Tuesday, March 31, 2009

just found out my Childhood Friend got 15 Years

about 6 months ago I get a message from my friend i had a crush on as a kid through the website we got reconnected that my old childhood friend was murdered. I don't exactly know whether or not he was trying to sell or buy a big portion of drugs, but he went to make a deal, the deal went wrong, they killed him and dumped his body in the river. now when I first heard this it was a shock. then I started thinking about it and it sounded like he was trying to punk the drug dealers/buyers, which ever one they were. and it sounded just like him.

when we were kids we were going to the same school. i'm not sure about today but back then the way school system worked in Uzbekistan was it was divided by classes. If you were in one class, you were with that class for the rest of your school career. so for 10 grades 1 through 10 you were in that class. the childhood friend who wrote me completed 11 grades so they must've added another one as the system developed. now it's maybe 12, i dont know. but i was in class "B" and my friend who got murdered was in "A". then at about grade 4 i transferred to "A" and me and him became friends. at first we were pretty close and teachers had to keep us separated on 2 sides of the classroom because if were sitting next to each other we'd disturb the entire class. even when they seperated us and made him stand on the other side of the room we'd look at each other and bust out laughing flipping each other off. you know how kids are they find silly shit funny and have a free spirit. that's how we were together. then we were on the same Acrobat team and were hanging out after school in a group just chilling, going around buying snacks and having fun.

he was the coolest guy in our school, was good looking, and had lots of charisma. every guy wanted to be his friend and every girl had a crush on him. he was a true leader and people followed him because he had that type of likable personality. everybody liked him. so as the time went on there was this other guy in our class who was more like a punk. he liked setting guys up against each other and see them fight for his entertainment. now one day the punk came up to me and says "i bet you can't beat him in a fight" and points at the "cool" friend, that's how he'd start trouble, and i was like yeah i can. or something like that, i don't remember. *BAM* fight after school. that's how many fights got set up actually, because of a punk like him.

and ever since i first got punched in the face and got a blue eye i started getting scared of fights. before id be all brave and shit like WHAT! all up in your face. after the punch i was the opposite and didn't know how to deal with fear when it arose. so anyway, when the fight started i knew this "cool" friend was a boxer and fought good because i heard stories how he's one of the best. we were the same height and weight and liked each other. we didn't want to fight each other so we just stood there like "you start".. "no, you start!" for like 15 minutes or so. so then these guys got bored and 1 guy each got in the back of us and started controlling our fists and make us hit each other. we were like common stop playing. so then this punk goes and talks to the cool dude in private like being slick and all. then they both come up to me and the cool friend was saying something and then he lightly kicked me just sort of like a play kick. i was like nah... and i kick him back just as light. then when i hit him back......... BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!! like 20 punches flying in my face. then he gets me in a headlock and BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!! more punches flying in out of nowhere i didn't even know what hit me. then afterwards he was like "had enough" and i was like yeah... fight over. i lost. everybody goes home. that day was when he set my soul down my ass crack. it was that day when i became more and more confused with fear and being ashamed of myself. that day was when me and him stopped being close friends and i think he stopped respecting me.

then he started changing for the worse. he always got away with a lot of things like we'd be walking in a pack and he's leading. then my other friend would be right behind him. we're walking to a cafeteria and all of the sudden BAM he closes one of the double doors behind him and my friend walks right into it with the door hitting him in the face. then he'd start busting out laughing hahahahahah hahahahahhaha and everybody else would laugh along because even though you wouldn't find shit like that funny, he'd make it funny. that was his type of personality. he had fun everywhere he went and people wanted to be around him as a result.

