Monday, February 22, 2016

late Sunday night...

I was LMFAO at this interview last night smoking some good shit

i’m about 98% done with my move, and man.. i don’t even have internet here. I need to talk to my landlord and ask him to use his for a while. I don’t really play games anymore or even watch netflix. basically it’s youtube, google, news, and checking out books. speaking of books, ever since the founder of Amazon tweeted that comment about Trump, I boycotted that side. and instead of using Kindle, I am reading a book on Nook app. it’s pretty good. i was so fucking mad seeing Kindle’s location number instead of pages. i was looking for an alternative ebook reader ferociously. couldn’t find it. but Nook has pages!!! and they have lots of ebooks. i think as much as Amazon. I’m already gonna read another history book right after this one. Truth, how I will always search for you, no matter where I go, in this body and out. maybe that’s why I got into Astra Projection. I wanna know how everything works. I NEED to know or I feel weak and scattered. When I know, I feel grounded and confident, knowing who I am and where I am going. I guess if you really wanna know the truth and live your life well, you gotta understand the world, and then understand yourself. without neither of these, you are nothing. you are lost. a stranger in a foreign land, still trying to learn its rules.

this is why these liberal pussies destroy each country they take over. with liberals you get the worst ghettos in America, with all the people on welfare, which gives them 0% motivation to get off their ass and learn a skill or get ahead. but these folks still vote for libs. so it’s sort of a trade off. liberals are just using blacks as slaves… for votes. and they keep voting for them. it’s disgusting. but this goes back to people not understanding the world. I guess James Manning was right when he said that “you can teach a black man how to be a doctor, you could teach a black man how to be a lawyer, you could teach a black man how to be a physisit, but you could never teach a black man how to understand the world.” but people are waking. actually a lot of black Americans today support Trump. they are tired of all this shit. I even saw a video of black folks in South Side of Chicago mad as hell talking about how Obama hasn’t done SHIT for them. he cares more about muslims he’s bringing in destroying this country, then help out the black folks. this guy is a DISGRACE to America. how did this immigrant from Kenya fool everyone? but I guess anyone who has George Soros, the son of Satan, is backing them up, could be the president. with all that money it takes to win, you just need the right rich guy to fund your campaign.

oh well. I was laughing so hard at this interview. Trump is just speaking common sense, and the world treats him like an idiot. we have all the technology, the smartest people in the world!!! and our leaders are like ‘we don’t know what to do. let’s continue what we’ve been doing and bomb ISIS’. hey dumb ass, how has that been working for you for the last year? can’t believe we have such utter idiots running our countries. I give the western civilization 20 years, MAX! if we don’t get Trump and more like him into our governments, say bye bye Constitution, say hello Sharia. but just watch England, and Sweden, and Germany as well and see what happens to these experiments that have been going on for quiet sometime. the lawsuits they have with muslims playing the victims will make you laugh out loud. it is the most disgusting freak show you will ever witness. it’s 100x worse than lawsuits in America. but it’s always muslims who are the poor poor victims. fucking hilarious. it’s gonna go nowhere else than down for them. i feel sorry for the people, though. no Europeans deserve war, or get their children be raped by a pack of animals or their young boys beat up in the streets. but that’s exactly what’s happening, thanks to the liberals and socialists who brought this into their own lands. what fucking pisses me off, these libs all live in all white areas that are safe and quite. would they ever have to live amongst these muzzrats, they would’ve screamed and yelled how horrible it was!! but they don’t, because they have never lived among these muslim animals, and never will. we need to get some tough conservatives elected, and put these pieces of human trash on trial for treason. then execute every last one of them. or simply kick them out to the countries of these “refugees”, and make them live there among the population as a European. make them “#FeelTheBurn”…

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

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