups and being really social since i am so quiet. but its all good. i did some exercises. striked up some convos with peoples and eye contact. gonna get back into reading Dale Carnegey's book and focus on my social skills.

what else i wanted to say? ill be back after a nap to edit this.

back... NAPS RULE!!! i saw brothers on the train talking to girls. one of them was more observing, but the other was just straight macking. i was thinking like.. dang, this brother doesnt even care. he is not scared or nervous. he just says whatever comes to mind and compliments. "you got the cutest smile. when's your b/d? oh.. thats Libra! nah? scorpio? oh yeah, scorpios are etc.." then we both switched trains and he started talking to the white girl "you look like so and so from the tv show, ahah" i was thinking how he inhertited this from his ansestors indirectly, or directly where his father is still teaching him all the tricks of the game. what else?

I think that's it. i was gonna smoke tonight but its kinda late. plus, i gotta do some forms and 222 pushups, and then shower. plus, look for a job. so ill save up my smoking session until tomorrow.

I heard a voice in my speakers

so Im watching Married with Children, and then I heard this loud voice of some dude like he is talking to someone over a mic "I'm a player".. i was like WTF!?!?!?!??!

so im thinking "did someone hack my computer?". but then i did a little research and found this

this is freaky. i heard about the whole making audio tapes and hearing people who are passed over, but this??? who was that guy? is he from my neighborhood, or even the same city?