Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crystals! :)

I have been dealing with a lot of issues within the last year, from which I could not even deal with my REAL issues. I have had trouble sleeping nearly every night. This all came from staying at my cousin's place. Her environment was so negative, and so toxic, that my auric field has absorbed a lot of crap. I had to sleep with ear plugs, and sleeping pills every night to get some sleep in my current place, and even then it wouldn't work most times.

I have been fascinated with crystals for about 5 months now. And I've been putting it off because I have some other books I am interested in reading. Then after listening to Bashar and hear him say that the more steps you put up for yourself, the longer it will take you to get from point A to point B. Get this book first, read it, learn it, study it, after that get another book, read it, study it, then go out and buy crystals. I just skipped all these steps and got to a Crystal Shop. I got the following 6 crystals

About 2 weeks go by, and the noise and chaos in my apartment has calmed down by about 60%. And let me tell you something... I CAN SLEEP NOW!!!! Yes, that's right. I have been so scared for my health. I can hear my heart pump, and nearly every night I would get 3 to 5 hours of sleep, or some nights no sleep at all. I'd wake up not being able to fall back asleep. This has been ongoing for 1 year. But things changed completely. I haven't taken sleeping pills for almost a week.
I just got back from the Crystal shop, and got many other stones, but here are my very first crystals.

Black Tourmaline aka Schorl - this is a very POWERFUL crystal. I sleep with it every night. When I wake up, I can fall right back to sleep. I put it between my 3rd and my 5th eye, and it is like a psychic shield. I carry the natural form with me, and sleep with the melted one. Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for psychic protection. It transmutes negative energy, or whatever comes and tries to attack you psychically, and throws it right back.

Citrine - this is a good stone for lots of various of reasons I won't go into. But protection is one of them. I read that it helps with stage fright, and a lot of other things that I need this stone for.

Citrine (Natural form from Africa) - I couldn't resist buying this. It looks so pure and beautiful.

Cornelian - I bought this for my 2nd Chakra, because I feel that it is damaged. I've been meditating holding this stone over my sex Chakra, and hopefully it is doing its work.

and last, but most important Crystal that I bought...

Aragonite - Stellar Cluster - I read that cluster of crystals is like a big family living together, with their energies bouncing off of each other. This is a very important stone I was told to get dealing with my issues at the current moment, and overall.

I was skeptical at first, and didn't know what to expect. But these crystals helped me to sleep peacefully every night, and also brought peace into my home. Another thing that I've noticed is how these crystals make me feel. Their shape, color, and size. Just these 3 alone put certain feelings into me, aside from their energetic and/or spiritual properties.

I am so amazed and fascinated with crystals, especially now after seeing them work for me. I already ordered 2 books from Amazon on crystals, and they should arrive here Monday. This is so exciting!!!

Crystals, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Music, Vol. 1

From now on I'll be posting new music I find just cuz I feel like it. It will be positive, uplifting, carry higher frequencies, or all of the above.

One youtube user of this song has 7,420,250 views. Daymn! I liked this video the best though

Just found out about this group. Their voices are so cute!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mediumship and Channeling

Lately I've been listening to some channeling. It's crazy how people have been doing this for thousands of years, yet with technology we have today, we can get these messages instantly just by typing up the search words.

You can schedule phone sessions with them for helping you with your problems. Bashar waiting period is 3 months...

Bashar - more info on

Dr Williams

There are others, but they don't resonate with me that much.


Here is Darryl Anka talking about how he started channeling Bashar