so then he'd start using people. one time i remember we were doing the bicycle sport together. it's them bikes with thin wheels, and one time when it was dark, guys were playing b-ball outside. they lost their ball and came to our bungalow where we were training to ask if we saw it. we were like nah. so as we leaving we go outside to look around and then i spot the ball. i pick it up and the cool guy is like "throw it to me!" i give him the ball, we all hop on our bikes and ride back home which was a long way. then the next day we standing around outside his building on our bikes getting ready to go train and he's like "hey [my name], you wanna buy a basket ball".. i was like the ball from last night? hes like yeah.. i was like that's MY ball. i was the one who took it. he was like pffffff and didn't say nothing. that's when i remember he started to use his personality to use others and turning into a nasty person. when i quit the bike sport him and this other guy came to get my bike back and he was like a totally different person. he was real mean and much taller then me. that was the last i heard of him, until my friend told me what happened. i can actually see him going to punk a bunch of drug dealers with fake money or whatever. it was something i can see him do.

now yesterday i get this message from my other childhood friend, the one i grew up with in the same building. he tells me he's in prison. in 2002 he got into a shoot out and got caught. the court gave him 15 years so he won't be out until 2017. Russian prison.. they allow you to have cell phones and shit. i'm not sure if he got in trouble back home and got transferred or moved there first, but he wasn't that good of a friend growing up. he would be always in trouble and he wasn't a tough guy actually. he'd find ways to steal, trick people, and still owes me money actually. many guys hated him and many were always after him as a result. one time we were riding around on a bike having fun-i was driving it. then a few guys spot us trying to go after us. he's like "don't stop" and we going down hill. so i go as fast i can and one guy threw a backpack at us and it hit me in the head. that fucked up my ear pretty good and i had pain there when it was cold for years.

last thing i want to add. when all this was happening, the "cool" guy had a father who later on died. my father was always dead to me because he was absent from every part of my life that was happening. so i was always alone whether i'm fighting after school or dealing with all the other life issues. maybe my cool friend got into deeper shit as a result of his father dying. i dont know. but i'll try to contact his brother and see if i can find out some more info on exactly what happened to him.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Manswers rules!

and even though this is kinda old it's still funny as shit

Saturday, March 14, 2009

come to think of it weed fucks me up

i was gonna start going to bed early. i get high and i'm up 2:30 in the morning again.. fuck! i need to just smoke all that i got left and leave the shit alone. i think it's ruining my life to the point where id rather feel the high all night and not sleep then use discipline like i always do. i better smoke some more tomorrow like 7pm and stop around 10 yeah thats it... my new weed schedule till its all gone

i'm getting into Electonic Music

hip hop is dead. as much as i used to defend it even groups like Dip Set and even 50. cuz i kept saying it's just the new form of hip hop that youth chose.. but it's fucking bullshit and it's poison! so yeah, hip hop is dead now. you got either these guys glorifying violence, or the "real hip hop" douch bags like q-tip all on that conscious "treat her right/she be working all night/she making extra meat while you sleep/so do the right thing/and treat yo girl nice mang" STFU!!!!! i don't want to listen to your righteous ass preach in your songs with some old school wanna be beat that is played the fuck out. nobody in the new generation care about your weak shit so you'll never sell more then 10 records. i seriously think people like q-tip and dj-premier refuse to get with the times and combine their old school beats with new up beat tempo funky shit. they are idiots if that is the case. like Ice-T dissing soulja boy. see that was fucked up cuz dude if you don't like his lyrics why don't you hook up with him and help him with that while he makes dope ass beats? instead you hating and not accomplishing shit. old ass fart and all the rest of you old school douch bags. but the thing is i don't wanna listen to new guys rap neither. fucking retarded ass lyrics talking about "i'ma shoot you in the face if you look at me wrong/i got a gat by my waste when i'm writing this song" STFU!!!!!!!!! all that gangsta shit is played out and all that old school wanna be artists refuse to get with the times. shit is boring. nobody wanna help each other so they just stubbornly do their own thing while all the new school is blowing up.

anyway, i remember back in like 1998 there were these commercials for the dope ass techno type beats but they were all "urban" with a lot of black folks rhyming to them in a techno type fashion. and there was some other types and i loved them all. i thought it was some old techno or hip hop beats but i think they were all Electronic.

today i was in Virgin looking for a WoW card and i went into the Electronic section. this one beat started playing OMFG i was in awe. it was so awsome. brought me right back to that 1998 when i loving the commercials but i think i ended up ordering it but CD got lost or something. i don't remember where it went but i thought that music is dead! now i realize it has always been alive it's just more Underground. ain't nobody listening to that shit on MTV/BET/VH1.

i'm a little baked right now and i'm so feeling these beats. got some herbals left.. i think i'll go crazy when i run out. when my license expired back in september i bought a 1/4th for a $100 so i managed to smoke little by little and now got less then a gram left. anyway, this guy is a genius...

