Tuesday, September 15, 2015

White Privilege at Work

oh gee, these white girls sure do enjoy their white privilege in Europe, of all places.

Us white people sure do enjoy getting all this privilege. I can't wait to travel and go to no-go zones in France, and Britain, where I'll be attacked by mobs simply for being white. White privilege here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the 9th grader in Texas that got arrested for making a homemade clock? the school assumed it was a bomb cause he's muslim. ROFL

Anonymous said...

That kid's probably on his way to becoming a distinguished scientist & maybe a Nobel Prize, and the morons in that school are busy being hung up on his mooslim soundin' name

Anyway back to the brilliant stuff you were saying...

Sp said...

are you saying this is a good thing? this kid pretends to will blow up a school, and he gets invited to the white house


our country is run by insane fools. Obama administration is doing everything in their power to run this country into the ground. if Hilary takes office, we are doomed!

America should take lessons from nations like Australia. this kid may face up to 20 years if convicted


just be happy you live in America now. in 30 plus years, it may not be America any longer. enjoy your freedoms while they last.

Anonymous said...

Jihadwatch is not a credible source

Its like going to Stormfront to see whats going on in the Jewish community