Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LA's foggy summer

it is 2 days from July 2010, and there is nothing but fog and clouds every morning. today it was cloudy all day without sun ever coming out. other days its foggy morning and sun later on, then foggy morning following day.

im telling you all 2012 is coming.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I work with a bunch of aliens from out of space.. literally

okay, so I haven't talked about my problems and my horrible sleep situation because I don't really feel like it. I got tired of bitching and complaining about shit and that my life never goes right. for the last 2 days I actually slept without waking up and not being able to fall back asleep. I was on some "WoW!!! is this real?" I havent had any peace and quiet since I moved to LA. It's been chaos and lots of noise everywhere I lived, INCLUDING THE ONE I'M LIVING IN NOW!

but anyway, back to my work habitat. I work with lots of people who don't ever talk to me, or a few other co-workers like myself who are mostly temps. when I first started working there, I sat next to this African guy, and he sat next to this Asian guy. they always talked, they NEVER talked to me. the Asian guy would always greet me and say bye at the end of the day. "hi, bye, hi bye" that was it. at some point, the African guy quit, and the Asian guy's energy started to give me creeps and I eventually started to resent it and hated to be around this "thing". he would bring candy to work, dried mangos, and a whole bunch of other shit laying on his desk 24/7 and NEVER ONCE OFFERED ME SHIT. he would just give it to his friends at work. one Latin guy would always come to him, they'd look at each other without words being spoken, and go to break together.

That same Latin guy creeps me the fuck out! every time I would see him, he would just look at me with this gaze without saying a word. I'd say hi, or what's up and he kept staring at me like looking down my soul. dude is a fucking weirdo for real. then at some point I started to realize one thing, they are all of a different frequency than I am. Most of them are Asian, so most people would say "those Asians are blah blah" but nah... it's deeper then that you see. it's their soul. the same people who never talk to me or act weird around me all gather and go to lunch together. that one weird Asian chick who I talked about who acts "silly" and gets on my nerves is one of those people. and that one guy who would walk in circles around me and avoid me like the plague is also one of them people. then another Latino guy who never talks to me and acts like he's better than me. I swear, what I see when I look at them in the eyes is that they are NOT my friends. they are some entities that come from a totally different place in the Universe than me. It could be a different galaxy, or a different dimension, but it sure as hell NOT THE SAME PLACE I'M FROM outside of this physical body.

that Asian guy who i used to sit next to was in a bathroom one time. So i come in and like 'hi' and start to just chit chat you know? whenever cool coworkers we just exchange bullshit talk and go on our way. so After I say whatever I said I look him in the eyes and he just looks down like "oh shit, I hope he don't see it". but shit.. I saw it.. the fucker is HIDING. he's scared I'll see his true self. he never ever says anything to me outside of hi/bye. and that other fuck he hangs with, the Latin guy who goes to breaks with him without saying a word omfg. his eyes are scary as hell. he looks like a fucking little troll with eyes that I would NEVER EVER TRUST.

this other fucker there I remember my first week there (Asian). I saw him and was like "hi, how you doing" or whatever just to be friendly. he turns his head around... looks at me... looks to his left.. looks to his right... and has this "who the fuck is this" look like some fucking alien. i was like WTF!?! then this Latino lady is a fucking WEIRDO!!! I see her, say hi every time (used to anyway), she would just give me this "smile w/ no teeth" as in 'you poor fuck, ill pretend to smile when I dont wanna.' She mingles with them as well. And another Asian chick who avoids people and eye contact unless she likes them. What's really funny though is that they all think the same about me. they think im "weird" lol. oh and this other white guy that really doesnt like me. I saw him go to breaks with that psychic vampire a few times. and the psychic vampire would also talk to that "silly" asian annoying chick sucking on her energy. he would just come to her cubicle, peek in, suck her energy, and keep walking. she's of course too fucking dumb to know what he's doing. it's really crazy how certain people gravitate towards each other like a magnet. and it all comes down to who they really are inside.

my managers are all cool as hell though. so that's the best part about the job. nobody could fuck with me cuz of it and i love it. That greedy Asian guy who would hide already quit last week, and it seems like we getting new temps so it should be interesting to see how different our place will look like in a few months.

