Thursday, April 7, 2016

Muslim Imam wants to kill Gays

this is what liberals brought here. but when a Christian bakery refuses to sell a cake to a homo, OHHHHHH NOOO!!! CHRISTIANS ARE SOOOOO EVIL AND BAD BAD BAD!!!! THE OUTRAGE!!!!!! disgusting pieces of human trash. not even the muslims. muzzrats will be muzzrats, no matter what. but these heart bleeding liberal progressives. they are destroying every nation they infest with their kumbaya Utopian bullshit by opening the borders, and letting these cockroaches in that spread their ideology like a bunch of deceased parasites


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Sp said...

2 things missing here.

1) no emphasis on lepeshka, the round Uzbek bread. that is the most famous bread in the country, and unlike any other middle eastern bread you'll ever taste.

2) no mention of plov, the most famous Uzbek meal.