Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness - BOOK REVIEW

It's hard for me to review this book after just finishing it, because I have been reading it for almost a year! I started for a while, then put it off. Picked it back up, and put it down again. Just recently, I really pushed myself to finish it. I haven't been reading books lately, and this is the latest one I read.

Starting Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness, really reminded me how much I miss Seth. I really enjoyed Seth Speaks, and remembered how pleasant, comforting, and comprehensive Jane Robert's writing is.

The beginning of the book familiarizes you with Seth, and it gets deeper and deeper. Like many other Out-of-Body Experience / Astral Projection books, this Seth book indicates that you become more psychic as you have more OBEs. You could get insights of people, family members, strangers, etc.. in the OBE states, which you can't get in ordinary life. This has been my experience.

Dreams and Projections of Consciousness isn't a book you read through quickly and easily. This is one of those books that makes you think. I will have to go back and re-read it some day, because many of its ideas and concepts are hard to grasp for the human brain. It is like this part in the last chapter that said something to the likes of; when you have an Out-of-Body Experience, and you go into a really deep multi-dimentional place, as you come back to the physical body, your physical mind is not able to interpret the complex information you were exposed to. It's sort of like people who go deeply into meditation, or drink ayahuasca, and when they come back to this reality, they are not able to explain what they have experienced in words. This book is like that. It really makes you think, and you will find yourself going back and re-reading the same passage multiple times in order to fully grasp its meaning. Here is a good quote:

All experience is basically simultaneous, as I have told you. The dreaming self is aware of its experience in its entirety. You, obviously, are not. You are hardly familiar with your dream experience and barely aware of its significance. (Ch. 18, Probable Selves; Kindle location 4383 of 5610, 78% finished)

I got a little bit confused at some point, asking myself "Is this being written by Rob or Jane?" But Seth touches on a lot of subjects in this book like...

  • The Dream World
  • The Boundaries and the Confinements of the Dream World
  • Dreams and Health
  • How to Remember Your Dreams / Develop Dream Recall
  • How to Have Out-of-Body Experiences / Astral Projections
  • The Rules of the Physical World vs The Rules of the Dream / Astral World
  • Hallucinations vs Astral Projections; How to Distinguish Them and Clear Hallucinations out of the Way
  • Probable Realities and Probable Selves
  • Thought Forms
  • Different Bodies (Dream Body, Astral Body, etc..) Seth Calls these 1st Form, 2nd Form, and 3rd Form
  • Astral Projection Stories
and much more.

Seth answered my main question, and the question of many other OBE travelers, "Is it safe to leave your body?"

You are safe as long as you do not meddle. You may explore, and freely, and that is all. (Ch. 20, More on Dream Projections; Kindle location 4820 of 5610, 86% finished)

If you are interested in Out-of-Body Experiences / Astral Projections, if you have lots of questions about it, as well as about the Universe beyond our physical world, this book is a must read! I highly recommend reading this book in a chronological order. It starts out slow, especially if you aren't familiar with Seth, but it gets better, and better, and then it just explodes in an orgasm at the end. The end is the best part where Seth goes into detail about Out-of-Body Experiences / Astral Travel. The last chapter was excellent, and the very last paragraph was poetic and an absolute classic way to end the book. I have never read a book with this good of an ending. 4.5/5 stars. A book MUST HAVE for Out-of-Body travelers and explorers, right next to Far Journeys.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nice Music

just chilling, took a few hits, gonna check out Heroes of the Storm. even though I hate Blizzard with passion, it's free. and I been so busy, I barely have had the time to play games. It's funny, I just found this song from listening to New Electro & House 2015, and I almost never find good songs on these long 1-2 hour tracks. But it happens in like around 5%. Guess this is one of those rare ass times. This feels good

Psychic Presidential Predictions

It would be interesting to view this video AFTER the elections, and see if this guy was full of shit or spot on... time will tell

Monday, June 15, 2015

Beware of Islam

People need to wake up on what is happening today. I am talking about a group of religious fanatics who are literally trying to take over the world. These people are Muslim. They follow Islam to its 100% authentic core. This Islam is not just a religion, this Islam is an evil totalitarian ideology. If we don't wake up today, and educate our lazy asses in the west about Islam, we may find ourselves being dominated, and at some point conquered by Islam. Listen to this hateful Imam.