TV show prank calls

it's classic no matter how many times i watch this

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

just Upgraded my Computer

beside the fact that it's 2am right now I can't sleep because of my piece of shit neighbor that listens to tv and coughs 24/7 ( i really hate that annoying cunt sack of shit. i swear to GOD i wanna off that fucking bitch with a bb gun), I UPGRADED MY PC!

I had all these guys tell me "get a new PC" "get a new PC" "it's no use throwing updates into a pile of junk" but I was stubborn. I was like "naaaahhh man.. I wanna keep this computer, upgrade it really good and give it to my uncle. But it was falling apart. I replaced damn near every part and then the motherboard gave out because of a blown capacitor, and many more on the way.

So I finally did some research and got a new mobo, video card, cpu, and RAM. everything else I could use that I already had. 3.1ghz dual core babyy babbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! GeFoce 9800 GT, and 4 gigz of RAM. I never had a PC this fast. The mobo that I got is mini ATX (my first of its kind) so it has not as many expansion slots but I can't complain at all. It works and this baby will really be amazing when I pass it on to my uncle. He'll drop his jaw even though he don't really play video games. It's not something that his friends would ever give him like they do their pile of junk that is fucking 10 years old. I'll save up some money and get a better PC with a new case in a year or a little more. I'm so excited.

I haven't had a new computer, especially this fast, since 2003. spent the entire weekend working on it with updates and everything, only to find out it all crashed to hell. Windows XP 64 gave out on me. Next weekend I'm getting Vista and trying that out. I kinda see why so many people hate PC and go with Mac. So many damn bugs and so much instability with Microsoft it's not even funny. That's not to mention all the bugs and viruses. Fuck MAC though. I'm a gamer.

The best $350 I ever spent. I'll post some screenies later on of what this baby is capable of.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Im LMFAO @ these comments on piratebay

wholy fuck! I got tears rolling down my eyes, i can barely breath, shit hurts my throat it's so funny. I'm gonna be visiting piratebay on the regular from now on. I need to laugh more. These people coming to this site to leech and get shit for free, and this is how they respond to the people who provide them with free shit..

*wipes tears from eyes*

Hey how does this work, and What does this work for?



BeastRipper your work isnt appreciated at all here or anywhere else. I think you are the lowest form of $hit on the planet and a complete waste of space and time.
This Crack does work but also contains Multiple trojan viruses detected by Kasper.
If you have means of removing the trojans it does work but if you cant remove em BEWARE!!


Chickenman07 you stupid cunt. no viruses here you muppet. just because the virus scanners see windows exploits as viruses doesnt mean they are. try researching before opening your huge retarded traphole. what a pussy. uploader is ace, you are a fuckwit. have i said enough or should I continue?


digerpaji at 2009-12-29 23:24 CET:
OK so what u should do is stop being such a retarded fucking n00b you CUNT FACE,,, i got the right to cuss you out cuz i am helping your ass BHANCHOD...

follow these instructions:

1) start run from the start menu
2) type diskmgmt.msc and press enter
3) in the new window tht appears right click on the partition with no letter lable and select "Change Drive letter and paths"
5) select the letter of your choice, i selected K byt you should select F cuz i fuck your sister
6) Click Ok, and ok again and then close disk management
7) Go to my computer and select the letter drive you just created
8) Paste the windows activator (exe) provided with this distrubution in the root of that drive
9) right click on it and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

btw if your installation did not create a hidden partition then all you gotta do is right click and select run as administrator but my installation did create a hidden partition so just make sure by goin on disk management...

and after all this FUCK YOU!!!!!


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wassall at 2010-01-03 11:22 CET:
This is meant to be for problems or help and advice. Not people cursing each other. Anyway I still dont know how to get this to work.