7,099,342 views rofl.. if i ever make a beat i'll do this same shit haha

and all the negative comments will be deleted. ain't nobody gonna shit on my new fav beats...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Truth about Wowscape revealed after they got hacked

so a few weeks back Wowscape website got hacked. Feryl, the GM, got his account hacked as well because he didn't have a good virus scan rofl!

The truth is shocking. Wowscape generates half a million per month since the year 2009. And Peyton (the owner) doesn't even care to upgrade the servers that are so slow and laggy. Some people permanently left *points at self* because it is unplayable. That's not to mention the new changes require you to have a good 8-18 hours to complete the end game instances. It is all done in the name of money. Harder game=more donations=more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to collect. By donations I mean you can get an item anywhere from $15 and up rather then raid for it for months at a time. Yet on the official Blizzard servers (which have no bugs, no lag, and anywhere from 5 to 10 times more people playing) you pay $15 per month and can attain any item in game, as well as complete same instances that take 18 hours on Wowscape in 3 to 5. And since the Lich King been out, Blizzard made all those instances 30% easier when on Wowscape they're 100% harder. Makes no sense does it?

When shit hits the fan...

full pic http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_MHdjEa6eeHw/ScwxCSw7YuI/AAAAAAAAAE4/XwzK3YeyKCg/s1600-h/Truthaboutwowscape.png

Playing on those servers is absolutely horrible. The best gear is extremely hard to attain, things are limited and if you want something nice you have to donate, people are treated like the scum of the earth. You can get a 2 week ban for questioning a GM, Example: "why are you abusing your powers?" will lead to a mute or a temp ban. As of today wowscape is THE WORST WOW PRIVATE SERVER AROUND! A year ago it was one of the best. Back then it had anywhere from 3-6k players online, yet today there is anywhere from 600-2.5k. Horrible, just horrible. They fucked up the server in the name of money and refuse to change it back.

I am happy to be outta there. There will never be a better server then retail, and I am glad to be finally part of it.

p.s. when i was referring to Wowscape, i meant the "blizz-like" servers they have, which are Wowcrack and Wowlegion. Wowscape server itself is a 'funserver' and has everything on easy-mode. If you a donor you are 10x stronger then non-donors which are the majority. Donors have donated anywhere from $100-$300 and even more! If you just want to play the game for free and you encounter a donor on another team, you get squashed like a bug. that's why funserver ruins the game for an average player, so many people steer clear of it. but from the looks of things they can't even enjoy playing on regular servers because of many reasons i listed above.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

i agree!

hopefully this change will come before the summer, or at least January 2010. if not, then i'm gonna fly out to the White House, find Obama, and slap the shit out of him!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mages' Mirror Image

check it out. a new spell for Mages in Lich King...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am officially connected to Lich King!


i love my new router! the best $30 i ever spent and it is now back to $45 haha i got so fucking lucky. YES!!!!!!!!

i called Blizz support and they did this lil trick that enabled me to connect to WoW.

Draenei Priest chick i look hot as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn i own as a priest especially in groups. Had a Night Elf rogue on that piece of shit private server they call wowcrack with offhand warglaive but so many bugs plus sooooooooo many rogues omfg. coolest thing is you could be invisible but other then that its boring esp fighting in groups cuz you get raped easily.

