Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Goyim Know

this wouldn't be so funny, if it wasn't so true.

let's see...

  • open up the American borders from non-European 3rd world countries in 1965... check!
  • shove white guilt down all of our throats, turning us into a bunch of self-hating, guilty whiteys... check!
  • openly talk about and encourage the destruction of whites (white genocide) in every white country of the world... check!
  • turn the above 2 into whites who work endlessly for the benefit of non-whites, and the destruction of their own culture(s)... check!
  • enslave every nation through the banking system, and leave the host government in a perpetual debt... check!
  • push multi-culturalism propaganda down our throats, making us feel guilty for all of the world's problems, wanting to invite every human trash into our own backyards... check!
  • make gay normal and straight weird by pushing their homosexual agenda through Hollywood and media... check!
  • put a black man on tv, making him into some hero "good guy". replacing the white hero with some unknown, awkward goofball (latest Star Wars is a good example), no matter how talentless he is, making a white guy into an "evil" villain... check!
  • hide all the violence and murder blacks commit in the country against whites every single day through media, which furthers the white genocide agenda... check!

what else are the Jews behind? holy fuck... Mel Gibson was right. and you know he had to retract his statements. because if he didn't, he would have never worked in the Jewish Hollywood ever again... the truth is scary. I don't think an average person could handle it, especially if he is Jewish.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jan III Sobieski's spirit lives on..

For some reason, I was always very blunt and would tell people what I think. I am still learning how to be more assertive, but the thing about me is that I would always say what I think. Nothing prevents me from speaking the truth. It gets to a point where in situations where it's better to lie, I would say it how it is. I hurt a lot of peoples' feelings this way in the past. It was only until I started learning about my Polish history, and how Poles are even today, I understood why I am the way I am. Poles will never stop speaking the truth, and we give 2 shits about how many muslims or liberals we offend. It's in our blood.

first of all, FUCK VICE!!!!!!!!!! but I am so proud of my Polish ancestry watching this. Poles are one of the only people in Europe, who are in touch with their roots, their identity, and their heritage. They know their history, and know the history of the savages who are all coming to destroy the entire continent and then conquer it through hijrah.



Poland shall once again save the entire Europe from the savages. We did it before. And we will do it again if we have to.

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Muslim Imam wants to kill Gays

this is what liberals brought here. but when a Christian bakery refuses to sell a cake to a homo, OHHHHHH NOOO!!! CHRISTIANS ARE SOOOOO EVIL AND BAD BAD BAD!!!! THE OUTRAGE!!!!!! disgusting pieces of human trash. not even the muslims. muzzrats will be muzzrats, no matter what. but these heart bleeding liberal progressives. they are destroying every nation they infest with their kumbaya Utopian bullshit by opening the borders, and letting these cockroaches in that spread their ideology like a bunch of deceased parasites

Monday, April 4, 2016

I just saw a Goddess, pt. 2

As I was talking about this earlier, I just saw her again. As I was walking by, she was coming into the building from a balcony. As we got close, we both realized each others' presence. The good news is, she is a loner like me. The bad news is, she doesn't seem to be interested in me at all. At least that's how I read her. She looked away right away and kept on walking.

But there is another girl that I think really likes me. I actually managed to talk to her a week before last, and got her name! Felt so good afterwards. She even asked me mine when didn't hear it and asked me about what part of the company I work at. Will blog more about her if anything ever comes out of this. Stay tuned.

Trump vs Obama

Trump is like an intelligent business man who knows and understand how the entire world works, including politics, military, protecting a nation, immigration, and most importantly BUSINESS. and Obama is like a little kid who somehow was born into a rich family and became a ruler. Everything this little kid touches, turns to shit. while everything Trump touches, turns to gold. This is how you destroy a nation, allow some no-named, no-experienced IDIOT run it... straight into the ground.

Agree with everything. Keep spreading that TRUTH, guys! There isn't enough of that to go around nowadays, with all these leftist scum infiltrating our governments, in every corner of our free and civilized Christian world

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!

Hitler was right

He was the only one with balls big enough to take out this trash.

Civil war is coming to Germany soon. And Germans are not even allowed to arm themselves. It's unbelievable what Angela Merkel has done to Germany and its people. This will only get worse as more of these rats from Turkey pour into this what once was a great European Christian nation. so glad I don't live there