Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This is what happens when an American born Indian creates his own religion, and gets followers to follow him and learn his teachings. I am watching this for the second time, and enjoying every minute of it. Kumare shows you how pathetic religion really is, and that as long as there would be people willing to follow and believe you, you could basically always get paid.

"Kumare" created a bunch of rituals, gestures, song phrases, and had his followers believe every word of it thinking it is real. LOL! This movie isn't as funny as Borat, but it could very well be if you understand its premise from the very get go. I'd highly recommend smoking some ganja to this, and laughing along. Remember, as long as you believe your own bullshit, other people would believe it too. It also reminds me that how sensitive we are as people. If you think, visualize, and imagine the purest form of love inside of you emanating onto humanity and the world, others will feel it and gravitate towards you. This I have experienced for myself. Every thought you have towards others, positive or negative, is felt on a subconscious level. Remember that.

The ending was an excellent closure to this film. Kumareeee Kumaareeee Kummaaarreeee... Kumareee u waa eee u waa eeeee!! haha... 4/5 stars.

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