Priest though.. ahhh... EVERYBODY IS ON THE PRIEST'S DICK! i dont care who you are, if you roll a priest theyll be begging you to join their raid no matter where you go. haha... cuz no one wants to heal but everybody wants to fight. but im good at healing and fighting comes right afterwards after i heal all around me :)

damn im so excited. this is my first time on the Blizzard server playing. i did the Beta testing before but only leveled till around 20. just hit level 10 and so far there are so many bad ass quests ommggggg.

just ordered my copy of LK from amazon. can't wait.. but i hope i get a J.O.B. by next month though. or at least ill sell my 360 that's been collecting dust for a year and some jeans i never wore on ebay or something.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

fuck linksys, fuck Blizzard, and especially fuck Wowscape!!!

first of all i would like to say.. FUCK LINKSYS! that piece of shit router! FUCK YOU TO THE PEOPLE BEHIND MAKING THAT PIECE OF TRIFLING TRASH!!! 2ndly.. FUCK BLIZZARD! omfg i hate this shit!

last year i purchased WoW: BC, signed up for 10 day trial and i couldnt even connect to a fucking patching downloader cuz of gay ass linksys piece of shit wireless garbage ass router. i wasted my 10 free days of trial plus the 30 days that came with the game. this time i got a new router for $30 and it was fucking great. everything worked and patching downloaders worked, patched the game up and everything. so then i sign up for the Lich King 10 day trial thinking ohhhhh man im gonna get on this shit and boy was i wrong. everything was working until the moment where i had to log in. then it just leaves me hanging on the fucking "connecting" screen until it says unable to connect. FUCK YOU BLIZZARD! ALL OF YOU FAGGOTS GOT YOUR SHIT BACKWARDS! WHY THE FUCK YOU WONT LET ME CONNECT YOU CUNTS?!!!!! and i know its you fucking bitches hiding behind some ports and shit cuz i can connect to any gay ass private server but not your stupid ass servers. fucking idiots. now you causing me another 10 days that are gonna be WASTED and i was even thinking of buying Lich King. FUCK YOU ALL!!!

and most importably i would like to say... FUCK WOWSCAPE!!! OMFG they are the WORST private server in the history of all private servers as of today. when i joined last year it was great. i had so much fun on it and the game was just smooth. i couldnt wait to get on there so i can play and enjoy my WoW until they started to make changes. slowly they were making harder and harder for people to raid and get gear until this gay ass GM named Wolfy decided to change BT instance (when he already ruined Hyjal) and basically fucked it all up on Wowcrack-server i played on. he made the instance from 3-5 hours to like 8-18 hours long. OMFG ARE YOU RETARDED? YOU WANT TO BE "BLIZZ-LIKE" SO BAD THAT YOUR NO PROGRAMMING GAMING SKILLS GOTTA MAKE OTHER PEOPLE SUFFER? fucking douch bag. 18 fucking hours to complete the entire instance with bugs, disconnects that reset loot and you lose all the shit you won if it was right before DC occured, half the talents not wroking, and if you pull the boss the wrong way 25 people banned by a fag like you who could be there hiding watching if we kill boss without "abusing." fucking blizzard wannabe i hope you choke on a dick for ruining crack and legion. now i dont even want to log into that piece of shit server. who the fuck has 10 hours to spend in a video game?????????????????????????????? KILL YOURSELF!

but i have a feeling Payton is just money hungry and she just wants to make it impossible for people to play so they will have to donate. and donations could go anywhere from $80 to $300 and up worth of epic/rare gear. if thats the case you are one greedy ass bitch and should be sued and have your little server taken down forever because you already profiting off that bitch probably buying yourself nice cars and that's probably your only source of income. and fuck Faithe another GM fucking slut who don't give 2 shits about the players. no one gives a fuck about players there. 85% of us tell them we don't like changes they just tell us to leave and close our threads, then warn us and ban us. fucking idiots i hope you all die a slow and painful death. i know i been trying to be all non hateful and all that shit with all the Buddha stuff im reading but damn i feel like they putting us in prison and do what they like when we are the ones who make the difference by coming to their stupid server and putting in our time in it. shit!!!

all of this really pisses me off. i'm not wanted on a piece of shit private server and i can't get into the real server. wtffffff. i got no life and im a miserable piece of shit and i cant even enjoy my life being a miserable piece of shit playing a video game i always wanted to play. FUCK LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!