Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meditation vision

I had 4 hours last night and had a vision when meditating in the morning. I usually have visions and see things in meditations when i sleep very little (NOT A GOOD THING cuz i hate the feeling and dont even meditate when i dont sleep).

But my vision went like this.. I saw a state of California. Then it started to shrink and shrink, and then I think I heard "this what will happen to California".

Then my brain started to just talk to itself.. i think "what can you say to those people who dont believe and need facts?" then this face of a man that's kinda squarish but more rectangle from up to top or something said "well.. there is nothing i can do if they need facts to believe in things i cannot prove to them". ARGHHH I REALLY HATE NOT SLEEPING! last time when I was meditating without sleep I was walking through this room, and all the people around me were asleep (not literally, but in a sense they dont realize they are alive and are here on planet Earth), and I was the only one awake in that room.

hopefully I get some sleep tonight. its 1:13am already.

im off to bed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the Biggest Crystals in the World

check this out. crazy!!!

more proof that Moon landing never happened

after reading this it is obvious we never landed on the moon.

it took them 40 years to find out there is ice on the moon with us allegedly being there dozens of times, yet it takes a friggin rocket to find out about frozen water? FUCK YOU NASA! you may fool all these other people, but you not fooling me.

if moon landing was real, there would be 1) STARS WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE PICS TAKEN (DUUUUUUUUUUUH), 2) entire moon exploration on foot (exactly what i would do, explore the moon in its entirety! and find the ice in like a few years, or possibly sooner.)

don't let the government dictate to you what is real and what is not. if moon landing was real, it would be occupied with all sorts of shit like satellite equipment, there would be trips to the moon by Russia/Soviet Union, but to this day they stay away from the moon as far as possible. reason? radiation that will fry your nuts within split seconds through that pathetic spacesuit.

that is all.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

this kid is a Genius

His second album is out (first one is classic). If you're gonna buy it, get it from amazon. FUCK ITUNES!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Day Before Disclosure - UFO Movie in HQ

great movie, especially the 3rd part where they have people describe being abducted, human/alien hybrids, recovering objects in human bodies planted by aliens, and the 1 thing that connects us all. watch it for FREE! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

333, 444, 555

Today is another crazy ass day with numerology on my cell. at 3pm I saw 3:33, at 4pm 4:44, and at 5 pm 5:55.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Job Fair...

was bullshit. just a bunch of colleges, and other jobs from LAPD, LAFD, Securities, constructions, telemarketing, etc etc..

when I left one FINE ASS BLONDE approached me with a sample of smoothie out of nowhere. I was like W...T....F!?!?! she was like out of a movie. perfect face, perfect smile, perfect eyes, perfect hair, perfect body, and to top it off she was super nice. I told her I just want some cash back cuz I wasn't sure if they take credit card at the hotel parking lot. she went talk to the cashier and then came back standing next to me. Looking into her eyes was surreal.. I was like... WHY IS SHE STANDING NEXT TO ME? WOMEN TREAT ME LIKE SHIT WHY IS SHE STILL HERE!?! she asked me where I'm from and turns out she was from Ohio. damn when I meet girls like this from down south I'm like "wow!"... cuz from what I hear people here in LA are phony as fuck! they most likely lie about themselves, drive expensive cars, but have nothing in their bank account. it's all for the show and for impressing everyone around them. this right here was the highlight of my day. if it wasn't for this girl the entire day would have sucked. she couldn't have been more then 21 or 23 at most.


I saw 3:33 again on my phone when I was heading home.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

111, 222, 333

today, 10/12/2010, I had the craziest numerology appear to me on my cell phone.

at 1pm I saw 1:11, at 2pm I saw 2:22, and at 3pm I saw 3:33. I did not look at the time on purpose, but just at random times.

Just wanted to blog this to keep a record of it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

was just thinking about joining adultfriendfinder...

and found this

I'm 31 and never had sex. He is 40.. dang!!

but yeah sometimes I think about that a lot. Like... I need to get off my ass and go out to meet new people. but i'm socially awkward and am real scared of humans. the fear mostly comes from bad experiences with them, but I was also told it's from my past life regression. Whatever it is, i'm thinking of joining and paying for these sex sites but then i'm like... i dont wanna fuck swingers and sluts, but that could be the only thing that could bring me. so i'm still like... i dont know... are there people on there who actually want a relationship? this sucks cuz i already have enough issues with my environment, looking for places cuz i wanna move asap!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

10/10/10 is this Sunday

I'm thinking of meditating 2 hours straight. I don't know how long yet, but it will be longer than usual.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

R.I.P. World of Warcraft

just wanted to post this. the death of PvP, and the death of fun in this game completely turn me off from it now. farming honor, arena, and a billion other tokens is a giant waste of life! you farm and grind for 6 months, and then Blizzard goes "hey, guess what? it really doesn't matter cuz the new season is here. so now you'll have to do it all over again". people looking towards Cataclysm thinking it will be any different are fooling themselves.

Goodbye World of Warcraft (Blizzard should seriously die. this post is strictly for the love of this game I once had, not the new Blizzavision company that is running it.), you were once fun back in the day.

Wowcrack days was when I experienced this sort of PvP.. just like on retail back before Battlegrounds, and Arena, we too had no BGs cuz 99% of people wouldn't queue for them, and no Arena until waaaaay at the end.

PvP spots for us were BT entrance, SWP entrance (ooohh the wars we unleashed on that island), Hyjal entrance, Gadget in Tanaris, how I miss all of you. Coming to clear all the Horde, only to have them gather up somewhere near by and come take it back over. Going back and forth.

Goodbye WoW... you will be missed.