Stop Swearing and start helping!!!!!!


digerpaji at 2010-01-07 18:46 CET:
leeche if you didn't need my instructions how come you got it working after em lieing ass bitch...i aint from india you ignorant fucker but id love to fuck your mother in india :D


leeche at 2010-01-08 09:49 CET:
because i was able to resolve it before i even read your post you faggot, you can't even spell lying correctly and you feel like you're such a smart ass dickhead

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Truth about World of Warcraft & Blizzard

I have recently quit playing WoW, and for a good reason. After finding out why Blizzard has us all playing their game, I can no longer support it. It has come to my attention that Blizzard does not care about you nor me, their customers who keep giving them our money to play their boring game. And yes, their game is indeed boring. The old days of World of Warcraft, when you could get together a group of 20, 40, 50, 100 people and raid towns in the name of FUN, are over and will most likely never be back.

The early days of WoW were the best. That's when the epic battles all across Azeroth took place. That's when people raided towns together with up to 200 members in a raid group, and then some! This was before Honor, before Battlegrounds, and the stupid, boring, and redundant Arena. Once they came up with PvP gear, and all these other ideas for "PvPing", the game started to lose its essence. Now no matter how many times people ask, plead, or BEG Blizzard on their forums to bring this FUN back into the game, no one listens and their threads are just filled with other peoples replies of support.

The real truth of this new World of Warcraft is this people. Blizzard has come up with a system in which you are the robot, and they (Blizzard, the company) control your actions. "PvP" is now done when Blizzard tell you, how they tell, and why. When is when they gather you and the other poor souls in the same Battleground, Arena, or Wintergrasp. How is when they tell you the rules of that Battleground, Arena, or Wintergrasp, and why is basically "you get a little piece of a cookie" aka reward, for which you'll have to come back and redo the whole experience again from a few hundred up to a few thousand times so you can get your piece of gear. Then you'll just have to redo the whole experience again to get more and more gear. It really is depressing into what Blizzard has turned into.

Blizzard has turned into a hungry eating money machine. They have a system in which they keep their players occupied with stuff to do until they get their reward. This is incorporated into daily questing, daily BGs, daily random dungeons, and many other "reward systems" they have came up with. However, it doesn't stop there. After the players get their reward, there is more and more rewards to get (i.e. gear, weapons, trinkets, pets, mounts, etc.) After this repetitive motion of clicking your mouse and getting your reward, you finally get all the rewards you wanted to get, and then what? And then Blizzard comes up with new rewards for you to get, that's what! Every fucking 4 months or so Blizzard releases new material, new Arena season, new gear, new dungeons. Every four or so months you just redo what you have been doing already without ever even having a chance to enjoy your rewards you worked your ass off on getting in the first place. You are just a puppy on a string, and Blizzard is your master.

The "War" in Warcraft has been gone for so long, that this game is simply not fun anymore. Most people playing this game don't even know why they play it. I have recently joined Retail because I wasn't able to do so in the past and for over a year I have been trying to enjoy this game. In the back of my mind I was always thinking "when I get to 80, I'll finally enjoy the World PvP". When I got to 80 I kept saying "when I gear up, I'll finally enjoy World PvP". Then I rerolled a different class. So after a little more than a year, I realized that there is no World PvP, and this game is a big master that has made us its slave.

Blizzard doesn't care about what you want, they only care about how they can keep you hooked every month to pay them $15. That is their #1 priority. And I haven't even talked about their pet store. You will be shocked at how much money they generate from it, like their latest "Celestial Mount Steed". I have been their supporter since Warcraft II, and I can no longer say that this is the same company that I have known for it's perfection. They have "sold out" to me, and I will never look at them the same again.

