Monday, April 4, 2016

Trump vs Obama

Trump is like an intelligent business man who knows and understand how the entire world works, including politics, military, protecting a nation, immigration, and most importantly BUSINESS. and Obama is like a little kid who somehow was born into a rich family and became a ruler. Everything this little kid touches, turns to shit. while everything Trump touches, turns to gold. This is how you destroy a nation, allow some no-named, no-experienced IDIOT run it... straight into the ground.

Agree with everything. Keep spreading that TRUTH, guys! There isn't enough of that to go around nowadays, with all these leftist scum infiltrating our governments, in every corner of our free and civilized Christian world

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Trump's a stupid game show host that was born into a rich family. He looks like a irl troll & people can't even tell if he's seriously running for prez

Sp said...

opinion, not fact.

and Ronald Reagan was an actor before his presidency. I fail to see your point.