Tuesday, September 22, 2015

a Message to all the muslims

I am very proud of my Polish ancestry. My people didn't build a country, so that some Jihadis would come and take it over, implementing Sharia and pushing for the establishment of caliphate. Every muslim needs to watch this, and know his place living in the west.

God bless this man, or anyone like him. He will fight to his death to protect his people and his nation from those that want to destroy it.


Anonymous said...

The Pope visited yesterday & all you heard were positive news stories, even though the Catholic Church is corrupt as hell. You Heebs celebrated Yom Kippur without one negative peep

but you have fucking presidential candidates condemning Muslims & people wanting to make Islam illegal in the U.S.


"Trump's probably not hurting himself too much with his negativity toward Muslims either- only 49% of Republicans think the religion of Islam should even be legal in the United States with 30% saying it shouldn't be and 21% not sure. Among Trump voters there is almost even division with 38% thinking Islam should be allowed and 36% that it should not."

am i crazy or is this some hypocritical BS?

Sp said...

people in America are finally waking up to what Islam really is all about and what it stands for. others just don't want to say anything out of being PC, and are being just a bunch of cowards. I 100% agree that we should and MUST make Islam ILLEGAL, not just in America, but all across western countries.

if you don't study Islamic doctrine, and especially Islamic history, YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND ISLAM! That Pole in the video knows EXACTLY what Islam is and isn't, because he knows the history, and is very informed about what is written in kuran. On top of that, he sees how muslims act. His eyes are wide open. You will not learn anything by listening to clueless liberals who are shoving this PC/MC bullshit down our throats. They don't have a single clue on what they are talking about. Reading books like the one I reviewed a few posts ago will give you a good idea on the background of this "religion of peace".

I am glad to see Ben Carson is doing well in the elections, though. He is very informed and understands the law under Sharia, and the fact that it is incompatible with our constitution not just in America, but all across the free world. I do need to get more familiar with him, as I haven't gotten over all of his policies and views. But everything I heard and read about him so far, is good. And seeing all the people support Hilary, reminds me of myself back when I was a liberal, young, and dumb. That woman should be locked up for Benghazi alone.