Monday, May 31, 2010

Destiny of Souls - Book Review

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives

I finished reading this book about 2 months ago. But with my crazy life, and it has been crazy since that time, I had to put off on reviewing it.

First of all, this is a sequel to the original "Journey of Souls" which I reviewed here, Second, this book is much deeper, thicker, and longer to go through. But it is indeed a book you read and be done with after you read it-this isn't "how to" or a self-help type of book. This is a book for educational purposes and it is about life after death, as its prequel.

Pros: Destiny of Souls has much more depth than the first book. It has details of how we are welcomed after our life here on earth, and by whom.

It has very detailed descriptions of every little thing that the first book has missed. Some of it is our 'life review' stage that is taken place in some chamber with 3 wise beings. It describes what type of medallions these beings are wearing, if they are wearing any, how they act, and make us feel, and all the other types of processes that take place in life after death, between the time we die and chose to reincarnate on this or other planets. It describes the library in life after death, the room, the seats, etc.. It describes many other type of locations, classrooms with our spirit guides as teachers and our soul family as students, choosing a body for the next incarnation, and many more stages.

The book talks about soul birthing process, a process in which new souls are born, and many more interesting subjects.

One of the biggest pros that I've read is how it says in the afterlife, it is totally acceptable if someone helps the other person to die in order to stop their pain. Example; someone is paralyzed from neck down, and they want to go but our society keeps preaching that it is a wrong doing to kill someone. So we keep them hooked on machines when they are nothing but a vegetable. So if say a friend of that immobile individual gets a signal that he is ready to go, and unhooks the machine to help him release from the body, in life after death this is not considered a 'sin' to be punished for as it is in our society. I loved that part and 100% agree with it.

Cons: The guy seems hypocritical in some parts. The biggest reason I say this because even in his first book he mentions exorcism, and how certain people need to be put through it in order to drive certain spirits out that don't belong in the body in the first place. But he always talks about how "there is no hell". I understand that there is no "Hell" as describes in the religion texts, but I do believe that there are "lower" realms in which it is not so pleasant and in fact, much worse then in the worst place found on Earth. This is my personal opinion, and I don't understand how he can say there are no "evil" or "bad" places in the Universe in life after death by saying there is no hell. I'm not trying to put words in his mouth, but that's what I got from reading all of his "there is no Hell" comments.

In my opinion, all of these cases he brings up are by clients who choose (keyword: choose) to go see him and find out about their past lives. This may just be a group of wealthy Americans who believe in life after death, and choose to peruse it and find out more about it. It doesn't mean that somebody who is say a psychic vampire, or a 'demon' that occupies a human body would go see this guy. These other sorts of entities that live within a human body may choose not to go see a past life regression therapist. Therefore, he may not have gotten a chance to be exposed to other realms of dimensions that are totally different than to what the average "good person" describes after he dies. Again, this is all my opinion and it comes from reading his contradicting statement(s).

Another thing I did not like about this book is that it is much longer, and stretched out. I found myself bored reading many of the pages thinking "when will this chapter be over?"

In conclusion, if you are interested about life after death and you still haven't read his first book, Journey of Souls, I strongly encourage you to read it. And if you like that book, this one is worth following up with.

2.75/5 Stars

And lastly, I leave you with a quote I really liked followed by his interview about Destiny of Souls.

"The solution for all of us to improve is staying with the process of continuing evolution to become better than we are. Our spirit guides were once just like us before they attained their current status. We are given many host bodies and all of them are imperfect. Rather than being obsessive about a body which will only last one lifetime, concentrate on the evolution of your soul Self and rely on your spiritual power."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love Wafa Sultan

She spreads so much truth. Most people just don't know. Growing up in a Muslim country myself, never once did I feel safe walking home from or to school with all the Muslim kids my age roaming the streets. Their parents teach them nothing but hate and racism, and we, the Jews, Russians, or pretty much any other non-Muslim citizens get to feel it first hand.

God bless her.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Velvetine - Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Remix)

I want to take the time to thank the Universe for bringing me new music filled with great vibrations and higher frequencies. And also for all the books, and information that I can hardly keep up with. I LOVE THIS TRACK!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Indigo & Crystal Children

I'm back

Today is my first day I have internet in my new place. I just saw paz left me a comment.

I'm doing good dude. Thanks. I got my first place!!!!!!! It's a bachelors and has no stove. I still need a bed, and a lot of other issues to resolve in here.

Here is a run down on what happened. The last 2 weeks of me staying with my roommies, the dude (main alpha asshole who I was cool with and got high with-his weed) went to war with me. He stopped talking to me, and the last week I was there was the craziest week of the year. I was always cool with him and one day when I'm coming home he was sitting outside playing with his Ipod. I was like "enjoying the weather?". He was like yeah... "oh and btw, I turned off your internet because mine was slow so you'll have to use wireless for the rest of the time you're here". I had this "WTF!?" look on my face. He was like "it should work". And this was when I NEEDED INTERNET! I had 7 more days to find a place and was still looking, so people were e-mailing me and I was e-mailing the leads too. I came out of my room like "hey, internet went down. blah blah". He started talking shit, and I'm like well I really need internet, etc.. so he was like "do you really think I give a FUCK about how you feel, when you're gonna be outta here in like a week?" I'm not even gonna go into details on how crazy the week got after that because I don't feel like wasting energy. Maybe some other time when I feel like talking about all the shit that was happening in that house. maybe not..

The most important part is I'm on my own, got my own place, and it feels good as hell. I RUN THIS SHIT! No one is telling me how to live, do dishes, or set dumb ass house rules that change every month. FUCK YOU BITCH! Now take your rude wife, your crying baby, your miserable pathetic existence, and go control other people because I am forever FREE!!!! hahahahhahahaahhahaha BITCH!!!!!!

It's crazy to know that there are some people out there like this who will pretend to be your "friend", and only for the gain of having you stay at their place and pay them rent. I gave that miserable fuck 2gs worth of rent, put up with all the fights between him and his bitch, their baby crying and waking everybody up, and God knows what else was going on in that house. And the only thing he ever done as a way of appreciating was hurt me as much as he could at the end. Just to give a little taste of how fucked up he was at the end, he was throwing all my mail in the garbage and most likely going through my bank records seeing how much money I got. I stopped receiving mail for the last 2 weeks of my stay there and saw 2 letters in the recycling bin for the 2 last days there-first day was a bill, and the 2nd was a bill ripped up in half.

I took out his wife's brother to some pub, bought him a bear, and warned him about this dude. He is a really cool dude, and reminds me of me. He is more reserved, beta, doesn't have that much life experience, and to himself a lot. He knew absolutely nothing about what was going on between that alpha asshole and me and I told him every word on some "be careful. one day for whatever reason if he makes you his 'enemy', you never know what hes gonna do."

There is much more, but that's where I'll end for now.