He is basically repeating some passages in the poisonous book called the Quran, written by an insane man who was a pedophile. Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and had sex with her when she was 9. Girls that young today, get married with men who are adults in countries in the middle east. You remember this girl?

 My heart went out to her when this happened. And muslims kill these girls who run away, or abandon this death cult called Islam. I remember another girl who got converted into Christianity and had one of her family members lure her out of the place she ran away to. When the girl came back, she was ambushed by a humungous angry mob who stonned her and stomped her to death. This is Islam you don't hear about because of our politically correct and cowardly politicians. But politicians like Geert Wilders, who speak up against this ideology get death threats, and need body guards from the same insane people who practice this ass backwards religion from the dark ages.

Beware of Islam, and wake up. Educate yourself and others about this poisonous and toxic cult. Wherever there is Islam, there is hate, violence, and destruction. Notice this, and ask yourself "why?". I have never actually read any religious book, besides peeping in Egyptian Book of the Dead, as well as Bhagavad Gita, and reading the first page of the Bible, but I really want to read the Quran for obvious reasons. I have read some hateful and violent passages, but that's just quotes I found on the internet.

You know what the most loyal and devoted Muslim in Islam is called? He is called a Terrorist. He is basically following Islam in its purest form. Kill the infidels wherever you find them. Treat women like live stock. Have 4 wives, but a woman is only allowed 1 husband. A man may beat his wive and not be punished by Allah. All of these rules are from passages in the Quran. This is why I really believe that it was written not by "god", or even a man who claimed to have had a communication with god, but by an insane, lying pedo who wanted to control all of the people, and have them submit to him. Now some 1,400 years later, and these people who follow his beliefs STILL submit to him today, thinking it is god they are submitting to. Islam is very dangerous my friends. There is a book I am planning on reading. It's called Muslim Mafia. If you're living in the western world, especially America, you should read this. I remember seeing the news of how 2 gay men got thrown off a building, 1 woman got stonned to death, and like 17 people executed not too long ago in


This is Islam. Educate yourself, and don't let these savages invade our democratic countries. Because there is no such thing as an Islamic democracy. Islam and democracy are two totally different things. There is no freedom of speech in Sharia. You get killed for even criticizing this religion or criticizing its fake ass prophet. This is what happened to Charlie Hebdo, and Theo Van Gough. RIP.

On top of all the brainwashing that's done in Islam through Quran and Hadith, this is what the media in the muslim world feeds its people, Conspiracy Theories


Sweden had a study done a few years back. This country has the most rapes in the world! but gee, how can that be? Answer: Sweden has a huge muslim population who refuse to integrate, and want to keep their Islamic traditions


I don't know, but we may need another crusade. The fucking Belgium is almost gone. In like 20 years it will be mostly Muslim who are trying to get Sharia there today. In some parts of England, Sharia is already allowed to be practiced. People will wake up, but it may be too late. We may have World World III on our hands. Muslims vs non-muslims. What side will you be on?

Monday, June 1, 2015

is Google made up of a bunch of IDIOTS?

sometimes I ask myself that question. so I check out this new inbox by google. there is this annoying ass 'take me to inbox' window button right every time i check my gmail. i finally clicked on it. it looks pretty good but... there is no delete button when I am viewing my emails. WTF!??!?! I HAVE TO CLICK 2 TIMES TO DELETE EACH EMAIL!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! GOOGLE IS MADE UP OF A BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY TIME THEY COME UP WITH THE STUPIDEST SHIT!!!!! I SWEAR. first, it was ruining youtube, 98% of the people hated it. then it was ruining youtube again. then it was shoving google + down our throats. now it's no delete button. I don't even know what to call Google. they don't listen to anyone and keep asking me for feedback. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR FEEDBACK IF YOU NEVER LISTEN TO 98% OF WE HAVE TELL YOU!?!?!???!?! FUCKING MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck Google!