Just to give you a few examples of their gimmicks into how they are keeping you hooked on WoW. I am a Jewelecrafter. For those that don't know about this game, it is a profession in which you craft gems, which go into peoples' gear to make it stronger. Blizzard has come up with a "dailies" system God knows when. They have came up with dailies for JC (Jewelcrafter) profession. Which means you do 1 daily quest to get 1 JC token. There are JC vendors that sell JC recipes. One JC recipe goes anywhere from 2 to 4 tokens. There is around 100 or so recopies total, but let's say combining all the 2 JC ones there is around 75. So that is 75 JC recipes for you to purchase that could cut epic gems. Each recipe is 4 JC tokens, 75 x 4 = 300. And since you could only attain 1 JC token per day, you would need 300 days of playing WoW to learn every freaking epic JC recipe.

Now let's look at Arena. This "PvP" system in which you must fight in a fucking box, yes a box with different barriers, from which you get your arena points, from which you buy your PvP gear. You get your Arena points depending on your rating per week. Did you read that last part? Per week? Can you say... slavery? Here is their Arena rating system

In order to get good PvP gear you'll need anywhere from 1,000 up to 3,000 Arena points per 1 stinking gear. In order to get that much points per week, you would have to be one bad ass mother fucker. Which means it is impossible to do unless you already have good gear! Can you see math here? You'll have to spend at least a month or two in Arena in order to get mediocre gear, and THEN you'll have to work on your rating by fighting countless other matches in which you'll pretty much be Blizzard's bitch by doing something you have already done for the last year, over and over again if you are a PvP lover and want your PvP gear. Do you not see how this works?

Same thing happens with Battlegrounds. Only in BGs they use Honor as a reward. Same principle, different system. Every time you came back to play WoW every few months, your gear is outdated because new Arena season has started. Which means you'll have to get Arena team, join some BGs, and pretty much do the same shit over and over again until the cows come home. And a few months later guess what, new gear, new rewards, and it's GG because this is how Blizzard makes you, the player, keep playing their game, and keep giving them your money.

This is the new World of Warcraft we play today, and this is when I saw the truth. All these small PvP wars that happen are nothing compared to what PvP used to be like, and it will never be the same.

You think I'm alone on this? Think again. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of threads posted on WoW suggestion forums with people asking Blizzard to either bring back classic realms, or World PvP. But so far nothing has been done. Here is one I just found just now http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=5540055578&sid=1&pageNo=1

"Background: I haven't always loved PVP, the idea of getting pwned by some vicious 13 year old as he guzzles soft drinks and eats taquitos depressed me, but after I participated in my first raid on Elwynn, I found out what PVP really was. A complete and total thrill. Chaos, excitement, rezzing and healing with magic bolts flying everywhere and an awesome amount of sword and axe-driven carnage thrown in for good measure. A true sense of danger and excitement. It took 50 Alli coming down from SW to fight us off that day. Screen shots were taken, a movie was made. I was hooked.

I liked it so much that when I got to level 60, I formed my own pvp guild. 10 of us at first. Now it is the largest PVP guild on my server. We run raids against Alli cities, small and large. We have downed most of the faction bosses. It was crazy fun. .... But over the past year it has become harder and harder to form raids. Most of the best PVPers wait in queues for hours every week to play arena that they don't like because it's the only way to advance their gear. They fight in a box for a few weeks and they get one of the absolute best items WoW has to offer. What do we get when we down a faction boss? 3 silver and a roasted quail.

I do arena, also. But I despise it. It's always the same... one target is chosen, they are burned down, another goes down, and we win. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. We fight in a pen for a few minutes; then it's all over. Is that what end-game PVP for an MMORPG is supposed to be like? Nothing epic, sweeping or inspiring... It makes me sad."

Well said brother. This game is just pathetic nowadays. I will pick up a copy of Cataclysm to give it one last chance. But after that if things are still the same, Blizzard will never have my respect and I will forever look at them as a bunch of sell outs who chose money over giving the people what they want.

R.I.P. World of Warcraft, a game that was once fun.

R.I.P. Blizzard Entertainment, a company that once was making video games before all this money came into the picture