Thursday, March 24, 2016

I just saw a Goddess

WHOOOO!!! DAMN!!! I just saw the hottest girl I have probably ever seen. you know, before I came to this country, I had a dream to grow up, marry a blonde, and have 2-3 children with her. then the inevitable happened, I started to watch the liberal media, hating my white skin, and wanting to go with black girls. I digress.. but DAMMNN!!!

this girl was about my height, really thick, blonde hair, blue eyes, white olive skin. maybe I will have her next lifetime. can't really say anything in this corporate world without getting in trouble. and especially me, someone with not so much social experience of the opposite sex. make her uncomfortable, and hear from your boss with "nice working with you". Happened to me before. I've seen this happen to co-workers before. that's just the rules in this place. she sat a table away, and then left after like 30 seconds. HANDS DOWN THE HOTTEST GIRL I HAVE SEEN IN THIS WHOLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A EUROPEAN GODDESS!!!!!!!!!

going to lunch now. maybe I can see her again, so I can stare when she's not looking, so I don't look like a creep... lol

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