Sunday, May 15, 2016

my respect for Trump grows

holy fuck! Trump is the most common sense candidate that's running right now! My respect just grew tremendously for him just now. When he talked about Mizzou bullshit scandal with these BLM thugs, he said that if he was in charge he would expel them so fast, it wouldn't even be funny. when he talked about muslims from other countries being banned, I thought DUUUH! you don't bring these rats IN but keep them OUT! common sense!!!! how are we supposed to know who is a jihadi cockroach or who is a regular muslim!?!? FBI SAID THEY ARE UNABLE TO VET THEM BUT OBAMA THE KENYAN MUSLIM RAT IS STILL BRINGING THEM IN!!!

now, Trump spoke about the $20 Bill situation with Andrew Jacking being replaced with Harriet Tubman in the video I am watching 'Best & Funniest Donald Trump at Town Halls'. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! let me tell you something, I have taken LOTS of black studies classes in my college years, I've been around these afrocentrics, I know how they think. and these black people and liberals will destroy and ARE destroying our American history. they already renamed a park down south because of a slave owner. they will rename, replace, and destroy statues, something these BLM thugs been wanting to do. now they are replacing Andrew Jackson who have contributed an enormous amount of energy into building this country!?!? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU OBAMA AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU LIBERA L COCK ROACHES!!! YOU ARE COMMITTING WHITE GENOCIDE IN AMERICA, YOU ARE DESTROYING THE FOUNDATION OF THIS COUNTRY BY BRINGING IN THE PEOPLE WHO HATE US, AND NOW YOU ARE DESTROYING OUR HISTORY BY REPLACING ONE OF THE FOREFATHERS OFF THE $20 BILL!!!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY, AND A DISGRACE TO HONOR AND INTEGRITY.

If struggling all your life puts you on the $20 bill, then put me on the $100. because struggle is all I know. watch this video if you really want to understand why Andrew Jackson staying on the $20 is essential to the character of America. Slavery was bad, but Harriet Tubman did NOTHING to build the ground work for this country and make it into what it is today. Yes, she helped by doing minimal stuff, and her movement. But that is like comparing a microcosm, and a macrocosm. someone who effects the MACROCOSM cannot be compared to someone who is just doing the things on such a small level, it is invisible to people who are trying to destroy or save a country, someone who is trying to change the entire SOUL OF AMERICA! Think about that before supporting this destruction of the American history, which something liberals love to do. They've fucked the entire Europe up. It is beyond recognition. London now has a muslim mayor. We may as well say London has fallen. but anyway, I digress..

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