Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Robert Spencer is a hypocrite

so I just got banned from posting on jihadwatch, because I spoke honestly about Jews on multiple occasions. and on that Jew-funded website, no amount of truth about a certain group of people is allowed. Any honest fact uttered about Jews will get you ridiculed, and placed into an "anti-semite" box. This is very ironic, since I am part-Ashkenazi Jew myself.

so how is Robert Spencer a hypocrite? Very simple. After Donald Trump criticized Spencer and Pamela Gueller for drawing Muhammad at their Texas event, Spencer kept making a post after post about how "Trump doesn't understand 'freedom of speech', and its importance". He must have made about 10 posts crying about it. Every time Trump said something controversial, Spencer would blog with how "Trump may be right, but.. but.. buuut... he criticized ME. and what about muh freedom-of-speech!? and  blah blah blah". I was rolling my eyes with every one of those posts, because I could just feel Robert's bruised ego crying for attention. And then when he banned me for expressing my freedom of speech, it was all clear.

I was going to blog about what I'm about to say, so I may as well make it part of this post. Robert Spencer reminds me of a muslim version of David Duke.  No matter what the Jewish media says about him, I like Dr. Duke. He is very aware of all of the evil Jews do to the western world, but he is completely ignorant and uninformed about muslims. Robert Spencer is the complete opposite version of that: he knows all the evil muslims spread, but is utterly clueless about Jews. and I guess when he hears this truth, he thinks of it as "hate speech". I can bet anything that a bunch of Jewish cry babies kept e-mailing him about my "hate speech" to get me banned, and Spencer put the hammer down.

From now on, I'll avoid Mr. Spencer's website altogether. I spent over an hour per day reading jihadwatch, and sometimes commenting. I'll stick to barenakedislam. Even the lady that runs that website, who is a Jew, recognizes all the psychopathic Jews that are ruining our world, and even called them out in one post before. To quote Robert Spencer himself "you can't defeat the enemy you don't understand". But from the looks of it, Mr. Spencer doesn't even see the enemy, let alone name it by its name. Islam may be one of them, but unfortunately, it's not the only one.

I was actually thinking of purchasing and reading some of Spencer's books. but now, why bother? a man who boastfully claims how he "understands" freedom of speech, and then silences people he disagrees with. What a fucking hypocrite you are, Robert Spencer. I am no longer your student, as you proved yourself to be a hypocritical coward.

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