Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm in Love

So we got a new Manager at my work. I was running errands today and ended up going to Starbucks to get a caramel blended (nasty as hell. Threw it away after a few sips), and there she was right in front of me in line. She is sooooooo cute. The cutest girl I've seen in a long time. White girl with olive skin, about 5'4", thick ass and thighs. I can look at her all day and be in Heaven.

I talked to her for tiny bit then got my order. But at the end of the day, she is a manager. And even though I usually like women who are athletic, tough, and strong minded, but she is more cute, and pretty type. I am in Love with this chick. I did make her uncomfortable when asked her about her drink but who cares? Nothing will most likely ever happen between us. If I derail a train with a coworker, can't even imagine how bad it could turn out me going after a manger.

I really gotta focus on getting a full time job and my own place, though. Not having these things prevents me from approaching women lately. Emberrassing as hell at 33 living at home with my mama. In the library right now, so I'm gonna go finish this Popol Vuh book and go home.